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Our expert team at Better Removalists Newcastle takes care of your possessions during the transit and saves your time and energy. Local moves are shorter yet need the same attention and caution. Thus, we use the best moving tools and techniques to help you relocate within the city or its suburbs. Our trained removalists are local professionals who are the best in the industry.

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Professional Removalists Newcastle for Safe Removals

Are you relocating a house or office within Newcastle? Do you need a safe and secure furniture removal service? If yes then you are at the right place. As a renowned Newcastle Removalists, we make sure all our potential customers get the best and seamless moving experience without any strain or stress. Our highly-experienced team can relocate your furniture and other precious belongings safely to the new place in Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs. We can pack your belongings, load them into the truck and transit it to the final place with utmost care and responsibility. Let us make your moving journey a stress-free one within your estimated budget.

A packing team at Better Removalists Newcastle strives on providing quick, safe and quality packing of all your belongings the way you want
We possess a team of well-experienced, dedicated, highly-trained and local-friendly moving team to make your moving process as smooth as possible
At Better Removalists, we ensure that all your belongings will be reached safely and securely to the new destination with a 100 % service guarantee.
Letting you save time and money!

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Relocate your belongings to the new house or office without causing any damage.
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Let Newcastle Removalists Relocate your Treasured Belongings

At Better Removalists Newcastle, our goal is to make your local move safe and stress-free. When you hire our Newcastle Removalists, you will be given seamless moving experience from start to end. Our experienced team will take care of every step – from packing, loading, transporting, unloading and even unpacking of your household or commercial belongings to give you a peace of mind. Since our inception, we have been relocating houses and offices within the local boundaries of Newcastle with the same devotion and perfection. Our Furniture Removalists in Newcastle holds a great finesse in loading and transporting your heavy and bulky furniture- be it a sofa, piano, dining table or bed to the new location with extra care.

Why Our Local Removalists Newcastle Service is best?

A right moving company makes a huge difference in making your relocation as stress-free as possible. Whether you are moving to the next street or a near suburb within Newcastle, hiring a professional company becomes imperative for a safe and seamless removal. That’s where Better Removalists comes into the picture. Being a prominent Furniture Removalists in Newcastle, we strive on serving high standard packing and moving solutions with effective and efficient customer support to build healthy relationships with our customers. From packing fragile items to lifting heavy belongings, we take care of everything. All our packing and moving processes are designed and executed in a precise manner because we care for your precious belongings.


Better Removalists Newcastle is a well-established and renowned name in the removals industry. We are known for our bespoke removals that are offered at pocket-friendly prices. You can contact us to get your obligation-free quote from our support team and enjoy a trouble-free removal. Our local removalists can locate the destination without any problems and complete the move on the same day if it does not involve a large volume of inventories. We have been servicing Newcastle and its suburbs for some time now and are well-aware of the postcodes and neighbourhoods. We assure you that you will have the most relaxed relocation with our professionals on your side.

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  • Home Removals Newcastle

    Relocate Your home contents with care.

  • Office Removals

    Quick and easy office moving experience.

  • Interstate Moves

    Our affordable interstate removals service is the best.

  • Piano Movers

    We take care of your precious possessions during the transit.


Making Your Move A Relaxing Experience

Our expertise lies in our proficient team of removalists, who have been recruited for their experience in the industry. They are trained in the latest removal techniques and usage of the advanced tools to complete each job with improved efficiency. We, at Better Removalists Newcastle, keep innovating to make the process easier and relaxed for you and your loved ones. This is the reason why we have included a full spectrum of supplementary services to our portfolio. From packing your prized possessions carefully to loading and transporting them safely, we do all the removal chores with perfection. Our professionals give you a completely organised and neatly arranged and decorated home at the new address at the most affordable price.

Office Removals Within Your Budget

At Better Removalists Newcastle, we understand the complexity of moving businesses from one place to another. Therefore, we follow a proven checklist for safe, secure and time-efficient office removals in Newcastle. We are adept at moving fixtures and office furniture as well as documents and machines. Our removalists Newcastle pack up all the computers with their peripherals and neatly label them so their users at the new property can easily identify them. We have specialised boxes for papers which make sure that they reach their destination without getting misplaced or torn. Our ancillary service helps in the assembling of the dismantled equipment and furniture. We get the electronics fitted and the fixtures positioned in their place so that the downtime is reduced.


