How To Stage Your Home While Preparing For A Move

How To Stage Your Home While Preparing For A Move

Nov 23, 2020 Moving is one of the most challenging and stressful events of a homeowner’s life. People relocating to a new home not only have to manage the process of packing and transporting their belongings but also need to ensure their house is sold at a lucrative price. Considering that the property market is severely hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is harder to sell your residential property at a good rate. Thus, it is even more necessary to increase your house’s curb appeal and make it presentable for potential buyers. While professional removalists in Newcastle can help with the moving part, the staging needs to be accomplished singlehandedly. Don’t know how to make your property stand out and be ready to move? Here is your complete guide on how to stage your home while preparing for a move.

Sort Your Belongings

The first task to prepare for the move and stage your house is sorting your property contents. Start by decluttering each room and segregate all the things into the following categories. • Broken and unnecessary things to dispose of • Items in good condition to donate • Things that can be resold in a garage sale • Things to pack and take to the new home After this process is over, you can proceed to complete other things such as packing the household, updating utilities, looking for suitable buyers, booking removalists in Newcastle and more.

Pack as Much as You Can

Being proactive is rewarding when it comes to packing. If your moving date is not decided yet, you can start packing things you don’t use in daily life and keep them in a safe place. Create an inventory of the things to know what you have packed and where the boxes are located. Make sure the items you pack will not be required for staging. Additionally, please securely wrap everything and label the boxes correctly for easy identification of contents inside. If your moving date is set, you can take the assistance of professional removalists in Newcastle to get your things packed without hassles. Professionals have high-quality packing supplies and equipment to wrap your belongings securely within a few hours.

Pay More Attention to Staging of Important Areas

To attract potential buyers and gain their attention, you don’t need to stage the entire property. You can make the real estate presentable by revamping the main areas the buyers will look at such as kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. While staging or getting the property staged by professionals, pay the maximum attention to these rooms. Declutter them and pack the belongings in these rooms first to make the staging process faster and easier.

Get the House Painted & Fix Walls

A fresh coat of paint works wonders in improving the appearance of your property. The light reflects from the walls better, and the rooms look brighter. Along with getting the walls painted, get the cracks, holes, seepage, and other issues fixed as well. You want the walls to be smooth when the fresh coat of paint is applied to them for best results. While getting the house painted, make sure the contractors pay attention to the baseboards too if necessary.

Rent Furniture & Art

Staging your home for attracting potential buyers is a serious process, and it needs to be done accurately. After you have moved your things to the new house, you will require furniture and art pieces to add character to the property. There are a host of home décor stores in Newcastle that provide furniture, paintings, sculptures, and other items on rent to realtors, homeowners, property managers, and real estate agents for staging.

Hire Property Styling Professionals

The idea of staging is to portray to a potential buyer what they can have and how good the property looks with proper home décor. An empty property will never have the impact a staged property has. It is crucial the designing is done according to the latest trends and keeping in mind what potential buyers look for. Therefore, getting professionals who offer property styling service is a practical solution. They can decorate the exterior of the property for increasing its curb appeal and design the interiors to look like a proper home which buyers will be interested in purchasing.

Clean the Property

Make sure every nook and cranny is clean before moving out and starting the process of staging. You don’t want potential buyers to get put off by dirty carpets, cobwebs, spotted floors, etc. You can clean the property yourself or seek the assistance of professional cleaners in Newcastle. Experts can deep clean the property to make it look as good as new. They can clean the carpets, remove spots/stains, wash the windows, and do much more to enhance the appeal of your house.

Wrapping Up

Staging is an important activity that enhances the appeal of your property and makes it more saleable. As a homeowner who is planning a move, you already have plenty of moving-related tasks to complete. But, staging should not be neglected as it can get you a fair sale price for your real estate. Through this guide, you can learn how to stage your home effectively to sell your real estate profitably.