How To Prepare For The First Day In Your New Home

How To Prepare For The First Day In Your New Home

Mar 18, 2021 Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience. If you want to make the first day in your new abode as smooth as possible, then prepare everything in advance. Apart from packing belongings and hiring professional Newcastle removalists, make sure you jot down the things you may need when you reach the new place. Of course, you don’t want to spend a first few hours in your new house rummaging through your packed boxes in search of night suits, cleaning tools, toothbrushes, etc. If you have kids and pets with you, then plan important things for the first day as early as possible. Here is a complete checklist to help you know what needs to be done in a systematic manner when you arrive at a new home. Let’s Get Started!

1. Pack a ‘First Day’ Box/Bag

It doesn’t matter how early or late you reach the new home, make sure you have all of your first day/night essentials in an organised way. Keep everything in a single box or bag so that you can find it easily whenever needed. Here is a complete list of items you will need to put in your ‘First Day’ kit: • Toothpaste and toothbrushes • Toilet paper • Toiletries • Phone chargers • A pair of extra clothes and pajamas • Undergarments • First aid kit • Shoes • Credit cards and wallet • Snacks • Toys for your kids and pet Make sure you pack this bag at least a day prior to your final moving day to minimise the chances of mistakes.

2. Prepare your Home Essential Kit

After packing your first day bag, make sure you prepare a kit or suitcase with all the home essentials that you need for the first few days in your new home. So, here is a complete list you will need to pack to make your first few days as stress-free as possible: • Snacks, such as dry fruits, sandwich basics and canned goods • Bed sheets and pillows • Trash bags • Bath towels • Extra batteries • Laundry detergent • Disposable plates, cups and spoons • Light bulbs • Essential cleaning tools

3. Prepare a Bag for your Kids and Pets

Moving with kids and pets makes the entire process daunting. However, it is good to pack an overnight bag for both of them. This will make their life easier because adjusting to the new place is equally difficult for toddlers and furry friends. Here is what to include while preparing an overnight back for kids: • Wipes • Diapers • Loose clothes and pajamas • Portable seat • A couple of toys • Sippy bottles • First aid kit Now, the time is to pack a bag for your furry friend: • Food for a few days • Water and food dishes • Kitty litter box or poop box • Boners and other toys • Cat toys • Blanket and a small bed Make sure you pack everything at least a day before the arrival of your Newcastle removalists so that they can load and move them without any obstacle.

4. Check for Utilities

The first thing you need to do when you enter the new house is to check whether all utilities are running or not. Electricity, water, gas, cable and phone services should be up and running when you reach the new place with your family.  Make sure you transfer these services before your final move out to avoid last-minute chaos.

5. Inspect Your Home To Detect Troubles

It doesn’t matter how late you reach your new home, it is critical that you find enough time to inspect the entire property for any potential problems. • Check all doors, windows and other locking systems. • Inspect all water pipes and look for dripping faucets ad plumping leaks. • Look for any signs of possible infestations It is imperative to do a thorough inspection right after you move into your new home. You can ask your family members to do the same because you are already tired.

6. Put All boxes to their Correct Rooms

The best thing about hiring professional movers in Newcastle is that they can pack, load, unload and take them to their designated rooms in no time. Make sure you label your boxes properly after packing your items. For example: if you have packed kitchen items in a separate box, then name it ‘kitchen items’. Labelling will make your unpacking process a smooth and efficient one without giving you a hint of stress.

7. Unpack Necessary Items/Boxes

It is good to create a plan so that you know which items or boxes you can unpack in the first few days. Since moving is an exhausting process, make sure you unpack only the necessary items – which is extremely important for you as well as your family. Opening the box of toiletries and personal hygiene items can be a great decision.


Preparing for the first day in a new home should be done at least a day before your final move out. The tips mentioned above in the article will make it easy for you to pack your ‘first-day’ kit and other important items for your home relocation.