Understanding The Emotional Impact Of House Move

Understanding The Emotional Impact Of House Move

Dec 21, 2023

Moving house often brings a lot of excitement and is considered a fresh start. It brings joy to people when they confirm that they will be moving soon.

However, once they understand the number of tasks to be completed, their mental health is affected. If you are moving, you will need to deal with stress related to packing and ensuring all your household stuff is safe during transit. Completing such tasks will leave little to no time for other things, including sufficient rest.

This is why learning about the emotional impact of a house move is crucial. It will help you understand the things that are making it difficult to streamline the process. Hiring removalists Newcastle is a great way to ensure a safe move and lighten your work.

In this guide, we will explore the emotional impact of a house move and how you can deal with it. It will help you complete the move successfully.

Moving is Stressful

There is no doubt that moving brings a lot of stress because you have to make many significant decisions, complete plenty of crucial tasks, spend a lot of money, tackle challenges and take care of everything in detail. Plus, you have to do all of this in a limited period of time.

The stress will only increase once you start focusing on laborious, time-consuming, and nerve-racking tasks. It includes paperwork, packing the entire home, etc. You can certainly hire budget removalists Newcastle to move your stuff, but you will need to complete the other tough tasks and that might stress you out.

Factors Contributing to Moving Stress

Most people have this question in mind when moving: why does moving house feel stressful? Moving in itself does not lead to stress, but certain things do. Here are some factors that contribute to it significantly:


Moving to a new residence, city, and neighbourhood and getting a new job are all part of the significant changes that come with relocating. Such changes are often known to create anxiety due to the unfamiliarity. It is normal to feel this way.


There are plenty of expenses associated with relocating. Whether it is hiring expert removalists Newcastle or purchasing many packing supplies, you will need to spend quite a bit of money to ensure a successful move. Due to so many expenses, it is normal for you to feel stressed, as money is one of the biggest causes of anxiety.


During the moving process, your life will be on a temporary pause. You will only focus on packing and moving-related tasks, leading to stress. Not having sufficient time to complete the tasks can further increase the stress.

Symptoms of Moving Stress

Stress is only harmful when it becomes uncontrollable and unbearable for you. Here are the symptoms of moving stress:

  • Finding it tough to get enough rest
  • Easily become overwhelmed and get triggered
  • Getting depressed easily and staying unproductive

Tips to Cope With the Emotional Stress

While some stress will be there, you can take some steps to ensure the situation does not get worse. Follow these tips to stay excited about your move and minimise stress:

Have A Positive Attitude

One way to reduce anxiety is to keep reminding yourself that the move is necessary and will do you good. You can look forward to connecting with new people, eating new dishes, visiting great places in the new city, etc.

This kind of mindset will help you decrease stress and settle in easily. Remind yourself you do not need to end the friendships with people in the previous neighbourhood. You can meet them by visiting occasionally. If not possible, you can communicate with them through online platforms.

Do an Extensive Research

Your mental health will certainly get better if you just research the place you are moving to. If you are moving interstate, it is a must to know about the accessibility to pharmacies, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and the workplace. This way, you can ensure the new place has all the necessities, leading to reduced stress. It will make you feel comfortable about the move.

Create a Checklist

One of the major causes of stress is completing multiple moving tasks in a limited time. To avoid overwhelming yourself, it is ideal to create a checklist that contains all the essential tasks and tackle them one by one. It should also include things like buying adequate cleaning supplies for packing your stuff and travel or contingency plans.

You must establish a time frame as well. Allocate a specific time for packing and also things like when to hire budget removalists Newcastle. Finalise your moving date as soon as possible to know how much time you have. Also, understand that some tasks cannot be rushed, especially the elements that are beyond your control. Doing so will ease the pressure off you, leading to reduced stress.

Ask for Help

To make the process easier, you can ask for help from your family and friends. You should also spend time with them as that can be an ideal bonding experience. Share your concerns and ask for recommendations and suggestions. You may also get solutions to certain problems. Even if you do not, just sharing what you have in your mind can make you feel better.

Wrapping Up

It is a fact that moving comes with many challenges that make most people stressed out. However, it is possible to deal with the emotional impact if you are aware of ideal ways to cope with it. Just know that the stress of moving is common and can be tackled using the right strategies.