What To Do With Rubbish When Moving House?

What To Do With Rubbish When Moving House?

Nov 23, 2022 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian households generate over 12.4 million tonnes of waste. Also, around 2.5 million tonnes of total waste in Australia is plastic, and 8 million tonnes is hazardous. Half of this hazardous and plastic waste is recycled, but over 27% is sent to landfills where they rot and release harmful chemicals into the environment. Thus, you must get rid of your household waste correctly so that it does not get dumped in landfills and destroy our ecosystem. This is especially true when you are moving homes, as you will get rid of your extra items and generate new waste due to packing and moving equipment. You can always opt for a green removalist service in Newcastle that will use organic and recycled packing and moving equipment that will not harm the environment. These experts will also help you get rid of your waste in the correct way so that you can move homes easily. Whether you hire a removalist or move on your own, you can use the following tips below to get rid of your rubbish in the right way when shifting homes in Newcastle:

1. Start Decluttering

You must start by creating a list of all the items in each room and then decide which items you want to keep and which you want to identify as rubbish and throw away. This is a good process to help you declutter your space and lighten your moving load. Here are some examples of things you should identify as rubbish and separate from your moving pile:
  • Broken or damaged items that cannot be repaired
  • Furniture that is old and cannot be repaired as well
  • Appliances that have stopped functioning
If any of these items can be repaired, you should send them for recycling or donate them to local charities.

2. Pack In Advance

Next, you must start packing all your belongings and keep finding things to move to the trash box. Ideally, you should start packing at least two weeks to carefully sort your items and take only the things you need. You can classify the rest as waste and dispose of them or call your local waste recycling centre.

3. Organise Your Rubbish

You must then use your skills to organise your rubbish into different categories. If you have electronic waste like old laptops and computers, you must keep them in a separate waste bin so they can be disposed of or recycled. Garden waste should be disposed of in the environment, and if you have any hazardous chemicals, you must contact your local disposal centre to get rid of these items correctly. Important tip: You must refrain from throwing your hazardous chemicals in your normal waste bin, which can release toxic chemicals and waste into the ecosystem.

4. Hire A Removalist Service

Hire a professional removalist service in Newcastle that will help pack and move your belongings to your new home and recycle all your plastic materials, as well as help you get rid of your other waste. These removalists will separate all your waste properly into different categories and then dispose of each one in the right way. These experts will also make sure the waste does not end up in a landfill where it will decompose and release harmful gases.

5. Call A Local Disposal Center

If you are moving on your own and are trying to figure out how to get rid of your waste, you should contact your local waste centre. They will send experts to segregate your waste and then take each category to the correct disposal area.
  • You must separate your hazardous waste like batteries, household chemicals, sprays, insecticides, fridges, electrical gadgets and tires, as this is the most harmful waste.
  • If this ends up in landfills and oceans, it will release toxic chemicals that will destroy our ecology.
  • Every year, around 130,000 tonnes of waste goes into the oceans and destroys the marine environment, and thus you must avoid this by segregating this waste.
  • Your local waste collection service will take care of it correctly.

6. Compost And Recycle

Once you have eliminated all the hazardous and plastic waste, you should recycle your organic waste. If you know how to compost, you can put this environmental waste in a compost pit in your backyard, where it can rot slowly and release useful nutrients for the soil. This is an eco-friendly way to eliminate biomaterial waste like food scraps, rotten fruits and expired vegetables. Now that you have removed all your rubbish, you can load your packing boxes and relocate to your new home stress-free.


It is important to get rid of your household waste correctly when moving homes so that you are not harming the environment and your surroundings. You can always hire a cheap removalist Newcastle to help you dispose of this waste in an eco-friendly manner and help you with your moving process.