How to Plan a House Move in Less than One Week
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How to Plan a House Move in Less than One Week

May 20, 2019 Thorough planning is essential while moving to the new place under a time constraint. Ideally, people have a month or two to plan their entire relocation. They can prepare their schedule, pack their belongings and hire professional and reliable Newcastle Removalists to ensure safe and smooth transition. But when it comes to moving in less than one week, the situation becomes worst. This adds stress, and you could also end up with chaos because packing is one of those tasks that need time. If you want to ensure a safe and secure relocation of your precious belongings, then accept the situation and plan according to the given timeline. Here are some crucial tips in this blog post that will reduce the mental and physical stress while letting you prepare your move without any chaos.

1. Planning is Vital

Take a deep breath and create a complete moving checklist to ensure you will wrap up everything on time. Since you are moving in a week or less, make sure you get a plan and don’t forget to schedule your moving date. If you want professional removalists in Newcastle, then research and shortlist the best company depending on your estimated budget and specific needs. Get an estimated quote from them and schedule the date for your move. Try to hire an experienced company which can give you safe and stress-free move in a given time frame. In case you are not going to hire professional movers, then find out the affordable options to transport your belongings to the new home. You can buy a truck on rent to transit your items safely.

2. Sort and Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Instead of packing everything, you should sort things out and purge what you no longer need. This will save you time, efforts and money. You can get rid of those items that you don’t want to take to your new place, for example, old furniture, unwanted clothing, old decorative piece etc. If they are in good condition, donate them to the local charity in Newcastle.

3. Gather Packing Materials

Before heading to the market, it is good to create a list of the packing materials that will be required during the packing process. You can buy packing papers, packing tape, bubble wrap, moving boxes, marker, mattress shield and a lot more. Depending on the quality and quantity of household belongings, choose the packing materials wisely. Also, carry a couple of wardrobe boxes and heavy-duty plastic bags to pack clothes and other items that are not fragile.

4. Create An Inventory List

Don’t forget to create a quick inventory list of everything you will be taking to your new house. Whether it is a local move or an interstate one, keeping a list of inventory handy is imperative when you have precious belongings to relocate. Make sure you add extra insurance if you want to cover your expensive items such as electronics, jewellery and furniture.

5. Keep Comprehensive Records

When moving in less than a week, ensure transfer your kid’s school records to their new school. Organise existing documents such as medical records, insurance papers and other credential documents so that you keep them safe throughout the journey. Also, update the new address to your post office, banks loan and credit card companies. Also, discontinue your utility services from the next day after your relocation.

6. Pack Wisely

This step is crucial when you move under a time crunch. To avoid chaos, you can start the packing just after creating your inventory list. Smart quickly but safely because a single mistake could damage your valuables during the loading and unloading process. You can pack fragile items using heavy-duty plastics and bubble wrap. For heavy furniture, you can prepare them for a move and call the removal company who can pack your items carefully using high-quality materials.

7. Label All your Boxes

No matter how far you are relocating, labelling the packed boxes is pivotal to keep things organised even after the relocation. You can either write the contents on the box using a permanent market or write something short such as ‘fragile items’ or kitchen appliances’ to keep everything sorted. This will also help you unpack belongings in a home.


Moving in less than a week is itself a stressful event that anyone could make a mistake while packing their belongings. If you are conscious about your time management skills and want a reliable solution, then consider the tips mentioned above. Plan your entire move accordingly and create a checklist before starting the process. If you are concerned about the safety of your precious belongings, then consider hiring trusted Newcastle Removalists. They know how to pack and move valuable items from one place to another with care and responsibility. Hire them and secure your entire relocation.