Packing Clothes: How To Prepare Your Closet For Your Move

Packing Clothes: How To Prepare Your Closet For Your Move

Jul 27, 2022 Do you have to move homes soon and need to start packing all your belongings? Probably one of the most challenging things to pack when moving homes in Newcastle is your clothing. If you don’t want to end up with wrinkled and damaged clothing when unpacking your new home, you should follow these packing practices by professional removalists in Newcastle.

1. Sort Your Clothes

  • The most important thing when packing clothes is first to organise them. This is the best point at which you can throw away, sell or donate unused or old clothes so that you have fewer things to pack.
  • You can start decluttering your space by going through each item and putting them in separate boxes: throw, donate, sell and keep.
  • You can also keep a box for all your seasonal and extra clothing and keep them in a storage facility.
  • Remember, if you haven’t used a piece of clothing in a year, you should get rid of it or donate it.

2. Pack Up All Your Shoes

Next, you should pack your shoes as they are easy to pack and quicker than your clothes. Place all your shoes in small boxes and remove the original shoe boxes. Place your shoes neatly in bubble wrap or paper to prevent house dust mites from attacking and damaging the quality. You must also label the boxes with shoes to know what you are unpacking.

3. Package Delicate Clothing Properly

For your delicate clothing, you must adequately prepare them by wrapping them in garment bags. This will keep items like your leather jacket or designer dress safe for the long term. This is especially useful if you want to keep these items in storage. You should keep them in garment bags and place silica gel packets to prevent mould or mildew from attacking them. Make sure you label the boxes to know where your delicate clothing is.

4. Keep Your Clothes On Their Hangers

Instead of removing all the clothes from the hangers, you can keep them on and place them in garment boxes. Local removalists also use these special boxes in Newcastle to keep all your clothes safe. These garment boxes have special metal rods inbuilt so you can hang your items quickly. It would be best if you tried putting fewer clothes in each box so that it is not too heavy to carry and use lighter hangers.

5. Fold And Pack The Rest Of The Items

Now you can neatly fold and pack the rest of your clothing in medium and large boxes and utilise as much space as possible. Make sure you place silica gel packets to keep all your clothing safe. You should also group similar clothing items like pants, shirts, jackets and more so that you can label and pack each box separately. Remember not to overpack your boxes so that your professional removalists in Newcastle can load all your boxes onto the moving truck quickly.

Some More Tips:

  • You should wash and iron out all your clothes before you pack them up so that they are less likely to get wrinkled and damaged while relocating.
  • When packing clothes yourself without help, you must remember to make the boxes as light as possible so that you don’t injure yourself when carrying these boxes.
  • Place your heavier clothing at the bottom, then place all the lighter items on top.
  • You can even use more significant items to store smaller items. For instance, put small items into your socks and pillowcases and wrap everything with packing paper if possible.
  • Make sure you label all your boxes so that you know which clothing items are stored in which box.
  • It would be best to put dryer sheets in your socks and shoes to prevent them from creating a foul odour in your boxes.
  • If you don’t have garment bags to put your delicate clothing in, local Newcastle removalists suggest using trash bags that work just as well and are cheaper.
  • Always pack your seasonal clothing first so you can store it away and pack all your essential clothing later.
  • Keep a bag of essential clothing for your first few days of moving so you don’t have to unpack all your clothing boxes.
  • You can even keep your folded clothes in your dressers and tape the drawers shut to prevent them from falling out. This will save you time on unpacking in your new home.
  • Keep all your precious or sentimental clothing with you in your vehicle or bag when moving homes to avoid damage.
  • You can also use storage boxes or luggage to keep all your clothing in so you can pack more items quickly.


The above tips will help you to prepare your clothing items so that you can pack and move them properly to your new home.