Certified Furniture Removalists Newcastle

Relocating heavy furniture to a new location can be tedious for those who are doing it without any professional support. If you don’t want to injure yourself or break your expensive furniture, hire the Newcastle’s best furniture removalists like us. We offer a safe, superior and reasonable furniture removal service at the reasonable rates. Our furniture removalists Newcastle provide a complete disassembling and re-assembling of large furniture pieces to ensure a smooth moving experience. With the use of moving dolly, moving straps, and heavy duty adjustable appliance rollers, we can lift and load all types of bulky furniture with care. Call us now to avail our Furniture Removalists service in Newcastle at the best price.

Leverage The Expertise of Better Removalists Newcastle

The industry is full of competitors, but we have managed to stand out in the crowd with our excellent customer service and affordable prices. Our removal services have helped several clients to move seamlessly, and we continue to outperform ourselves.

If you are planning to relocate without any professional help, then you are taking a huge risk which will cost you emotionally, mentally and physically. Here is why you must rely on our experienced removalists in Newcastle.
  • We love our work and do not feel satisfied until the customer is happy with our service. We strive to fulfil every wish of our clients without compromising on the quality.
  • Our work speaks volumes about our proficiency in making you comfortable throughout the removal as we take control of the process and help you relax.
  • We offer a wide range of services that are economical and useful in getting everything arranged in the best possible way in your new home.
  • Our removalists maintain all the industry standards to ensure the safety of your belongings during packing, loading, unloading and transit.
  • We assemble all the dismantled furniture so that you are not left confused about the assembly and have to use a sofa or bed without legs.
  • Our support team is equally efficient in making your relocation a smooth ride by offering expert assistance in case of any confusion or questions.
  • We can move all kinds of office and household items, including heavy and delicate things like a big bookshelf, a vintage dresser with a large mirror, a piano, etc.
We are concerned about your well-being and also the protection of the properties. This is the reason why we take no chances when it comes to incorporating safety measures in our routine.
  • We pack all the sharp objects like kitchen knives and gardening tools in packing paper and then wrap them in towels so that they do not poke anyone or pierce through the boxes.
  • We are trained in lifting heavy and fragile items and follow the correct technique, which does not cause any backaches and helps in maintaining balance while moving the luggage.
  • The extremely large items which cannot be lifted by our professionals are loaded on the dolly or moved with the help of gliders. It ensures that there is no dragging of these things, so the floors remain unharmed.
  • Our removalists in Newcastle are skilled in the loading and unloading part and keep all accidents at bay through smart working procedures. They make sure that they do not trip or fall over the boxes and keep them away from the walking area.
  • Our teams arrive in complete attire which is ideal for doing all the hard work comfortably. We wear season-appropriate footwear. If it is raining, we wear our rain boots and on other occasions, the lightweight shoes which keep us agile throughout the day.
Sustainable living is the new way of life and is also the need of the hour. The climate change problems have been alarming, and thus Better Removalists Newcastle aims to make its removals a green initiative.
  • We bring along recyclable cardboard boxes for packing your stuff and take them back while leaving to be used again for the next job. However, we ensure that they are sturdy enough for re-use.
  • Our removalists in Newcastle make use of your suitcases and dresser drawers and other travel bags to pack some stuff so that the dependency on cardboard boxes is reduced.
