What Are Moving House Essentials You’ll Need To Pack?

What Are Moving House Essentials You’ll Need To Pack?

Jan 28, 2022 Moving to a new place can be both stressful and exciting. Planning the entire process weeks before the final moving day can alleviate the stress. However, you need proper strategies to pack household belongings and large boxes. Most people often forget essential items while preparing for a home relocation. Whether moving within Newcastle or across the new state, make sure you create a complete checklist of essentials that will simplify the transition into your new abode. Hiring professional removalists in Newcastle could give you peace of mind, especially if you have expensive possessions and large furniture pieces. They will also help you prepare a moving day essential kit that will make your moving day a breeze. This handy bag includes everything you need on a moving day and the first few days in your new home. Here is a complete list of moving house essentials that should be wrapped separately for a successful outcome!

1. Clean Bed Linens

Make sure you pack a bag of bedding and pillows separately. When you arrive at your new abode, you can easily make the bed without unpacking your belongings. It is good to pack clean bed sheets, pillows, and blankets to enjoy a quality sleep after a long, hectic day.

2. Toolkit

This is one of the necessary things you should have in your moving day essential kit. What if you want to disassemble any furniture to keep it safe during the relocation process? In that scenario, you need a hammer, pliers and other tools. So, it is good to keep a handy toolkit with you.

3. First Aid Box

A small emergency kit or first-aid box is essential when moving with kids and elder members. Small cuts or physical injuries are a possibility during, and after the move, so you will want to keep bandages, ointments, pain killers and other medications at hand. Prepare a small box and add all the necessary medicines. Make sure you keep that box or bag in your personal vehicle. If you are moving into a studio apartment or with lesser belongings, you can opt for a backloading service and save money.

4. Food, Dishes and Supplies

It is easy to forget packing food when moving to a new home in Newcastle. However, you can’t skip this, especially when you have small kids and pets with you in the process. You can prepare healthy snacks and pack them safely. It is good to include fresh fruits, protein-rich food, nutritious snacks and water bottles.

5. Cleaning Tools/ Supplies

In the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes important to include essential cleaning tools in your moving house. If you think that your new home needs a proper clean, make sure you create a box of cleaning supplies. Make sure you include a broom, microfiber cloths, mop, and a vacuum cleaner. Remember that professional Newcastle removalists won’t assist you in moving hazardous cleaning products. So, dispose of chemically-laden cleaners before moving out. Tip: You can use homemade or natural cleaning products, such as white vinegar solution or baking soda to remove stains and germs.

6. Kitchen Items

Do not forget to pack essential kitchen items while moving to a new home. Pour some dish wash soap into small jars and pack the bottles, dishes and a couple of kitchen cloths. You can also pack glasses, spoons and plates if moving with kids.

7. Bathroom Essentials

Pack all the bathroom items you will need for a shower/bath and the toilet. This includes toiletries, hand soap, washcloths, paper towels, bath towels, baby soap, etc. If a new abode needs a shower curtain, add that to the bathroom items box. You can hire a good removals company in Newcastle for a safe and sound transition. Professional removalists can make your move cost effective if you are moving locally.

8. Kid’s Stuff

Are you relocating home with your kids? If yes, pack their overnight bag by adding pyjamas, toiletries, clothes, and stuffed toys to keep them busy while unpacking your boxes.

9. Candles and Flashlights

What if you reach the new home in Newcastle at night? You need emergency lights to fix this problem promptly. It is good to pack emergency lighting with you, such as flashlights and candles.

10. Tape and Scissors

A good pair of scissors and quality tape will help you in the moving journey, especially if you have plenty of boxes. You need scissors to unpack boxes when you reach the new abode.

11. Phone Chargers

It is impossible to survive a day without a mobile phone, especially when your phone battery drains quickly. Since you are busy making calls on a moving day, keep your chargers in a moving house essential kit.


You should keep these important things in your moving day essential bag or kit while moving house. Make sure you plan things ahead of time and hire the best Newcastle removalists for the safe transition of household belongings.