Useful Tips for Moving With Children on Board: COVID 19 Moving Tips
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Useful Tips for Moving With Children on Board: COVID 19 Moving Tips

Apr 22, 2020 Moving is to a new home can be overwhelming for children and with the COVID-19 outbreak when there is increased stress in daily life, relocation is a massive challenge for parents. Your children may be under duress due to the lockdown and lack of play dates with friends or limited contact with the outside world. During this time, moving is an added discomfort. Then, how can moving with children on board be managed in this tough period? According to expert removalists in Newcastle, parents can elevate the stress and manage the move smoothly by following the useful tips mentioned below. If you are planning to shift to a new abode with family, here is your COVID-19 moving with children guide.

Be Proactive and Plan Everything

Children do not react well to chaos, which is why it is essential to plan everything and be organised. Being proactive with making a plan for the move a few months ahead will help you complete all tasks on time and have the bandwidth to take care of your children during the cumbersome process of moving. Start by making a checklist of all the things to do, assigning deadlines, and give ownership for these tasks. In addition, book a good removals company in advance to provide experienced, professional, and reliable removalists in Newcastle. Research then shortlist a few reputed companies and get quotes to choose for the best company accordingly. Hiring professionals will take off the burden and free up time to spend with your family.

Talk with Your Children and Explain the Situation

Moving during a pandemic is challenging, and it requires careful planning along with the cooperation of all the household members involved in the process. Your children are already affected by the lockdown, and the news of moving can be unwelcome. As a parent, it is vital to recognise the need to explain the scenarios and making them aware. Possibly, your children may lash out and take poorly to the news. However, by being supportive, you can comfort them, address their concerns, and help your children understand the requirement to move even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teach the Importance of Taking Safety Measures and Maintaining Personal Hygiene

When you are planning to move during the COVID-19 outbreak with children, teaching them the importance of being cautious and maintaining personal hygiene is crucial. Here are a few things your children should know or learn. • The need for social distancing • Washing their hands regularly and avoiding touching their eyes, mouth, and nose with dirty hands • Not touching things that were delivered or recently brought from outside without permission • Staying at a secure place when your hired removalists in Newcastle arrive and have no contact with them • Avoid shaking hands or communicating with strangers By teaching your children, the necessity of staying safe when the moving process is underway will help you manage everything smoothly. In addition, it will help the removalists do their job without hindrance and on-time.

Maintain a Routine

With the enforcement of the lockdown understandably, your household routine would be difficult to maintain, and the moving-related task can cause further chaos. However, the lack of a routine can cause stress and discomfort for children. Therefore, it is important to have a schedule while moving to a new home, especially during a pandemic. Stick to the usual sleeping, playing, studying, and eating times every day even when you have to complete moving-related tasks. If there is a routine, your children will feel secure, safe, and comfortable because nothing would be out of the ordinary. In case there are disruptions and chaos, your children will become overwhelmed and stressed.

Have a Positive Attitude

Children can be perceptive and ascertain if their parents are anxious, sad, angry and feeling any other negative emotions. Your state of mind during the move can affect the mental health of the children, which is why it is essential to have to positive attitude even when the situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak is disheartening. By having an optimistic outlook and completing all the moving-related tasks with a positive mindset, your children will feel more relaxed about the move. To keep the happy hormones flowing when performing, moving-related involve everyone, play music, and keep rewards for completing chores. Keeping your children involved in the moving process will brighten up your day and theirs, along with providing time to bond as a family.

The Bottom Line

Relocating to a new home with family is challenging under normal circumstances, and it can be a greater hassle with the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the process can be managed smoothly by following moving tips by expert removalists in Newcastle on how to move with children on board. For people planning to move during the coronavirus pandemic, this moving guide will provide incredible insights.