What Equipment Do Professional Removalists Use?

What Equipment Do Professional Removalists Use?

Oct 30, 2023 Moving is not a small feat, it is one of the most significant tasks anyone can undertake. Just the steps involved in the complete process can make it look like a giant event. It all starts with sorting and decluttering and ends with transit of the stuff. In between, there is a big to-do list that you need to complete. For instance, you must contact the movers to help you complete the move successfully. But before you do that, knowing what type of equipment they use is crucial. Firstly, it will help you understand the significance of the tools. Secondly, you will realise that packing and moving independently without advanced tools is a bad idea. Here are the different pieces of equipment used by professional removalists. Learn about them to know how they will help make your move successful.

1. Moving Blankets for Cushioning

One of the most common equipment used by cheap removalists in Newcastle is the moving blanket. This is because your furniture and delicate items need extra protection during the move. The professionals do not want to risk the safety of your stuff. That is why they use thick and cushioning materials like blankets and pads. These layers are carefully wrapped over the furniture pieces and secured using straps. It helps prevent scratches, dents as well as other similar damage. Most movers are trained to adequately wrap and secure all the items. This ensures that your belongings arrive at your new residence in the same condition as they left your old one.

2. A Toolbox for Disassembling

Most professionals come fully prepared, including a toolkit comprising all the necessary and required tools. The selection of these tools includes screwdrivers, wrenches, Allen keys, etc. It helps them in disassembling and reassembling items like furniture when needed. This allows the items to swiftly and securely navigate through the tight-spaced doorways and passages with ease while preventing damage. Furthermore, the movers possess the required knowledge and deep understanding of several types of furniture. They can tailor their approach according to the type of item they are dealing with.

3. Dollies and Hand Trucks for Heavy Stuff

Equipment such as dollies and hand trucks are often considered the workhorses of professional removalists in Newcastle. These tools are equipped with wheels and handles, providing a significant advantage when it comes to moving heavy, bulky, and differently shaped items. Furniture dollies have flat and rectangular platforms. They are the go-to choice of furniture removalists for items such as sofas, dining tables and other heavy furniture. On the other hand, hand trucks are ideal for taller stuff, including refrigerators and boxes that are stacked. A combination of wheels and handles reduces a lot of physical effort needed to transport the items. This ensures the safety of the movers and keeps your belongings safe and secured during the move.

4. Moving Straps for Weight Distribution

Moving straps are valuable for dealing with large items, whether it is heavy furniture or oversized appliances. This specialised tool is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the item. It offers additional support while lifting and manoeuvring heavy items. Moving straps are crisscrossed over the mover’s shoulders and across the chest. Basically, it functions as the extension of the professional’s body. It permits them to lift bulky stuff and handle them with care. Furthermore, the straps minimise the stain on the mover’s body. This means the items are safeguarded and help the professional prevent injury. For the same reason, you will see the majority of the expert removalists in Newcastle use moving straps.

5. Ratchet Straps for Maximum Protection

For you and the mover, the safety of your belongings in the vehicle is a top priority. To ensure maximum protection, movers utilise ratchet straps. Typically, the function of these straps is to anchor your stuff securely in place. It is best to ensure there are no movements or shifts during transit. They are carefully tightened to create and maintain tension as well as immobilise the items. It reduces the risk of damage that will be a result of unanticipated movement. The use of ratchet straps is even more important for long-distance moves since the chances of shifting increase. It can be helpful for transferring dangerous goods as well.

6. Shrink Wraps for Securing Items

Shrink wraps are a worthy addition to equipment used for moving. They are plastic and transparent in nature and are used to secure items and bundle them. It also helps protect furniture with delicate surfaces. Professional removalists in Newcastle often use shrink wraps to protect upholstered furniture. It ensures the fabrics stay clean and dirt-free during the move. The wraps offer an additional layer of protection that assists in preventing any potential damage from minor impacts. They are most useful when your belongings need to be stored for a long time or while navigating through small spaces. The reason is that they minimise the risk of accumulation of dirt and surface damage. It is best to maintain your items in the best condition during the move.

Wrapping Up

When moving to a new home, there is no doubt that you will need professional help. But a lot of people end up ignoring it, thinking that they can do it without specialised tools. Understanding the equipment used by movers and their functions will help you know the importance of these services and hire the best company.