What Is The Average Cost Of House Removals?

What Is The Average Cost Of House Removals?

Jul 07, 2023 When planning a house move, it is important to calculate the costs involved. The average cost of house removals in Newcastle can vary depending on the size of your home, the number and weight of your belongings, the distance between your old and new home, and the accessibility and removalists in Newcastle services. If you plan on moving on your own, you must also factor in costs like hiring a truck, arranging packing and moving equipment, looking at fuel costs and moving insurance. Depending on how you plan on moving and considering the above factors, you can calculate your average moving house cost and then plan your budget accordingly. Here are some factors that can help you calculate your average house-moving cost:  What Is The Average House Moving Cost In Newcastle 

1. Number Of Belongings And Weight Of Your Items

One of the biggest factors affecting the average cost of moving homes is your number of belongings. Most local movers in Newcastle will charge by the hour, whereas interstate and long-distance removalists will factor in how many boxes you have, the weight of your items, and any heavy-duty and bulky items. This can add to your costs significantly, and it is best to cut down on your items by hosting a garage sale and selling a few things or donating some stuff to a charity nearby. You can also place heavy and bulky items in storage units to reduce moving costs. Tip: If you are moving on a budget, here are some factors that will help reduce your moving costs.

2. Distance Between Your Old And New Home

Another factor that affects your average cost when moving house in Newcastle is the distance between your new and old home. If it is a local move and you are moving down the block or to the nearby town, your costs will be much lower than a long-distance or interstate move. In an interstate move, you will have to look at the weight of items, fuel surcharges, toll costs, and time taken. Also, if your new home is far from the local depot of your removalist service, it can cost you extra. So, make sure you properly research the moving companies and find one with a local depot near your new home to reduce your moving costs.

3. The Size Of Your Home

When moving homes in Newcastle, you must also look at the size of your current home, as this will affect your average moving costs. If you have a three-bedroom home, it will mean more furniture and belongings than a one-bedroom apartment and, thus, will take longer to move. To get an accurate estimate of these costs, you should ask your removalist service in Newcastle to do an in-person survey of your home. These experts will look at the size of your home, belongings and the distance and give you an estimated quote. Based on these quotes, you can then compare moving companies and find one that suits your budget.

4. The Accessibility Of Your New Home

Next, your house moving cost will also be affected by its accessibility. If your new house is on the top floor of an apartment building, your removalists must factor in these extra costs. They must use specialised equipment to move your belongings up and down stairs and lifts. If your home is in a narrow alley or pathway where a huge truck will not fit, your removalists will charge you extra for multiple trips with a smaller truck. Tip: You can reduce your moving costs by clearing the access to your old and new home and obtaining parking permits in advance for your removalists in Newcastle.

5. Additional Moving Services

Moving companies now offer a variety of services that go beyond just loading and unloading your belongings. These include:
  • Packing fragile and antique items
  • Arranging packing equipment
  • Storage facilities
  • Moving specialised items like pianos
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture
If you avail of any of these services, it will make your move more comfortable but it will also add to your average costs. It is best to save on some of these costs by packing your belongings on your own, helping your movers load your belongings and moving smaller items by yourself or by opting for a DIY move.

6. Insurance For Your Belongings

Lastly, the majority of the removalists in Newcastle offer insurance for your belongings that will add to the average costs. Moving insurance is important to keep your belongings safe while relocating and covers any damages that may occur during transit. You need to ask your movers if they provide full-service moving insurance covering the total costs of replacing damaged items. If your moving company does not provide insurance, it is best to get contents insurance from a third party or see if your home insurance covers the costs of transporting these items.


Thus, after calculating the above factors, you will get an accurate idea of your average removal costs. If your costs are beyond your budget, you can always cut down on your moving house expenses by doing a DIY move, arranging movers only to move your heavy and bulky items and selling or donating the items you do not need or use anymore.