  • With our fuel-efficient and well-maintained moving vehicles, we make certain that we are not polluting the environment as we use bio-diesel. Also, we utilise GPS to reach the destination so that there are no detours.
  • Instead of low-quality plastic which creates a lot of non-biodegradable waste, our removalist company in Newcastle utilises non-toxic and biodegradable packing materials, such as packing paper, shredded office paper, and green plastic wraps.
  • We bring along moving blankets and use your blankets, bed sheets, socks and towels to create a cushion inside the moving boxes.
  • Our valet services utilise green cleaning agents and supplies to clean the new house so that you can enjoy a hygienic new place.
We go the extra mile to ensure that everything in your house or office is moved with efficiency and does not cause any trouble. Our removalists in Newcastle are adept at using specialised tools for specific tasks.
  • While we dismantle the big furniture which cannot be taken out of the doors, there are some items which cannot be disassembled. In such cases, we use hoisting straps to hoist them down the balcony door very carefully.
  • Our removals company in Newcastle is known for using superior quality equipment, such as a two-wheel dolly to move the boxes quickly from the rooms to the truck. It saves a lot of time.
  • We are equipped with a specialised tool kit that allows us to dismantle and assemble furniture without much effort while following the instruction manuals.
  • Sliders are yet another important tool which helps in moving large household items like big cabinets, cupboards, fridge, etc. It helps in safeguarding our employees and the wood and tiles on your floors.
  • Moving ropes and blankets help in tying up the stuff and making sure that it is safe from dust and wear and tear during the transit.
  • Forklifts help us to load the heavy items into the truck and make the process easier and quicker.
It can be taxing to hire different service providers for various moving-related chores, such as packing, transit, cleaning, valet, handyman, electrician, etc. We provide all of these under one roof at Better Removalist Newcastle.
  • We provide storage service in Newcastle so you can keep them safe in our warehouse until you need them. Businesses often use this service to protect their equipment and machines that might not be required immediately after relocation or need to be kept safe during a renovation.
  • Our valet service entails unpacking of your boxes and placement of your clothes and accessories in the closets and the dressers. We arrange the kitchen cabinets and the pantry as well as the bedrooms and the living room.
  • A new place requires a lot of work including cleaning, utility connections, gardening, plumbing needs etc. Our ancillary service takes care of these chores without making you feel helpless at a new location.
  • We go all out to make the process most comfortable and relaxed so that you don’t have to run around finding different professionals for each of these jobs. Our door-to-door service keeps you worry-free.
  • Another significant feature of our removalist company in Newcastle is that we provide insurance for transit as well as the entire moving process.
Our transparent working strategy has been designed to keep the customer informed and in-charge of the whole process without actually doing any work. We take care of all the lifting and organising to keep you stress-free.
  • We are available for removals in Newcastle throughout the year. You can contact us in any season. Our professionals come prepared as per the weather forecast and have all the essentials to keep your stuff safe in every condition.
  • We customise the removal as per your needs and desires so that you know exactly how your belongings are getting packed and labelled and how they will be transported.
  • Our removals company in Newcastle is known for offering an upfront quote which is affordably priced and depends on the nature of work.
  • We are a team of punctual, friendly, hard-working, polite and considerate professionals who are ready to serve you. We believe in maintaining strong ties and thus bond with our customers.
  • Our excellent service has got us several repeat customers and made us a renowned name in the industry. Whether you are moving out of an office space or a residential building, we take every step to make it a success.

