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Wickham is one of the best suburbs you will find in Newcastle, New South Wales. It has a population of just above 1100, and the predominant age is 20 to 29 years. This place attracts a lot of young professionals because it is hardly a few kilometres away from the main commercial hub of Newcastle. However, it also has many families with children because it offers all the basic amenities like markets, schools, health care centres and other important things. This is why around 39 per cent of families live here with children. Whether you are a person looking for higher education, a professional, a family man or a retired person, Wickham is an ideal place for everyone! If you are interested in moving here, allow our professionals to help in your relocation. We, at Better Removalists Newcastle, have a team of experienced removalists to know to accomplish a hassle-free move within a limited budget. Being one of the most reliable names in the market, we have helped hundreds of people in their moving and never failed to impress our clients. If you want to know about the price of our service, call our customer support team and get your free quote.

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Wickham offers a lot of options in residential as well as commercial properties. If you are planning to move here, expect to get spacious houses at an affordable price. The median price of the houses is $715k, while the average rent is $465 per week. Although it is not difficult to purchase a house in this suburb, people prefer to live on rent. Around 54.50 per cent of people here live on rental property. This is also a fantastic place if you are looking for office space at a budget-friendly price. But before you purchase, rent or invest in a commercial property, do your research. Whatever the reason is - a residential move or a commercial relocation, hire our Newcastle removalists to accomplish a well-planned, safe and stress-free move.


There is no denying that moving house can be one of the most stressful times you will even come across in your life! We take pride in offering exceptional house moving service that will help in minimising your stress. Whether you are moving locally or from a different state, we have the best removalists in the market who are more than capable of executing even the most complicated relocation projects. When our movers in Newcastle undertake a project, they consider all essential factors that can make the relocation easy, protect your belongings during transportation and accomplish the move within your budget. This is why we have managed to build a huge client base in the Newcastle and other parts of Australia. If you want to know about the price of our service, call customer support executives.



Office moving requires proper planning and special care. With, computers, phones, cables, other IT equipment, documents, and furniture to take care of, moving your business can be an extremely challenging task. Being a reliable source offering hassle-free and affordable commercial removals services, we can help you in planning, scheduling, packing as well as managing your business relocations. Whether you are moving only a few working stations or an entire office building having hundreds of employees, we are always ready to undertake any moving task. Wickham has numerous commercial properties, which are available at a good price. So if you are planning to move your business here, allow us to accomplish your move within your budget. Our experienced movers take special care of the deadline because we understand that a little delay can affect the productivity of your business.

We are a one-stop solution for all your moving requirements! Call our customer support executives today and book our service.
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Packing is considered as the most difficult part of the moving process because it involves handling of fragile items such as dishes, lamps, glassware, antiques, bulbs, wine bottles, bone china crockery, etc. It is not easy to pack and load them. This is why people prefer to hire professional removalists in Newcastle. If you also don’t want to take a chance with your expensive items, hire our experienced packing experts. We take pride in offering excellent packing service at an affordable price. Our company also make sure that the professionals use every possible packing supply that will keep your belongings safe. All our packing supplies, including moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing papers, blankets, etc. are of the best quality. In short, we are a one-stop solution for all your packing requirements. You can visit BetterRemovalistsNewcastle.com.au for more information about our services.


Whether you are moving within Wickham or from one suburb to another suburb in Newcastle, hire our professionals and friendly local removalists. As they are familiar with the local area, it becomes easy for them to execute your local move. Our movers make every possible effort to make sure that your relocation accomplishes in the most hassle-free manner and within your budget. Even if you are moving a distance which is hardly a few minutes away, our professional movers take every possible precaution and pack your items perfectly. Thus, your items reach your new destination in one piece. We have helped hundreds of people to move within Wickham and other adjoining suburbs of Newcastle. Therefore, we have a huge client base here. When it comes to local relocation in Wickham, we are the most trustworthy names.


If you are moving to Newcastle with your family and planning to settle down in Wickham, you need our professional interstate removalists. It is no secret that moving to a different state is one of the most challenging tasks because you need to make every possible effort to make sure that all your belongings moved to the new places at the right time and without any damages. Also, interstate moving can be costly, so you would like to accomplish it within your limited budget. We, at Better Removalists Newcastle, consider all these essential factors, and this is why we are one of the most reliable names when it comes to interstate moving. We have the best and cheap removalists in Newcastle who ensure that you experience a stress-free moving at a budget-friendly price.

Feel free to call our customer support team and clear your doubts! Our professionals are always at your service. 1300 766 422
1300 766 422


We are considered as one of the most trustworthy names in the Wickham, and our professionals are highly responsibly for it. They leave no stone unturned to provide the best possible moving and packing service our valued clients at an affordable price. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge about the moving process and have helped hundreds of clients in their moving. So they are well aware of the challenges and also know how to resolve them quickly. We train our mover in Newcastle with latest methods and advanced tools so that they can carry out even the most difficult moving process. Our company also make sure that all our professionals are police verified so that you can have peace of mind when they pack and load your belongings.

We Use High-Quality Packing Supplies and Modern-Age Tools

Being a reliable removals company in Newcastle, we make sure that all our packing supplies are of the best quality. We provide different types of moving boxes, bubble wraps, packing papers, blankets, tape and other essential supplies to ensure the protection of your belongings. Our professionals also use advanced moving tools like utility dolly, moving dolly, furniture dolly, moving blankets, pads, furniture sliders, shoulder dolly, forearm forklift, and so on.

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