Useful Tips To Safely Prepare Glass Furniture When Relocating

Useful Tips To Safely Prepare Glass Furniture When Relocating

Dec 13, 2022 Easy installation, sleek look, and minimal maintenance are some of the key features of glass furniture. It adds elegance and class to your home décor and provides a scratch-resistant and durable layer to keep them protected for years. Glass furniture is ideal for partitions, table tops, dining tables, coffee tables, etc., as it offers a crystal clear look. It is good to invest in lacquered glass as it provides a scratch-resistant surface. Despite all the great features, there is always a risk of damage when moving to a new place. It can easily get scratched or damaged during packing, lifting, loading or transportation. In such a scenario, booking proficient removalists Newcastle can alleviate your stress and help you transit delicate belongings, such as glass furniture, with extreme care and precision. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you move glass furniture safely. The following guide will help you avoid breaks and cracks in your delicate glass-based tables, partitions and coffee tables.

1. Arrange All the Necessary Packing Supplies

Packing is one of the crucial steps to prevent your fragile items from being damaged. For that you need to buy necessary supplies that can give two-layer protection to your glass surface. Make sure you stock up on:
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Permanent markets
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Labels
You can also use cushioning supplies, such as towels, bed sheets, blankets and jumpers so that you can wrap smaller items like wine glasses, picture frames and small dismantled parts. It is good to use materials that are safe for the environment, such as old boxes, bed linens, old towels, socks, etc.

2. Disassemble Large Pieces

It is difficult to prevent injuries when moving large glass furniture. If you want to relocate these delicate items safely, dismantling is one of the best hacks to keep your items intact. Disassembling large furniture pieces also makes it easier to pack and move when relocating without professional assistance. In fact, trained removalists in Newcastle dismantle all large pieces and pack them using quality materials to avoid damage or scratches. If you have a large glass table, remove the glass surface from the mount and pack it carefully. Tip: It is good to take photos or a video while disassembling so that you can easily re-assemble them post-relocation. Also, keep important tips in mind when moving house over Christmas by planning everything in advance.

3. Pack With Care

If you have fragile glass items that can’t be disassembled, such as a mirror or any other belonging, pack them using high-quality tape. Make a criss-cross pattern over the surface using tape. After that, wrap it in packing paper, bubble wrap or newspaper. Do not forget to cover it with a blanket or towel to prevent damage.

4. Do not Lay Flat

Packing requires special skills, patience and a lot of strategies. It is not a quick process, especially when storing items you have already wrapped. Make sure you don’t stack any glass items. It is good to pack each glass item using quality supplies and do it individually because stacking or grouping can leave scratches or cause damage. Also, do not put anything heavy on your glass furniture. Avoid laying the item down, as it can shatter quickly. Instead, lay the glass on the side because the edge is the strongest area of glass surfaces.

5. Label Like A Pro

When wrapping your glass furniture, make sure you label each and every box so your removalists know that the items are delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. It is good to write ‘glass fragile’ or ‘glass furniture’ on the box using a permanent marker. This will make it easy for you to identify delicate items.

6. Insurance is Important

It is impossible to predict accidents. Prepare for it in advance and organise insurance for your peace of mind. If any accident occurs, your household items will be covered. Many companies offer a detailed insurance policy to protect your items against damages.

7. Hire professionals

Some complicated jobs are best left to trained Newcastle removalists. Moving glass furniture also needs expert assistance. The best part is that professionals come fully equipped with necessary packing supplies and moving equipment to save you time, prevent injuries and, of course, protect delicate household items. Doing proper research and considering customer reviews is good to avoid moving scams. You can ask your friends and relatives for some good company and become a savvy consumer before making the final decision.


With these useful and easy tricks, preparing delicate and expensive glass furniture for a safe and sound move is possible. It is good to stay positive and create a checklist at least 8 weeks prior to your move. This will keep the entire process organised and give you peace of mind.