How to Pack a Child’s Room When Moving?

How to Pack a Child’s Room When Moving?

Aug 31, 2020 Relocating a house can be a stressful phase for anyone, especially children who usually have less control over the entire situation. As parents, you need to simmer down the emotional and physical stress level of your kids. When you are prepping your household belongings for a move, make sure you leave packing your children’s room for last. This will give them enough time to play, sleep, and relax while you are packing up the rest of the home. However, your packing timeline will take you to your kid’s room so that you can complete the packing chore before the final move out. Depending on the age of your children, the amount of elbow grease you need to gather to packing their room may vary. So be prepared and create a complete moving checklist to streamline the process. For the safety of your household belongings, you should contact the most reliable removalists in Newcastle. Professionally-trained and experienced people will always take care of your precious possessions and keep them intact throughout the journey. So, before the arrival of your removalists, make sure you pack your kid’s room with the help of the following tips:

1. Explain the Concept of Home Relocation to Your Kids

Before you begin packing up the room of your kids, make sure your little ones know that you are moving to the new house. Leaving the school, friends and neighbour behind and accepting the new place is not an easy thing for kids. They can experience hard phase, and you will need to support them so that they can understand the concept of house relocation. Prepare for that big day by helping them in knowing the importance of packing. If you have school going kids, then try to engage them into the packing process so that they can also feel an important member of a home.

2. De-clutter the Room

Clearing up the mess is a vital step before getting into the packing process. It can help you get rid of unwanted items and minimise the number of belongings you have to move- which will reduce the overall moving budget as well. This is the best time to toss non-sentimental baby gear, old clothing band other items from your kid’s room that are just loading up your burden. Always remember that decluttering can be an emotional experience for your kids, especially during the relocation phase. So, involve them in the process and don’t throw the items they are not ready to get rid of. You can put them in a storage box while packing up their room.

3. Arrange All the Necessary Packing Materials

Safety of your household belongings should be your topmost priority. After getting rid of unnecessary items, you can gather all the required packing supplies for your kid’s belongings. Make sure you have: • Plastic boxes, wardrobe boxes and a mattress box • Bubble wraps • Packing paper • Tubes for unframed prints and posters • Markets • Packing tape • Stickers or other fun stuff for children to decorate their boxes • Plastic bags If you don’t have enough time to pack your belongings, hire professional removalists in Newcastle who can wrap your valuable items with much care and precision.

4. Properly Pack the Kid’s Room

Here are some tips that will help you pack the belongings of your kids in a safe, quick and easy manner: Bed It is good to pack your kid’s bed a day before your final move. However, you can wrap all bedding that won’t be required before the move at least two weeks prior to the move. For a safe and secure packing, you can strip the bed, disassemble the frame and remove the bedding. It will be good you pack the mattress in a plastic sheet and put it in a mattress box. Furniture Take assistance from your kids while packing your furniture. They will assist you in disassembling their favourite furniture. First, unscrew and remove the parts (if possible) so that you can pack and transit them easily without causing any damage. Make sure you secure all the loose parts and screws in a plastic bag and label it. Toys It is difficult to pack toys of your kids because they want it all the time. With the help of your kids, you can make it a fun process and pack them safely. For plastic toys or fragile ones, it is good to pack them in a bubble wrap and pad them with stuffed toys. Fragile Items For older teens, there may be some fragile items, such as picture frames, wall art, etc that need careful packing. Make sure you wrap all delicate items in bubble wrap and mark them as fragile.

5. Pack Essential Box for your Children

Do not forget to pack an essential box for your small kids while moving to the new place. If you have toddlers, pack a survival kit and include everything from diapers to powder, wet wipes and food for your baby. Also, pack a few clothes, much-loved games and toys, a water bottle, a drawing book and first aid box. Make sure you take the essential box along with you in your car.


The best way to pack a room of kids is to keep them involved in the packing process. The tips mentioned above in the article will help manage the entire chore from start to end. You can also hire the professional removalists in Newcastle to protect your belongings throughout the transition process.