How To Tackle A DIY Move Efficiently
happy couple carrying packed boxes out of the house

How To Tackle A DIY Move Efficiently

Jan 04, 2019 The key to a successful and smooth move is the preparation time. The more time you spend in planning your move in an organised manner, the more comfortable things get on your big day. Getting professional help from reliable furniture removalists in Newcastle can make things easy, but what if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire them? Well, the moving process doesn’t need to be stressful if you are doing it on your own. Some useful tips can help you tackle a DIY move efficiently. Be it packing, loading, or moving, you can take care of everything and try to ensure that the moving process gets completed in a hassle-free manner. The entire procedure involves many challenges, and you must overcome them to execute your strategies properly. In this post, we will discuss some valuable tips that can help you solve the problems people usually face in a DIY moving procedure. Let’s have a look:

1. Start Packing In Advance

Packing is undoubtedly the most time-consuming and arduous part of the moving process. Thus, you must start it as soon as possible, and it is advisable to begin your packing from the kitchen and prepare an inventory list for all the items you pack. Keeping it for the last minute can lead to several problems during the unpacking phase. Get customised boxes to pack your things appropriately and safely.

2. Donate Unused Items

When you start packing early, you will identify the unused items. You should not waste your time and energy in packing such items. You can get rid of these things (like old toys, unused clothes, old books, etc.) by selling them or donating them to a charity in Newcastle. This will not only save your precious time but also cut down the expenses.

3. Labelling

When you are packing your stuff, make sure you are labelling your boxes correctly –kitchen items, books, fragile items, etc. This step will not only save time and energy while unpacking, but also make you aware about the handling of the items. Labelling can be a tiring job as it requires effort and focus. Professional guidance from the removalists in Newcastle can make things easy for you.

4. Documents

People often overlook the importance of keeping all the essential documents in an organised manner. You never know when you will require them. Thus all the papers should be handy. When moving to your new property, keep all your documents related to finance, health, employment, legal, moving and motor vehicle in one place.

5. Keep An Eye On The Weather

It is essential to keep an eye on the weather because moving to your new house on a rainy day can be a daunting task. In the absence of a proper transport, your boxes can get wet, and that can damage your belongings. Besides, driving a heavy vehicle in terrible weather can be very risky. So start reading weather forecast of Newcastle at least a week before you move to anticipate the weather conditions on your big day. Professional removalists have the experience to deal with such situations and have advanced tools and packaging material to save the cartons from rain, hail and storm.

6. Get Helping Hands

If you are planning a move on your own, make sure you have enough helping hands. Otherwise it can prove to be a disaster. Inform your family and friends in advance, so that they can help you in packing and loading the boxes. In the absence of enough helping hands, one can easily get frustrated. Removals Company in Newcastle can help you in this situation at a nominal charge. They have experienced professionals with proper technical knowledge so you don’t require any extra help.

7. Managing Utility Supplies

Managing the supply of your basic utility is one of the most crucial things during the move. Essential services like electricity, gas and water at your new home may take some time to get activated, so inform the concerned people in advance and stay in touch to ensure you are getting the service from the very first minute. Also, make sure that you are disconnecting internet and phone service at your old place on time. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra charges.

8. Cleaning Old House

If you are leaving your rented house as a tenant, it is compulsory to clean the house to get the bond money back. But cleaning the house is not at all a simple task as it involves a lot of effort and time. If you want to focus on the moving part, you need end of lease cleaning professionals in Newcastle. They have advanced tools and technical knowledge to make your rented house clean.


The tips mentioned above can help you tackle a DIY move smoothly. Moving from one place to another on your own is not an easy thing to do. From packing, labelling, and loading to documentation and cleaning, you will face a plethora of challenges. The experienced removalists take care of the packing, loading and moving so that you can focus on other important things.