Things to Look for in a Quality Removalist
two young removalists unloading packed boxes from moving van

Things to Look for in a Quality Removalist

Mar 22, 2018 The demand of removalists is mounting rampantly with over a million-people moving every year in Australia. It’s natural to feel overburdened when you have to pack all your belongings and transport them securely to a new place. A good quality removalist is one who provides a hassle-free move. It’s always worth hiring a professional removal company to help you move as it helps in releasing the unnecessary stress that comes along with relocation. It is an art to pack fragile items so that its well protected and do not break during the transit, which only a good quality removalist knows. All you need to do is take out some time and explore to search the best Newcastle Removalists, who has a range of services you need and a team of experts to give you a smooth moving experience. Better Removalist Newcastle is the leading moving company in the city. They take proper care of everything from packing, handling, transporting, and storage to unloading your belongings and ensuring that you have peacefully moved and settled into your new house. Regardless of where you are moving to, be it another city or another state, they guarantee utter proficiency and professionalism. Here are some necessary things to look for in a quality Removalist who can do the job properly and you can trust them completely:


Choosing a credible removal company is imperative. A reliable removalist will always have government approved licence. If the company is refraining from showing the documents, then it’s not trustworthy. Don’t hire them just because they have guaranteed you of providing best services. Check if they are licensed and not someone who is fraud. A trustworthy removalist is one who is certified by AFRA- Australian Furniture Removers Association. AFRA has certain standards that aim at protecting customers from any fraudulent removal companies. If your removalist is licensed by AFRA, you will have some level of reassurance that it is a good and reliable company.


A high-quality removal company is one who has been in the business for a considerate amount of time. They should be well informed about the small details of how to skillfully move fragile and expensive items safely from one place to another. All such detailed knowledge of handling things will come only with years of experience. Avoid engaging a removalist who is just starting out or is new in the business. A new company might be experimenting with their methods and hence is risky, whereas a well-experienced company has tested methods and ensures full safety. Lack of experience of the company can serve as a backdrop to your relocation in Newcastle.

Cost Effective and Reliability

Relocation can be expensive, and therefore it is essential that you hire an affordable removalist so that your budget doesn’t get out of control. Also, make sure that you don’t go for the cheapest ones as these removalists give low quotes to befool people and charge huge chunks of money later. They won’t give you satisfying services and moreover, add extra fares in the name of being cheap. Hence, desist from engaging a cheap company and look for a cost-effective company. A prominent removal company is the one which gives you best services at realistic prices. You can also compare the quotes offered by few companies and then decide according to your requirements to get the best deal. It’s essential that the company helping you is responsible and reliable as you have to move all your belongings and expensive stuff while relocating to a new place. If you cannot trust the company, it will be further stressful for you as you will not be sure of your goods and the service being provided.

Insurance policies

A quality removalist will always provide full insurance cover. Some moving companies in Newcastle do not offer adequate insurances and others will cover only for damages that occur during transit and not from the actual loading and unloading of furniture, where most of the damages usually happen. Proceed with extra caution in such cases and make sure that your company gives full insurance cover in Newcastle. Do not forget to ask about their delay policy and what would happen if the move gets deferred. If you have high-value possessions for your transit, then check if they need special packaging and if the insurance will cover that. Mishaps can happen anytime. Hence, it’s important that you have full insurance for your belongings in case anything gets damaged or lost during the process of moving.


A high-quality removalist has a good reputation in the market. The core of a successful business is customer’s satisfaction, and good reputation is built on it. Check the full background of the removal company. Go to the website and check its customer reviews. Positive reviews are a proof of the good quality services of the removalist. Good reputation in the market will act as evidence of the excellent quality of services they provide.


It is important to make sure that your relocation doesn’t have any ill effects on the environment. Relocating to a renewable and eco-friendly way means using environmental friendly moving techniques and using green and biodegradable supplies as much as possible. People who are thinking of relocation are considered about the effects of their move on the environment and are looking for methods to make their relocation ecological. A good removalist company in Newcastle will have a clear environmental policy and uses green techniques for relocation. Do ask about what measures your removalist takes to protect the environment. A right removalist will always invest in eco-friendly products and practices such as recycled packing boxes, biodegradable materials, moving vehicles that use biodiesel fuel and emit low carbon dioxide etc. Also, check whether the company has the facility to recycle waste packaging from the move. An eco-friendly removal company does not use oil-based products.

Deeply knowledgeable and skilled employees

A good quality removalist will have a team of deeply knowledgeable and skilled workers. Just as for any other company, a removal company’s staff must be amply trained and be prepared with considerable resources to perform any moving task. Also, the staff of a good removal company should have good interpersonal skills. Excellent communication skills, like conflict resolution, listening, addressing clients concerns and dispersing friendly services should be the primary concern of the workers. Furthermore, good companies along with skilled employees, also have a pool of equipment and appropriate vehicles to help pack and transport.


If you have to relocate from Newcastle to a new location and are wondering how to find a quality removalist, then check these tips and you will get the best option available. Relocation is a debilitating task and managing everything alone can be challenging enough. How smooth the entire moving process will be, depends on what kind of removalist you have hired. Better Removalists Newcastle is the most professional moving company that has a devoted team who will assist you in shedding off the load and will make your move hassle-free.