Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

Sep 15, 2020 The weather in Newcastle, NSW, is generally favourable throughout the year making it comfortable to move at any time. However, most people whether they are moving for the first time or have relocated before prefer to do it in the summer season, which hence becomes the peak moving season. Another reason why this time of the year is popular for moving because lease contracts are annual or half-yearly usually, meaning tenants move out of their rented properties in December, January or February. Hence, relocating during this time can be stressful, hectic and challenging. Want to know how to make shifting easy while it is peak moving season? Here are expert tips by professionals, have a look!

Plan Everything

If your lease ends at the end or start of the year or you are moving during the summer due to any other reason, it is imperative to be proactive and plan everything ahead. Thus, experts advise people to create a moving checklist at least a few months prior to the moving day. In addition, start decluttering, packing, cleaning, and other essential moving-related tasks earlier than usual because it will at the time of moving. When shifting during the peak season, don’t make the mistake of procrastinating and putting things off till the end because it can cause delays, unavailability of resources/items, and other problems.

Book Removalists Early

During peak moving seasons it is common for expert removalists in Newcastle to be in high demand and get booked weeks in advance. Therefore, make sure to start searching for reliable and reputed removals companies near you early and book removalists in as much in advance as possible. Contact the companies early to get the best slots and their most experienced removalists in Newcastle to handle your move before they become unavailable. What’s more, another perk of hiring removalists in advance is you can get an early bird discount during the peak season and help save money because moving is financially taxing.

Move on Weekdays

Naturally, weekends are the preferred time to move in a week because you don’t have to take an off from work and if you have children their school is not missed. But, when moving during the peak season, it would be wiser to manage the relocation on weekdays for the following reasons. • Better availability of removalists and end of lease cleaners in Newcastle • The move can be managed without bothering neighbours • Less traffic during non-peak hours • Move on Friday to have Saturday and Sunday for settling in the new home • Professionals may charge less for their services on weekdays than weekends when available slots are less

Declutter Your House

Moving during the peak can be expensive due to reduced availability of resources and items. One of the best ways to lessen the cost of the move is to declutter your house to get rid of things that are broken, obsolete, or haven’t been used for over six months. Make sure you only make an inventory of things you need at the new property because it will help lessen the packing and moving load. Most removalists in Newcastle charge according to the weight of the things to move and how many vehicles it takes to transport them. Hence, when the moving load is less, you save more, and your hired removalists are able to handle and transport your property contents.

Keep Essential Kit On-Hand

When moving during peak seasons, you have to ensure everything is done on time, and the move is managed smoothly. Therefore, keeping your essential kit on-hand at all times is vital. This kit should include medications, snacks, confetti, sanitisers, scissors, and many other items you may require while moving. Since moving during summers can lead to dehydration and excessive sweating, make sure to keep water, towels, wet tissues, etc. in your essential kit to beat the heat.

Arrange for Children & Pets to Stay Somewhere Safe

Moving with small children and pets can be challenging especially during peak the seasons, which is why it is if they stay with family members or trusted friends for a day or two. On the moving day, there can be a lot of chaos and stress, which affects children and pets more than adults because their routine is disturbed. In addition, you may encounter delays, traffic, and other problems during peak moving seasons making it better if kids and pets remain somewhere safe and away from the hassle of the moving day.

Wrapping Up

Moving during summer that is a peak season can be overwhelming, demanding, and stressful whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before. Therefore, by planning everything, booking removalists in Newcastle early, decluttering your house, and following the expert tips mentioned above, you can ensure your relocation process is managed swiftly, on time, and smoothly.