Why Is It Important To Declutter Before Your Move?

Why Is It Important To Declutter Before Your Move?

Aug 20, 2021 Decluttering is the process of sorting through your personal and household belongings to get rid of things you don’t need at your new home. These are old, broken or non-useful items you don’t use at least once a year or haven’t used for over six months. Decluttering your home before a move is among essential activities besides packing, hiring professional removalists in Newcastle, changing address etc. Plus, many people find this activity useful during the stressful time of planning and managing relocation, as it reduces stress and anxiety. Therefore, have a look at this guide outlining the importance of decluttering before your move.

It Lessens The Packing Load

One of the biggest reasons for decluttering is to lessen your packing load, especially if you move after living in a home for a year or more. DIY packing is a tiring and time-consuming activity as you have to create an inventory, arrange supplies and label every box correctly. The fewer things you have to pack, the better. Thus, you should remove trash and unwanted items in your home before a move to only take things you really need at your new home.

Reduces Your Moving Expenses

You can significantly reduce your moving expenses by decluttering and reducing the packing & moving load. Here are the reasons why. • Most reputed removalists in Newcastle estimate costs based on the weight of property contents, size of things, distance etc. When your packing and moving load is small or reasonable, you don’t have to pay extra or more for the services. • You save on packing supplies. • While renting a moving truck, your belongings can easily fit in one vehicle instead of two.

Easier To Handle Belongings

Naturally, when you have fewer things to pack, it is easier to handle your belongings and ensure they are securely loaded on the moving truck. It helps saves time, energy and effort of your hired removalists in Newcastle. Additionally, a small moving load is ideal if you plan to move yourself, as the risk of limb injuries, fractures or strain is high while handling packed boxes or furniture.

It Helps Reduce Mess & Stress

While planning a move, your house becomes messy with things to box and the packing supplies. Clutter overstimulates your mind visually and causes the stress hormone cortisol to release in the body. Thus, the mess in your home can adversely affect your mental health by making you anxious, lose sleep and feel agitated. After decluttering, you can sort your belongings to pack them effectively and efficiently, plus reduce the risk of household members tripping or falling.

You Can Donate or Resell Things

By decluttering, you segregate things in good condition from the items you want to take to your new home. You can choose to donate things via a local charity, GIVIT, The Salvatore Army, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul or any organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Alternatively, you can resell things via an online garage sale platform or take the traditional route by hosting a yard sale in your home. Either way, you can earn extra dollars and increase your moving budget.

Helps Create The Inventory Faster

Since you get rid of unwanted items, discard trash and donate or resell many things after decluttering, making an inventory of things you need at the new home is easier. An inventory is crucial before packing and moving, as the list helps keep track of your belongings and label everything correctly. If you plan to hire professional removalists in Newcastle for packing, moving or both, declutter your house before their arrival because they can quickly create an inventory, pack the contents and load them on the moving truck.

Helps Remove Expired Items

While decluttering your home for a move, you can get rid of many expired items or things past their best before date. These items include medicines, canned or fresh food, beverages, makeup, cleaners, and other household or personal-use items. It also helps you know what things you need to consume before moving and pack items you can take to your new home. Pro-Tip: Don’t pack perishable things, flammable liquids, cleaning solutions or hazardous chemicals, as it is dangerous to transport them. Most reputed removalists in Newcastle don’t pack or move such items. Therefore, discard them responsibly or as per instructions on the label to avoid mishaps.

The Bottle Line

Before moving to a new home, you need to declutter your belongings to reduce clutter and only pack things you really want in your new home. Decluttering is also beneficial for reducing your moving load, finding things for donating or reselling, and several other reasons mentioned above. Thus, sort through your belongings before hiring professional removalists in Newcastle and packing to manage your move without stress or hassle.