The Ultimate Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The Ultimate Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Mar 31, 2021 Home relocation is a big decision, especially for those who have bought a new home in Newcastle. The entire process involves a lot of physical as well as mental stress.  Apart from this, a lot of preparation, planning and coordination is required to ensure the utmost safety of precious household belongings throughout the moving journey. Even the most organised person can commit silly mistakes due to the lack of time management skills. If you want to experience a safe and sound home or office move, then contact the reliable removalists in Newcastle. They will take care of your specific needs and transit your precious possessions without causing any damage. The best part about professionals is that they follow a standard moving checklist to streamline the entire process. You should also prepare and perform relocation chores according to the checklist to minimise unnecessary lapses. Here the ultimate moving checklist for all those who are relocating their home for the first time.

1. Sort Household Belongings

It is good to downsize your household belongings to reduce moving load as well as a budget. So, make sure you walk around your home and make a list of belongings, such as furniture, clothes, gym equipment, etc you want to take, throw or sell. De-clutter items by category so that you can make the right decision on time. Begin with whatever feels comfortable for you, such as- clothes, books, furniture, etc. While sorting, try not to think too much. Keep the items that you use, or you are emotionally attached. If not, let it go. You can determine which pieces of furniture you want to take along with you. Toss the broken or unnecessary items before starting the packing process. You can also sell or donate items that are in good condition.

2. Search for the best Moving Company

Ask your friends and relatives, do thorough online research, and shortlist at least 3-4 best Newcastle removalists for safe and secure removals of belongings. Pick the most suitable company which can meet your specific moving needs within your estimated budget. Make sure you book a company in advance to save money. If you hire professionals at the last moment, you may end up paying more. So, compare their quotes and choose a removalists company that can give you quality services without asking you to pay hidden costs in the middle of the process.

3. Arrange Packing Materials

Before starting the packing process, it is good to stock up on necessary supplies that can protect your household belongings during lifting and transiting. Save your time and energy by arranging packing materials ahead of time. Buy packing tape, packing paper, padded blankets, bubble wraps, trash bags, scissors, permanent marker, different-sized moving boxes and other tools. Be sure you have all the packing essentials with you when you start packing your belongings.

4. Change Your Address

Do not forget to change your address at your local post office. Most people forget due to the sheer amount of moving chores. You can update the new address online as well by visiting their official website.

5. Transfer Your Utilities

The next step is to transferring utility services to the new address. The services like electricity, water, gas cable, internet, etc should be discontinued at the new place when you move out and re-connected at the new address. So, schedule the shut-off day and update your mailing address. Also, schedule an activation day for your new home in Newcastle. Decide the dates as per your final moving day.

6. Secure your Important Documents

Collect all your credential documents, such as medical records, insurance papers, birth certificates, tax returns, loan papers, etc. Pile them together and put the file in your personal bag.

7. Pack Delicate Items First

Start packing as early as possible to avoid chaos. You can start by packing breakable items, such as art, dishes, crockery, decorative items, etc. Use high-quality packing materials and add an extra layer of cushioning to keep your breakables intact throughout the process. Tip: Hire a professional moving company in Newcastle which can give you quality packing services at the best price.

8. Pack Heavy Stuff in your Rolling Suitcase

Make the most out of your rolling suitcase by filling it with bulky and heavy belongings that you don’t want to take along with you. Keep boots, books, jars and wine bottles inside and keep them secure.

9. Insure Your Expensive Belongings

Big and expensive items like dining table, art pieces, chandeliers and pianos should be insured before you pack them. These delicate items can get damaged or stolen, so check your homeowner’s insurance provider or ask your removals company if they offer insurance coverage for an additional fee. Tip: Take inventory of all your household belongings and capture their current condition in case there is mishandling or dispute.

10. Label your Boxes

After packing all your belongings, label your boxes using a permanent marker. Use relevant names, such as ‘’fragile items’ on the box that is used to pack breakable items. This will also organise your unpacking process and save you a lot of time.

11. Pack an Emergency Kit/bag

Do  not forget to pack an emergency bag, especially if you are moving with kids. Put first aid box, toiletries, paper towels, snacks, water bottles, toys for your kids, bedsheets, extra clothes, etc and keep that bag with you.


Moving home from one place to another is one of the trickiest tasks. It is good to follow the checklist mentioned above in this article and hire the best Newcastle removalists for the safety of your household belongings.