Top 10 Reasons To Live In Newcastle, NSW

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Newcastle, NSW

Mar 03, 2023 Newcastle is one of New South Wales’s reckoned coastal cities offering modern amenities, great education and a good standard of living. It is Australia’s seventh-largest metropolis for a reason. Once known as the Steel City, today’s Newcastle has reinvented itself and become a global city with something to offer for everyone. It has affordable housing, great transportation and developed commercial spaces. Moreover, it is a hub for meaningful jobs and thriving businesses. If you plan to move to Newcastle or contemplating staying here, you are not alone and can book reliable Newcastle removalists to help you relocate smoothly. Every year, thousands of people internally or internationally migrate to Newcastle to live better lives. Hence, it isn’t surprising that between 2016 and 2021, 44.6% of people who moved within Australia shifted within Newcastle. Every person has a different reason to come and live in this coastal city.  However, if you are still sceptical and need guidance, here are the top 10 reasons to live in Newcastle, NSW.

1. Newcastle is Cheaper than Sydney

Sydney is an international city with a host of opportunities, but it is also one of the most expensive cities to live in Australia. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the comforts of life, have a good job and afford good things, then Newcastle is a great option. It is 28-30% less costly than Sydney, as housing is cheaper, and travel, clothing and food are also economical.

2. Newcastle is Economically Strong

Most people think Sydney is the only economically strong and thriving city in New South Wales. However, Newcastle pulls its weight with an economy of $39.330 billion. It is the economic hub of the Hunter Region, as it accounts for 30% of the region’s developed industrial space and 80% of its offices. Moreover, Newcastle, NSW, is home to 169,317 people and sustains over 116,077 jobs.

3. Low Employment Rate

Any city with a low employment rate means its residents already have jobs, creating a need for new employees. Therefore, graduates, migrants, and people needing work can benefit by moving to Newcastle. You can plan your relocation and book removalists in Newcastle after you have found work in the city quickly.

4. Top-Notch Universities

The city is home to the University of Newcastle which is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world. Besides, the city has a host of well-established and world-class universities offering professional, vocational and independent courses.

5. You are Close to Beautiful Beaches

Want to work/study on weekends and relax on the beaches on weekdays? Newcastle is a coastal city and home to some of the best beaches in New South Wales. Some of its most popular tourist and local destinations include Redhead Beach, Nobbys Beach, Merewether Beach, and Newcastle Beach. You can move successfully and explore these beaches by hiring removalists in Newcastle to helped you unpack quickly.

6. Welcoming & Friendly People

Over the years, Newcastle has emerged as a city with a tight-knit community, making it a place for every person moving here. Locals are warm and welcoming, as they are accustomed to meeting new people and living harmoniously with migrants. What’s more, people who have moved here from other cities in Australia or overseas have made communities that help others feel at home.

7. Vineyards Surround Newcastle

Since the Hunter Valley region is right next to the city, it is surrounded by some of the best vineyards in New South Wales. If you are someone who loves to enjoy good wines, wine tasting, delicious food and high-end getaways, then driving just 45 minutes out of Newcastle can help you achieve it.

8. Bigger than Canberra, Darwin & Hobart

Yes, you read that right! Newcastle is the second largest city in Newcastle, and it is bigger than the capital of the Australian Capital Territory. It also beats Hobart (the second oldest capital in Australia) and Darwin (a former frontier outpost) in size. Some argue it has better amenities and housing because it has multiple suburbs.

9. Live in a Smart & Sustainable City

According to plans of the City of Newcastle, the council is committed to making the city smart and sustainable by 2030. The plans rely on digitisation and technology to eliminate obstacles and make opportunities to grow the community. Therefore, the city is investing in making the economy and infrastructure green.

10. A Haven For Artists & Art Lovers

Do you know Newcastle has one of the best art scenes in Australia? Most people focus on Melbourne and Sydney for art, but Newcastle holds its own ground and has nurtured generations of artists. It has more artists per capita than other cities, making it a creative hub. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Newcastle removalists are adept at moving fragile items and artwork since so many artists live and move here.

Wrapping Up

Newcastle is one of the best cities to live in Australia due to the 10 reasons mentioned above and many others. Therefore, if you plan to relocate here or move within the city, it will be worth the time, energy and effort. You can hire professional removalists to reduce the stress and anxiety of moving and ensure you have a memorable experience.