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If you are looking for a family-friendly suburb in Newcastle, Merewether is one of the best options in this region. This suburb is around 0.6 square kilometres and has 3 parks. The total population is more than 1400, and 64 per cent of families live with children. It offers everything that you can ask for in a good suburb. From education institutes to the market, everything is nearby. Moreover, it offers a peaceful environment and privacy to its people. If you are you want to live in a less crowded place but stay connected to a major city, than this is an ideal place. Sydney is only 162 km away, which means it is only a few hours drive. There are many more nearby places to spend quality time with your family. Newcastle beach, Merewether beach, Newcastle Museum, etc. are only a few minutes drive. If you are planning to move to this suburb, then you need professional movers. We, at Better Removalists Newcastle, have years of experience and a team of professionals who can ensure hassle-free relocation. We are a well-known name in the moving industry for our professionalism and affordable price.

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Merewether is an excellent suburb in Newcastle to settle down. Around 42 per cent of people have purchased their own house in this suburb, which means it is a great place to invest in the property. Where you choose live near Ashford Parade, Bershire Avenue, Cedar Crescent, Hatfield Street, Peak Street, Rembrandt Drive, Summer Place, The Quarter Deck, or View Street, you can expect peaceful surroundings, privacy, less traffic and pollution. The houses available here are pretty spacious and available at a good price. If you are planning to move here, allow our experienced removalists to pack, load and move your belongings. This will allow you to get more time for searching for your dream house. Consider all the essential factors before making any commitments.


Relocation is a complicated and time-consuming process. However, with the help of our professionals, you can experience a smooth and hassle-free moving. We have helped hundreds of people across the nation in their moving, so we are well-aware of the challenges and knows how to resolves them quickly. We have a team of professionals who are highly experienced and well-trained. They are more than capable of packing all your belongings perfectly and transporting them safely. We use advance moving tools and latest methods to ensure that you don’t face any chaos on a moving day and cost-effectively accomplish your relocation. Whether you are moving locally or interstate, contact our executives to get your free quote today. We are a reliable name in the market and never fail to impress our clients.



If you are moving to Merewether for spacious new office space, then call our executive today. Office relocation is not an easy task as it requires a lot of planning. The more time our professionals will get, the easier it would be for us. Office moving involves a lot of packing including furniture, computers, wires, cables, server, others electronics, essential files and documents, and many more items. Allow our removalists to pack, load and move these items perfectly so that you can get more time to focus on other essential aspects of an office move. Our professionals are well-aware of the fact that a little bit of delay in the office move can directly affect the productivity of the business. Thus, our professionals make sure that we accomplish the moving within the mentioned deadline.

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Packing is the most difficult part of the moving process. It is not easy to pack all your belongings perfectly while juggling with other responsibilities of the relocation process. Thus you need our experienced movers who have expertise in packing all types of items – be it bully furniture and appliance, difficult to pack electronics or delicate items such as glassware, bone china crockery and wines bottles. We use the right packing materials in an appropriate amount so that your valuables can reach their new destination in one piece. People often try to cut the moving expense by packing on their own. However, you should not forget that despite giving your best shot, it can be difficult to match the level of a professional. So, opt for our affordable packing service and protect your costly belongings.


Are you planning to move to Merewether from any nearby suburb of Newcastle? Then allow us to help you in your moving. We, at Better Removalists Newcastle, have a team of local experts who are familiar with the local areas. So, it will help you to accomplish your move without any hassle. Even if you are moving across the road, you need professionals for certain tasks. For instance, lifting and loading your expensive and heavy furniture can not only damage them but also give you back and shoulder injury. Our experienced removalists use advanced tools to lift the heavy items safely and make sure they reached their new place without any damages. Visit to get more information about our moving services.


Moving is already a challenging task, but when you have to relocate to other state, things can be more challenging and confusing. You need more planning, more time and better moving facilities to ensure a perfect relocation. When it comes to interstate moving, we are a trustworthy name in the industry. Our seasoned Newcastle removalists have helped hundreds of clients to move across the nation so they know about the ways that can make you moving affordable and stress-free. Moving to a different state means more travelling time. Thus, our professionals go that extra mile to ensure that you finish your moving at the right time and all your belongings get transport safely. To know the overall cost of you interstate moving, call our executives and get a free quote.

Whether you are moving to a new house or relocating your business, hire our experienced and verified removalists in Merewether! 1300 766 422
1300 766 422


We are carved a niche for ourselves as a reliable removals company in Merewether, Newcastle and our team of professional removalists are highly responsible for it. Our professionals are providing hassle-free moving service for the last many years. Thus, they exactly know about the moving challenges and ho to resolves them quickly. We provide training to our movers about the latest methods and advanced tools that make the relocation task easier for them. Apart from training, we also conduct a quality test to ensure that we have the best movers. As your safety is our priority, we make sure that all our professionals are police checked. Our Furniture Removalists in Newcastle leave no stone unturned to ensure unmatched quality service.

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