What Are The Top Causes For Delay In Selling Your House?

What Are The Top Causes For Delay In Selling Your House?

Sep 26, 2022 In June 2022, the number of residential dwellings in Australia increased by 45,200 to 10,833,700. This has elevated the competition in the real estate market and complicated the house selling process. Whether moving to a new place for a better lifestyle or peace of mind, make sure you find the potential buyer and sell your home at the best price. However, there are multiple factors and reasons that could delay the process. With the growing demand for well-maintained residential properties in Newcastle, you are in a better position to experience a successful sale. So, it is good to prepare for your move and hire seasoned removalists Newcastle. They will manage the packing and lifting tasks without giving you a hint of stress. You can focus on the home selling strategy and consider the following reasons that can delay the procedure. This way, you can plan things in a better way and clear the path for a home relocation. Let’s Get Started!

1. Lack of Planning and Market Search

Delays happen when you don’t follow a proven plan or strategy. Since you are not a professional seller, you must prepare yourself and do a proper search about the real estate market. Current market research is important for keeping up with the latest trends and sustaining a competitive edge. To attract potential buyers, you need to evaluate your strategies and engage more people with your property. If you overlook this phase, the chances of delay are high.

2. Emotional Hindrance

A home is where you have collected memories with your family and loved ones. You are emotionally connected with the house, which affects the selling decision. This attachment can make it difficult to make the proper judgement when setting the value. Do not set the asking price too high because you think it is the best property in the world. Try to set the selling price realistic after doing proper real market research in Newcastle. If the price is too high, many buyers may come to your place but won’t finalise the deal, and this can delay the process. So, setting a realistic asking price or justified value for your home is good. It is also important to declutter and sell your stuff before you move or sell the house. This will save you a lot of time. Make sure you book good removalists Newcastle if you are planning to relocate after finalising the selling process.

3. Choosing a Wrong Real Estate Agent

There is no denying that the fees of real estate agents across NSW vary drastically. However, choosing a cheap deal without proper research is not a good idea. It is because most of the sales fell at the last moment because of an inexperienced agent or solicitor. They can also delay the procedure. On the other hand, an excellent real estate agent always holds the deal and converts it into the final outcome using his skills and years of experience. If you are looking for a reliable agent in Newcastle, consider personal recommendations from a relative or friend. Also, pay attention to online reviews and compare different agents to pick the best.

4. Disorganised and Casual Approach

Believe it or not! You have to submit dozens of documents when selling a house in NSW. From gas certificates to permissions from freeholders, warranties to EPCs, you have to manage everything. You have to submit these documents, and many people don’t even realise the importance of keeping things organised. If the process of submission takes a few weeks to fill in, this could delay the sale of your house. Make sure you ask your real estate agent to provide you with a complete list of documents you need for the deal. This will give you enough time to collect and arrange everything in an organised manner.

5. Choosing the Wrong Home Buyer

Staying in a long chain with different potential buyers can delay the sale. It is because you have to deal with multiple solicitors and agents, which can complicate things. You must break the long chain if you don’t want to choose the wrong buyer. If your buyer is a first-time buyer or a chain-free one, the process can be completed in less time. So, make the right decisions and choose the right buyer for your home. It is good for potential people to read the first-time homebuyers guide to minimise delays from their end.

6. A Broken Chain

This is one of the major problems when you have a long chain of buyers. Most of the property deals get delayed due to the chain, and there is nothing you can do about it aside from pulling out or waiting. Make sure your sale runs smoothly and communicate regularly with the agent to stay on a timeline throughout the journey.


Selling a home in NSW is not as easy as it seems. If you don’t want to delay the process, make sure you keep these points in mind and focus on clearing the path for a successful home selling decision. Do not forget to hire furniture removalists Newcastle and let them come and relocate your belongings without causing any damage or delay.