Surviving Moving Day: What To Expect And How To Stay Organised

Surviving Moving Day: What To Expect And How To Stay Organised

Sep 13, 2023 Gone are the days when you had to slog for days to pack your belongings and load them in the moving truck. Today, you can hire professional removalists to do these strenuous and often challenging tasks. Moving to a new home is stressful and exhausting for everyone, and getting help during the process can make a huge difference. However, like every other moving-related task, you need to plan and organise your removal too. Taking the assistance of the best removalists in Newcastle should be done with a proper strategy for various reasons. Therefore, if you are relocating soon, here is your complete guide to know what to expect and how to stay organised. Have a look.

Analyse Your Requirements

You need to analyse your requirements to hire the right professionals for managing your move without any hassle or stress. Removals experts in Newcastle offer various services to help homeowners and tenants safely and swiftly move locally, domestically, and even internationally. To know what kind of services you want to avail, ask the following questions.
  • Can you pack yourself or need assistance?
  • Do you want to rent a moving truck?
  • Would hiring professionals to load/unload your belongings and placing them at the new home be better?
  • Do you lack the time, energy, and motivation to handle packing and moving?
  • Are you moving short distance or long distance?
Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start searching for removalists who can fulfil your requirements.

Create a Budget

Moving can deplete your savings if you are not careful while spending and don’t plan your expenditures. To hire reliable and good removals experts in Newcastle, creating your budget using a planning tool is the best option. Ensure you make a rough budget and make the final one after getting quotes from removalists you want to hire. In the rough budget, calculate expenses such as advance rent, utility bills, bond payment, packing supplies, etc. Note: To manage your move comfortably, start saving for it at least three-four months before the moving day. Generally following the 50-30-20 budgeting rule is wise but when you want to save money, tweak the rule a little to spend 50% of your income on necessary things, save 30% or more, and try to spend 20% or less on wants like eating out, buying luxury items, watching movies, having subscriptions etc.

Get Free Quotes from Removal Companies

Most reputed removal companies in Newcastle give free and no-obligation quotes for services you wish to avail. Getting these quotes is beneficial for planning your expenses and identifying which companies can meet your requirements within your budget. You can get in touch with companies via email or call to generate the quotes online. They provide an estimated cost of each service, using which you can negotiate with other companies that offer their services at competitive prices.

Prepare for the Move

Even though you hire professionals, you have to take care of various moving-related things before they arrive. Here are the things you should do before your hired removalists in Newcastle arrive.
  • Create an inventory of things the removalists would move. Note the presence of dents, scratches or other signs of damage.
  • Take photographs of the items before packing. Also, take pictures of packed boxes ensuring the labels are clearly readable.
  • Ensure delicate items are appropriately labelled. Such items should be moved carefully and loaded on the truck last and unloaded first.
  • Don’t forget to number each item to make it easier to count them when they reach your new home.

Inquire About Moving Insurance

Even when you have contents insurance, homeowners insurance or renters insurance, you may require moving insurance to ensure your belongings are covered while they are loaded and transported. Hire a removals company in Newcastle that provides a limited liability cover. But this coverage is low, and if you want to have better insurance, you can get it via a third-party suggested by the removalists. You can choose to have declared value protection or full replacement liability insurance depending on how much premium you are willing to pay. The higher you pay for insurance, the more coverage it will provide for your belongings.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new place is one of the most stressful and challenging events of your life. All the moving-related work can dampen your mood and take away the excitement of having a new home. Therefore, to avoid feeling down and getting exhausted, it is best to hire professional removalists from a reputed removals company in Newcastle. To organise and plan your removals, use this guide and manage the process comfortably.