Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving
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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Feb 11, 2020 Considering how hectic and challenging relocating is from one place to another – it is common for people to make mistakes when moving. However, some of these mistakes can have consequences that make the process more stressful for everyone involved. Therefore, when planning and managing a movement, it is crucial to be proactive, informed, and aware to complete all the tasks in time and avoid feeling overwhelmed on the day of shifting. Bearing this in mind, for people planning to move, here is a guide by expert removalists in Newcastle detailing seven mistakes to avoid when moving. Knowing about these oversights will help to prevent unnecessary stress and make the relocation process more manageable.

Procrastinating & planning for the move poorly

Whether you are a tenant or a property owner delaying completing tasks and failing to prepare for an upcoming move properly is not ideal. As per expert removalists in Newcastle, people who put off moving-related tasks until the end or plan poorly usually suffer more from anxiety, anger, helplessness, and stress than people who stay ahead and complete everything in time. Hence, it is important to start planning at least two months in advance. Try to avoid procrastinating because that is how delays in completion of tasks happen. Create a timetable of all the tasks that need to done and allocate deadlines. If required, ask family members and friends for help to stay on schedule.

Avoiding decluttering

Decluttering is essential to know what you need to take to the new property and get rid of unnecessary things. It is also required because decluttering helps reduce the moving load, which means there are fewer things to pack, handle, and transport. Sorting through the property contents is excellent because it enables residents to discard things that are broken or outdated, donate items that may be required by someone in need, and earn a few dollars by reselling things in good condition. In addition, decluttering is an activity that aids in lowering the stress of moving as many people find it to be relaxing.

Forgetting to make an inventory of things to move & label them

Besides forgetting to declutter one of the most common mistakes people make is to forget to make an inventory of property contents to take to the new home. This step is necessary to know the amount of stuff that needs moving along with getting an estimate of the number of packing boxes required. If you don’t know how to make an inventory list, check AFRA’s website to download the template. Edit it by replacing items that are in your home but not mentioned with things on the list that are irrelevant. For people hiring removalists in Newcastle for packing & moving services, this step will be performed by the professionals because they will provide the estimated costs accordingly and let you know if there are items they don’t move.

Not adopting green moving practices

Most people are unaware that the garbage produced during moving and used packing supplies usually end up in landfills contributing heavily to land pollution. In addition, many don’t recycle supplies, dump chemicals irresponsibly, and don’t contact local communities to donate unwanted things. Not adopting green moving practices is a grave folly because the environment is adversely affected. Hence, if you are planning to move, consider getting packing supplies from local stores or people you know to recycle them and consult local organisations that can help you responsibly discard garbage and donate things. For people planning to take professional assistance, it is wise to book green removalists in Newcastle that use bio-degradable packing supplies and eco-friendly moving trucks.

Booking removalists without research

Always ensure to research before booking removalists because they will have access to your belongings and they should be experienced to handle contents responsibly and transport them without damage. Start by asking relatives, friends, and neighbours for references and get the details of the companies. Also, search online for reputed moving companies in Newcastle that have a good market reputation and have been operating for years. Note down the names of the companies and perform a thorough check of ratings and reviews. Shortlist the ones you like and contact them to know their services, explain your requirements, and get free quotes. Book a highly-rated company offering affordable services and has removalists available on moving day.

Not read the contract sent by the hired moving company

The documents your hired moving company sends is a legally binding contract detailing the services, inclusions and exclusions, terms and conditions, and charges, among other details. Therefore, it is necessary to read the agreement thoroughly to know if it is agreeable and reasonable. Please don’t make the mistake of signing a contract without reading it and later having problems with the company’s policies. Always check with hired company which terms are negotiable and get the contract customised as per requirement.

Trying to do everything yourself

Moving is a back-breaking process that requires completion of a variety of tasks simultaneous which is why it is wise to take the assistance of family members and friends to aid in the completion of tasks. Your near and dear ones can offer emotional support as well considering relocation is exhaustive. For people with children taking assistance is required to help maintain daily routines of kids and keep them calm during the transitional phase. Besides getting relatives to help hire expert removalists in Newcastle to take the burden of packing, handling, and moving belongings. It is wise to avail professional services because you can have time to complete other moving-related formalities and tasks.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are moving for the first time or moved before, avoid making these seven mistakes to ensure the relocation process is smooth. Save yourself the hassle and stress by being proactive and aware. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask for the assistance of family members, friends, and professional removalists in Newcastle.