Useful Tips for Sanitising Your Belongings during a Move
Sanitising Your Belongings during a Move

Useful Tips for Sanitising Your Belongings during a Move

Apr 10, 2020 Understandably, there is apprehension, anxiety, and stress among people planning to move to a new home in Newcastle. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused mayhem in the world and Newcastle is not untouched by its impact considering New South Wales (NSW) is the worst affected state by the pandemic in Australia. Moving is challenging under normal circumstances, and the outbreak has made it difficult for everyone planning relocation. If you have hired reputed removalists in Newcastle providing ‘contactless moving’ services, then rest assured the property contents will be moved sanitarily. However, being cautious is wise and the move should be managed safely by being aware and careful during a pandemic. Want to know how you can shift to a new property without putting anyone at risk? Here are useful tips for sanitising your belongings during a move.

Keep Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies on Hand

The first step to sanitise your property contents is to purchase TGA-approved cleanliness and disinfectants. Besides these products, you will need the following supplies to make a portable sanitation kit. • A dozen spray bottles • Microfiber cloths • Dusters • Disinfecting disposable wipes • Paper towels • Rubbing Alcohol (70%) • A high quality liquid soap • Hand sanitisers See what is in stock at home presently and make a list of things that are required to purchase. In addition, buy protective gears like masks, disposable gloves, eyewear, etc.

Make a List of Things to Sanitise

During the move, not everything you own will need to be disinfected, and it will be challenging as well. Hence, you need to create a list of things that will not be sealed in a box and touched by your hired team of removalists in Newcastle. In addition, while the loading/unloading keep a tab of things that came in contact with the surfaces of the moving truck. For example, the boxes, mattresses, furniture, travel bags, refrigerator, etc. If you have arranged with the removalists in Newcastle for a contactless move and won’t be physically present when the belongings are delivered, ensure to let them remain untouched for at least three days.

Clean then Disinfect Your Belongings and Do It Correctly

Follow the two-step process to ensure the things on your list for sanitising are cleaned and disinfected correctly. Here are a few steps to help you remove contaminants and disease-causing microbes. • The coronavirus can survive on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Therefore, if possible, try not to touch the boxes for 24-48 hours. Before opening the boxes, wipe them with disposable paper towels dipped in rubbing Alcohol or disposable disinfecting wipes. • For refrigerator, furniture, and other heavy objects use suitable cleaners and wet the surfaces with a safe disinfecting solution that won’t cause damage. • Clean and disinfect mattresses with a steam cleaner if available or saturate the surface with a cloth disinfecting solutions. • Spray disinfectant on all the things that may have come in contact with the removalists in Newcastle or the surfaces of the truck. • Phone and other gadgets should be regularly sanitised by wiping with disinfecting wipes or with a rubbing alcohol (two parts) & water (one part) solution.

Things to Know and Precautions to Take While Sanitising Your Belongings during a Move

One of the most important things to do when moving is to wash hands regularly, especially if you are handling boxes or any other external items. Other things to know and precautions to rake while sanitising your belongings are mentioned as follows. • Don’t buy cleaners and disinfectants that are not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA). • Ensure the solution remains on the surface for at least 10 minutes to work effectively to kill coronavirus and other disease-causing microbes. It means keeping the area wet and reapplying the solution if it dries. • While purchasing disinfectants, make sure they are safe to use on plastics, metals, cardboard, fabrics etc. • For those who have hired professional removalists in Newcastle, it is essential to ask the company for their moving safety rules and policies during a pandemic. Ensure the professionals who come to handle and move your belongings have protective gear, and their vehicle(s) are thoroughly sanitised before and after every job. • Mix one part bleach and ten parts water to create a potent disinfecting solution that can kill dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including the coronaviruses). However, don’t use this solution on metal or painted surfaces. Also, use it with caution and at a well-ventilated place only.


Moving is difficult, stressful, and a backbreaking process and due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the process has become challenging. However, moving can be managed safely by following the useful tips mentioned above for sanitising your belongings during a move. If you are moving during a pandemic, taking precautions is essential besides hiring reliable removalists in Newcastle who take necessary safety measures to ensure each job is performed responsibly.