How to Safely Move A Fish Tank to Your New Place
A man is preparing to move fish tank

How to Safely Move A Fish Tank to Your New Place

Jan 16, 2020 If you have an aquarium in your home, you might have noticed that fish can be excellent companions. They provide a fun activity for the entire family, particularly kids. The best thing about them is that unlike other pets, they do not require your constant attention. Also, they are much cheaper to have in comparison to other pets. Having fish might have many advantages, but they also have a huge drawback. They are the most challenging pet to move from one place to other. That is why people hire experienced removalists in Newcastle. But if you are moving on a budget, you can also try to pack and transport your fish tank by following the steps mentioned below. But before that let’s read why you should hire professionals for moving your aquarium.

Why Hire Professionals for Moving a Fish Tank

Relocation can be expensive. So, if you think that moving a fish tank on your own to save money is a smart thing to do, you are wrong! In case you don’t know, moving an aquarium is one of the most challenging things do because it is fragile, time-consuming, and require a bit of knowledge. So, hiring a professional for moving a fish tank is one of the most important things to remember when moving. You need a lot of planning and efforts to accomplish the task perfectly, but it is not very easy because you also need to focus on other aspects of moving. Even if the aquarium is empty, it can be heavy. So, packing, carrying and loading the tank is not as easy as you think it is. Therefore, it is essential to contact a reputed removals company in Newcastle. Their professionals have expertise in packing and moving everything, including a fish tank. It will give you enough time to focus on other things and ultimately, peace of mind.

How to Move a Fish Tank on Your Own

If you want to move your aquarium on your own, here is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow. Have a look! Step 1: Collect All the Important Supplies Before you get started, you need to gather all the essential things that you might require during the process. If you take some time to collect and organise everything in advance, you would be able to accomplish your task in a hassle-free manner. You won’t have to run for anything in the middle of the process. Here is a list of things that you are most likely to require. • A fishnet • Large buckets (5 gallons) • Siphon hose • Duct tape • Plastic bags • Insulating foam sheets • Bubble wrap and Packing paper • Moving boxes Step 2: Be Ready To Move Your Fish You should stop feeding your fish one to two days before moving out of your home. This will help them to pass their waste before the move. Fish can survive without food up to 6 to 7 days, so you don’t need to worry. For Smaller Fish Take a plastic bag and fill it with fish tank water. Then use a fishnet to put your fishes into the bag. You can do this a couple of hours before the move. Keep it safely in a sturdy case. For Bigger Fish If you are moving a long distance or have bigger fish, put them in a bucket with enough water from the tank. Make sure the bucket are new and adequately clean. Cover it to prevent any spills. Step 3: Clean Your Fish Tank Properly It is time to clean the fish tank. Start with unplugging everything like light, heater, filter and pump. Then remove the plants and other accessories carefully. Keep the plants in a bucket and fill it with tank water. Clean and dry the other accessories and pack them properly. You should not dry the filter and wrap it in a sealed pack or container. It can be a time taking process and need a little know-how. So, if you want to pack and move your fish tank in a hassle-free manner, hire professional removalists in Newcastle. They have expertise in packing and moving the fish tank. Step 4: Drain and Store the Tank Water Now, you need to drain the water from the tank. And do it quickly, you need to use a siphon hose. If you don’t have one, purchase it from any nearby fish aquarium dealers in Newcastle. Try to save and transport as much water as possible because it allows the fish to stay healthy, thereby increasing the lifespan. To carry the water, use large buckets (5 gallons). Seal the lid of the bucket with tape so that you can prevent the spills during the move. Step 5: Pack the Aquarium This is perhaps the most crucial step of the entire moving process. Fish tanks are not cheap, so need to pack it very carefully. If you don’t want to take any chance, it is advisable to hire experienced removalists in Newcastle. However, if you want to move it in your own, remove the lid to pack it separately. You can cover in bubble wrap. Choose a sturdy box that is slightly bigger than the size of the tank. Place the fish tank carefully inside the box and use bubble wrap, packing paper and insulating foam sheets to fill in the gaps between the tank and the box. This will prevent it from moving. Step 6: Move Your Fish Tank You should always transport your fish and the fish tank in your own vehicle. This will give them extra protection. However, if you don’t have enough space in your vehicle, inform your Newcastle removalists so that they can load all your belongings accordingly. Also, ensure that they know how fragile your tank is and thus they should take extra care during loading and transportation process. Step 7: Set Up Your Fish Tank Once you move to your new home in Newcastle, do not waste a single minute! Start setting up your fish tank right away. Replace the water from the bucket to the tank and plug-in filter, heater, pump, and light. Also, add the plants and other accessories. Before you release your fish in the tank, make sure that temperature, chlorine level, ammonia level and PH balance are balanced. The entire procedure is quite hectic and time-consuming. So, if you don’t want to take the stress and want to focus on other essential aspects of moving, hire reliable removalists in Newcastle. From start to finish, they will take care of everything.


Moving a fish tank is not as easy as you think it is. A fish tank is difficult to clean, heavy to lift and quite challenging to pack and load. A slight mistake can also damage it. Thus, you should be very careful while moving it. Follow the steps mentioned here to accomplish the task. To execute it in a better way, hire professional removalists in Newcastle.