The Best Way To Label Your Moving Boxes

The Best Way To Label Your Moving Boxes

Jun 24, 2022 Are you excited about moving homes but need to get a head start on your packing? You could always hire the services of a removalist company in Newcastle who will help you pack all your boxes correctly and move them to your new home. This will help you quickly unpack your boxes in your new home as you can find things more efficiently and organise them properly. But if you want to do the packing on your own, you need to know the correct way to label your boxes so that you can be more organised and orderly. Here are some of the best ways you can label boxes properly when you pack yourself:

1. Create An Inventory

The first step in labelling your boxes is to create an inventory of all your items in each room. This will help you keep track of all your items and will know how to organise them in the packing boxes. You can manage your inventory to label boxes, especially if you list all the items on the boxes. Take two printouts of this list; if you are hiring a removalist service in Newcastle, you should give them one copy. Also, donate or sell the unwanted items to reduce wastage of time.

2. Gather All Your Supplies

The next thing you need to do is to gather all your packing and labelling supplies, such as:
  • Coloured markers
  • Stickers
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Label lists

3. Label Each Box By Room

Once your supplies are ready, you can start labelling each box room by room. For instance, write Kitchen in Bold with a marker on all your kitchen items and appliances. You should even use a different coloured marker for each room so that you or the removalist service you are using know where to place it in your new home. For instance, you could use yellow for the kitchen and blue for the bedroom to know which boxes are going to which room.

4. Write It On All Sides

When you are labelling and packaging the boxes, you must write them on all sides of the box in bold capitals so that you don’t have to keep turning the box around to find the label. This will also be useful if one side gets wiped off; you can still see the writing on the sides. You should even write the box label on the top so that it is easier to read.

5. Use Numbers

You can create a list of the rooms and write the number of boxes in each room. You should also try and number the boxes, so you can clearly understand which box is going where. For instance, you could write blue for the bedroom and then number one near it so that you and the cheap removalists newcastle know which numbered boxes go where. Like 1-5 goes in the bedroom, 6-7 in the attic and so on.

6. Write Detailed Lists

If you want to ensure all your items are safely in the box, you can list all the items on the side of the box. This will give you a more detailed account of what to look for when unpacking. For instance, suppose you go to your new home and need a knife immediately. You know it will be in one of the six kitchen boxes, but you will have to unpack all of them to find it. With a detailed list of each box, you can find the exact box with the knives in it. You can either write these items on the boxes by hand or print out detailed lists and stick it on all sides of the box and fill it out.

7. Label Fragile And Dangerous Items

You must always ensure you label your fragile and dangerous items appropriately so that the removalists and experts you hire know how to load and unload them properly. They will also take extra precautions to protect these items from the rain and avoid any risk of falling objects. You should write Fragile or Dangerous in bold along with the room name to keep them safe.

8. Label The Boxes By Priority

An additional way of labelling your boxes involves using low to high-priority letters. You can write H on boxes with high priority so that your moving service knows that these boxes need to be loaded last and unloaded first. This will save a lot of time in unpacking and ensure a stress-free moving day.

9. Label Your Essentials Box

It is also a good idea to label your essentials box so that you know you have all the necessities inside them. You must write essentials on it, so the moving company knows you will be carrying this inside the house first. They will first unload this for you so you can start your new journey in your home. Some Additional Tips: Here are some more tips to make sure you label your boxes in the right way:
  • Use permanent and waterproof markers, so the writing doesn’t wear off with time, and you can see it.
  • Don’t write over the tape as it could rub off easily; write it on the cardboard portion.
  • You can use funky stickers to make labelling more fun.


The above way of labelling your boxes will help you pack them like a pro and easily find what you need when unpacking them in your new place.