Unique Homes, Unique Challenges: Moving Tips For Atypical Properties

Unique Homes, Unique Challenges: Moving Tips For Atypical Properties

Feb 08, 2024

It is more than likely that just the thought of moving to an atypical property will stress you out. The situation will be understandable because there are a lot of complexities involved in the process of moving. Because of the rarity of atypical homes, most people are not aware of the ideal way to move there.

Whether it is a historic building or a small yet comfortable house, you will need to learn about the most effective way to move your household stuff there.

There are some general strategies that you can apply for any move. Then, there are some specific hacks that you will need to use for atypical properties. A combination of both will be perfect, according to professional removalists Newcastle. Here are the moving tips you should apply if you are moving to an atypical property. They will help you ensure a safe and successful move.

Start Planning Early

Early planning is highly crucial if you are moving to a unique home because, unlike a standard move, there will be some additional tasks that you must complete. This includes additional permits, hiring budget removalists in Newcastle who specialise in such moves, and unanticipated access limitations.

At each step of your move, you will likely find a challenge or a possible hurdle. This is where your plan will play a major role. Outline all the tasks associated with moving and prepare a to-do list. This will ensure you are aware of the tasks that should be completed at each stage of the moving process, leading to a smooth move.

Take Accurate Measurements

It is highly recommended to take precise measurements of stairwells, doorways, and other narrow spaces to confirm the furniture and other possessions will fit. Remember to measure big items such as beds, sofas, and appliances from more than one angle to account for any unusual turns or angles.

Moreover, if applicable, learn about the dimensions of elevators and any outdoor access points, including windows and balconies. Having these accurate measurements will help a lot in planning the best and most efficient path for moving your possessions into the atypical property. This will minimise the chances of any damage.

Properly Disassemble Furniture

couple trying to lift a heavy couch

Disassembling large furniture before moving it will make it easier to maneuver it through narrow spaces in your new residential property. Do not forget to keep track of bolts, screws, and other similar hardware by keeping them in labelled bags or containers.

Moreover, you should also look to remove legs or other protruding parts that might snag on walls or door frames. Breaking larger items into smaller components allows you to make them more manageable when it comes to transporting. It will also decrease the chances of damage to the walls and doorways of your unique home and the furniture significantly.

Safeguard Delicate Items

Unique properties might have tight corridors or low ceilings, which will increase the risk of unintentional bumps and scrapes during the relocation. So, it is important to ensure that your delicate items are protected. Wrap these belongings securely in moving blankets or bubble wrap. It is also ideal to use corner protectors to minimise the chances of damage to walls and furniture.

Furthermore, make use of cushioning materials to fill up the visible gaps between the items in boxes. This way, you can minimise the chances of breakage during transit. Putting a bit more effort into securing your delicate possessions will help ensure that they arrive safely in your new home in the same condition as they left your previous residence.

Use Creative Strategies

Because your move is going to be different from a standard move, it is a must to get creative with your strategies, according to budget removalists Newcastle. For instance, if a particular piece of furniture does not fit through the doorway, try to angle it diagonally. You can also remove the doors and hinges for a short while to create more space.

Considering alternative entry points such as balconies or windows is also recommended, especially for large items. Moreover, you should think about breaking down some belongings into smaller components that can be easily maneuvered and reassembled later on. Being open-minded and exploring all your options is highly important to overcoming challenges and ensuring a stress-free move.

Hire Professional Removalists

There is no doubt that moving to an atypical property in a new city can be challenging. This is why you should look to get all the help you can. It includes hiring the best removalists Newcastle. They will have the required experience, expertise, and specialisation to help you move your stuff to a unique home.

Experts are likely to have helped several people move to their atypical properties. So, they must be aware of the tricks and techniques used to make a move like this a success.

They will have specialised equipment for maneuvring items, loading and unloading them. Just make sure you have hired them for packing, moving and unpacking services. This way, all your valuables will arrive at your new property safely in the same condition as they left your previous home.

Tips for moving to an atypical property:

tips for moving to an atypical property

Wrapping Up

It is not common for people to move to atypical properties regularly, which is why you need to equip yourself with appropriate knowledge. Apply the tips mentioned in this article to overcome the unique challenges of moving to your unique home.