Preparing Kids For Moving To A New City Just In Time For School?

Preparing Kids For Moving To A New City Just In Time For School?

Jan 02, 2024

The home relocation decision may be hard on school-aged children. Leaving behind well-established friendships, current school, familiar routines, and the neighbourhood can be mentally and emotionally stressful.

Kids over five years of age may take a few days, weeks or even months to adjust to a new environment.

Being responsible parents, make sure you help kids cope with the challenges of relocating to a new city right before the start of their new school in Newcastle. The idea of having new classrooms, teachers and classmates can be discomforting even for outgoing kids, and thus, it requires purposeful planning.

It is good to prepare them for this big change because an emotional breakdown can affect their mental, physical and academic development. Here is a complete guide to help support your kids for home relocation and a new school with ease. Make sure you listen to their doubts and stand as a pillar for them.

Let’s Get Started!

Things to Consider Before the Move

This is one of the initial stages where you can feed your kid’s mind with all the positive things related to the move. An optimistic mindset can make a huge difference and help them prepare for a new school.

Include them in the Moving Decision

If you have a kid aged between 6-15, calmly and clearly explain the key reason for home relocation. Children in this age group often have curiosity regarding the new city and neighbourhood.

It is good to answer all their questions and allow them to participate in decision-making activities, such as Finding the right moving day, or choosing a new school. This will make them feel special and connected.

Scout the New School Together

This is one of the crucial steps to help prepare your kids for a smooth school transition after the move. It is good to do detailed research about the shortlisted schools and check all the amenities, academic system, extracurricular activities and safety aspects.

Know what your kid expects from a new school and encourage them to assist you in making a well-informed decision. The process becomes a bit easier when elementary-aged or slightly older kids are involved in school scouting.

Visit the New City With Your Kids

If you have hired the best removalists Newcastle for packing and moving, you can plan a trip to the new city with your little ones.

Show them their new neighbourhood, playgrounds sports recreational centres, and other happening things to keep their curiosity levels up even after the move.

If you are worried that your kid might get lost in the new school, then visit the new school before a move. This will help them feel comfortable and confident on their first day.

This is the best time to clear all your doubts and ask necessary questions regarding the teaching techniques, academic development of kids, safety and personal hygiene.

Delegate Packing Chores

Allow your elementary-aged kids to pack their stuff, such as books, favourite toys, and other items, in a box or bag. This will develop a sense of familiarity in the new area.

Read Books With Them

Prepare your kids mentally by reading books about home relocation or moving to a new school. A book can build a strong bond between you two and make them feel comfortable and prepared for the upcoming move.

During the Move: Things to Remember

Below are some of the great tips and tricks to keep your kids motivated for the new school and a big change:

Stick to Their Routines

Whether you have a preschool-aged kid or slightly older, make sure you stick to their same routines for playtime, meals, bedtime and studies. This ensures stability during the process.

Maintaining routines during the relocation is only possible with reliable removalists Newcastle. They can manage everything to give you peace of mind and a sense of security when large and expensive items are involved in the process.

Keep Your Kids Motivated

Preparing kids for the final moving day needs a lot of planning and patience. This is the time when they experience an emotional breakdown by leaving the old house, neighbours and school behind.

So, it is good to focus only on the positive aspects. Spend quality time with your kid and talk about key amenities in the new city and school while letting professional removalists Newcastle unpack your boxes and other stuff.

Make sure you encourage them to make new friends at a new school on their first day.

After the Move: Things to Consider

Adjusting to a new school seems the most challenging process for kids of all ages. However, it is good to keep them encouraged even after the move.

Acknowledge their Concerns Related to A New Place or School

They might not feel comfortable in the first few days post-relocation. So, it is your responsibility to listen to their concerns and resolve them.

Encourage them to freely register their issues so that you clear their doubts and give them a more comfortable ambience.

Let Your Kids Connect with Classmates

If your kid already knows someone at the new school, that will help him/her adjust to the new environment with ease. They can be from a swimming class or from your neighbourhood.

Many schools in Newcastle also offer online communities to let kids interact and arrange playdates.

Tip: Contact the mental health help in NSW if your kids are experiencing higher level of stress, sleep disorders and mood swings.

Pack a School Bag Together

This can help prepare your kids for the first day of their school. So, begin this fun process by packing the following school supplies:

  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pens
  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Highlighters
  • Art supplies
  • Binder, etc

Keep in Touch Old Friends

It is good to let your kids stay connected with their old friends via social media platforms, video calls, emails, etc. This can help cope with challenging and unfamiliar factors with ease.

Do not forget to explore everything about Newcastle and know this harbour city together.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that kids are the most sensitive members to deal with when preparing for a move. The most challenging part is to develop an optimistic mindset about joining a new school after the move. However, the tips shared above in this guide will help you make the process easier for you and your little ones.