We Exceed Your Expectations With Every

Our proficiency lies in the fact that we are the first choice for relocations among people who are planning to move locally within Newcastle. Our well-coordinated and comprehensive service gives them the ultimate comfort and contentment.

The best part about Better Removalists Newcastle is that we are based in the city and provide our service to the entire region along with its suburbs. From Hamilton and Cooks Hill to Carrington, Maryland and North Lambton, we reach every area without any delay.
  • Our local removalists in Newcastle are recruited from the city and have been screened by the police. They have been working as removalists for several years and are professionally trained again in the latest techniques and tool management by Better Removalists.
  • Although local moving is less time-consuming, it is not less laborious. Whether it is residential relocation or business, we manage our time accordingly and complete a successful move in the desired timelines.
  • We are extra cautious with fragile materials and their transportation and understand the emotional value attached to them. So we emphasise on incomparable packing and labelling methods that do not leave any room for mishaps.
  • Our fleet of moving trucks is present in the city and doesn’t come from some faraway land. Thus they are neat and clean and optimally maintained to cover the distance with competence.
  • We take care of all your belongings, even the ones that may seem a bit risky to be moved by professionals, such as pets and plants. Our trained removalists in Newcastle treat them like their own babies and get them to your new residence without any problems.
We are the masters of packing, and this is the reason why we ask for a list of items that will be moved. We prepare our own checklist of inventory while packing the boxes and create the list of items that are being put in each box.
  • The first thing our removalists in Newcastle do is ask the customers to declutter before we arrive so that there is no confusion about what needs to be packed. We recommend them to donate or sell the unused things in the house.
  • Next, we ask them to pack an overnight bag for themselves with all the essentials so that if the transit truck arrives in the evening, they have their daily needs items handy, and do not have to scour for things like mobile chargers and toothbrush.
  • We pack all the electronics in their original boxes if they are available. Otherwise, we have moving boxes for such items and place their cords safely in a pouch with correct labels. If required, we take the pictures of the cords when they are still connected so that the customers do not face any challenges connecting them later.
  • We put all the toiletries in separate zip-lock bags so that any spills or leaks from the shampoo bottles do not destroy the rest of the stuff.
  • Our removals company in Newcastle does not transport hazardous materials so you must get rid of things like pesticides or any other chemicals before the move.
  • We make sure that the fridge has been defrosted and then remove all the trays and detachable parts from it to pack it up in plastic sheets and then in a moving box.
From pins to your home theatre systems, we have got moving boxes in all varieties to pack up your entire home or office without causing any damage. You can get it all back at the new address in the same condition.
  • The most common concern among customers is the packing of their important papers and documents. Our removalists bring along folders and A4 size boxes for your classified and official documents and label them efficiently to avoid misplacement.
  • As our packing protocol suggests, we put all the heavy objects at the bottom of the box, and the light ones on the top and the vacant space is filled up with shredded paper or socks and hand towels to reduce movement of things inside the box.
  • Packing tape is utilised to tape the bottom side as well so that the boxes do not open up due to weight and lead to loss of belongings.
  • We get insulated boxes for breakable items and pack them with packing paper before placing them in the boxes. The boxes are filled with old clothes and paper to make sure that the fragile items do not collide with each other.
  • We bring boxes with compartments for glasses and cover the china with green bubble wrap and biodegradable plastic sheets.
  • Mirrors, paintings, monitors, LCD and all other fragile things are packed in specialised boxes that minimise damage during transit.
Many people have more than one vehicle at home which cannot be driven by the family members while relocating. Also, the members have to take care of other chores and may not be available to drive all the way. This is where we come in with our vehicle transport facility.
  • Whether you have a car, motorbike, boat or minivan that needs to be taken to the new residence, we are ready to do the job with absolute dedication.
  • We have large moving trucks with ramps that are utilised for the transport of vehicles with ease. These are covered and protect your possessions from all external elements.
  • Our professionals are skilled in dealing with logistics and the paperwork needed to complete the transit without any legal hassles.
  • We cover the entire length and breadth of Newcastle and its surrounding areas so you can get your car delivered in any of the suburbs.
Our teams are vigilant of the timelines and do not delay the delivery. In any unforeseen circumstance creates a hindrance, we keep you informed.
The first few days in the new house or office can become extremely challenging if the basic requirements are not fulfilled, such as cleaning, utilities, the connection of the electronics etc.
  • When you move into a new place, everything should be working and organised. We make this possible with our ancillary services which support your arrival with a plethora of services.
  • We provide valet service for unpacking and arranging your stuff, cleaning of the property before placing your stuff in it and connecting the utilities.
  • We also help in getting the utilities disconnected from the old address so that you don’t have to pay extra and have a continuous flow of electricity, gas and water.
  • Many people need to use the computer on a daily basis for official work or any personal need. We make it happen by getting the system ready for use and the internet connected at the earliest.
  • Our professionals are adept at getting all the electronic items connected, such as the LCD, fridge, speakers, laptops, microwave, hot water systems, etc.
  • If you need any handyman service in the new house or office, we are capable of providing the same promptly.
We Cover Packing, Transporting, Unloading & Unpacking at the Best Price. Call Us today and Get a Free Quote.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding our services? Here are the most commonly asked questions along with their answers:

The right time is two to three weeks before the final moving day. Our company will assign a team of removalists and confirm the booking after evaluating your specific requirements. We are ready to offer you our services over the weekends and public holidays. You can call us and check for the availability of our removalists on your preferred date and time.
Yes, Our trained removalists Newcastle can pack and move delicate household and office items with precision. The artwork and glassware are always carried cautiously, as our professionals wear gloves for strong gripping. All fragile items are packed in packing paper and bubble wrap to avoid cracking and breakage. The gap in the box is filled with packing peanuts to provide extra cushioning. You can trust our removalists for a safe and sound removal of delicate stuff.
Yes, we do. Call us to hire our packaging specialists for safe and quality packing. Make sure you book our packing solution 2-3 weeks prior to your relocation day. We also provide unpacking services to save your time
Our local moving charges depend on different factors, such as the moving distance, the number of rooms/number of belongings, the list of specialised or delicate items, etc. We inspect all these aspects and offer you the final estimate. Call us and get a free, no-obligation quote to know the upfront pricing and keep your items safe and secure.
A moving team at Better Removalists Newcastle can work in any adverse situation and deliver you the quality result within estimated time. Our movers can load all your belongings within 3 to 4 hours, depending on their size and weight.
We are strictly against relocating petrol, kerosene, cooking oils, matches, firelighters, and paint thinners.
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