What Should You Not Forget When Moving House?
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What Should You Not Forget When Moving House?

Oct 24, 2019 Moving to a new house is exciting. It is a fresh start. It is another chance for you to embark on a new adventure and create new memories. However, the process of moving can be mentally and physically. It requires careful planning and execution of several tasks. Ideally, planning should start 2-3 months before the end of your tenancy. You must prepare a checklist of things you have to do and book reputed removalists in Newcastle in advance. It is important to stay focused and keep everything organised because whether you are a seasoned mover or a novice, you can overlook certain things while moving. You can avoid this by not forgetting to do the following:

Reading Contracts And Documents

It is vital to re-read the lease contract you signed when you moved into your current residence. Re-reading the lease agreement can help you plan your move according to the terms and conditions stated by your realtor/ landlord. Also, if you have booked removalists in Newcastle, read the documents they send to you. Be informed of everything that is mentioned in documents. Know what are the quotes & charges, terms & conditions of services, booking & arrival date & timings etc.

Scheduling The Move Properly

Before selecting the moving date, check the weather predictions. Most people prefer to move in summers. However, if your lease ends during rainy or winter season, you must discuss, ‘which moving day’ and ‘what time’ will be best with the Newcastle removalists you are booking. Also, if possible, move on a Friday. This way you will have the weekends to settle and rest in your new house.

Updating/Cancelling Subscriptions & Address Change

With all the hassle of moving and packing, it is common to forget to cancel subscriptions to magazines, goods-boxes, home deliveries etc. You can choose to cancel your subscriptions or have them delivered to your new house. Besides the subscriptions, you need to change the address to receive mails and other posts to your new place. You must cancel or transfer your memberships to clubs, health facilities, supermarkets, community facilities and more.

Informing Establishments

It is your duty as a responsible citizen to notify authorities and establishment about the change in address for proper documentation. You need to inform the post office, tax agencies, social security administration, banks, and other important organisations. This step is essential as you will need to change your address on relevant documents and receive notifications at the right address.

Discontinuation and Continuation of Utilities

You need to discontinue utilities you get at the house you are leaving and have them continued at the new address. This step is vital, as you need to wrap up things correctly and pay the bills. Also, when you move into the new house, you need the utilities to be available for easy settlement. Make sure you inform your providers of electricity, water, gas, heat, phone, cable, internet etc.

Packing The ‘Essentails’ Box

Reputed removalists in Newcastle advice to pack an essentials box while moving. This box can contain anything you deem necessary. Many people make the mistake of packing away all their belongings. When the moving day arrives, they get stressed as the essentials are out of reach. So, pack all the things you will need handy. Your essential box can contain your medication, a pair of clothes, towels, pullover, non-perishable foods, scissors, cutting knife, tape and other items of requirement.

Notify Relatives And Friends

Once the moving date and time are decided, make sure you inform your relatives and friends. They can come for a visit or offer assistance if you tell them in advance. Notifying them will give them time to get used to the idea of you living in a new house. This step is especially necessary if you are moving interstate or internationally. It is best if you can throw a going-away party in these scenarios. If you are moving locally, you need to inform close friends and family members so that they can reach you at your new address.

Decluttering The House

Moving is an excellent opportunity for you to declutter. Most people remember to clean and pack. But decluttering a house before packing is equally important. It helps you get rid of this you don’t need or haven’t used for over six months. Expert removalists in Newcastle recommend decluttering as it reduces the number of things to pack and move. You can ask your family members and friends to help you declutter. You can sell reusable things at a garage sale and increase your moving budget as well.

Buying Moving Insurance

It is practical to book reliable & reputed removalists in Newcastle to help you manage your local, interstate or international move. However, it is common to forget to purchase moving insurance. It is important to buy because it will help cover all your belongings during the move. Several reputed removalists in Newcastle recommend getting the coverage as accidents can help. Even the most experienced removalists cannot guarantee 100% damage free moving. Therefore, you must be proactive and keep your best interest in mind. The best way to avoid forgetting crucial tasks is to document everything. You can download apps on your phone to help you remind things to do and keep everything organised. The apps can manage your expenses, create checklists, store documents, notify about upcoming events, keep you in touch with your Newcastle removalists and much more. Some of the best apps to download are Zoopla, TIM, Moving Planner, and Photo Measures.


While moving, you have numerous responsibilities and need to multitask. Therefore, it is not unusual to forget to do things. However, you can take specific steps to help you remember tasks. Also, you don’t have to do everything alone. You can ask near and dear ones who have moved before for assistance. Learn from their experience. Furthermore, don’t burden yourself too much. Prepare your moving budget and hire affordable removalists in Newcastle accordingly. Make sure you book them in advance and call them for any moving-related queries.