Moving To Newcastle: A Guide For Families

Moving To Newcastle: A Guide For Families

Nov 15, 2022 Initially known as an industrial hub of New South Wales, Newcastle has emerged as a popular city over the years for people with families. Today the city has over 115 playgrounds, hundreds of schools and excellent housing options. Its infrastructure and transport are such that it takes 20-25 minutes to travel anywhere in Newcastle. Moreover, rapid population growth and civic development have attracted families to seek housing here. If you are moving to Newcastle and need guidance, look at this complete guide. It outlines population information, the best suburbs, median property prices and much more. Gain the necessary information to book Newcastle removalists and plan your relocation successfully and without stress.


Newcastle is Australia’s 7th largest city and has a population of 440,000. Its population is rising continuously; in the past decade, it has varied from 0.25% to 5.11%. There are 1,013 people/km in Newcastle, making it one of New South Wales’s most densely populated cities (NSW). The rise is a result of people migrating from Sydney for more affordable living and other regions of New South Wales. Additionally, the city has attracted people from other states and overseas.

Median Property Prices & Rent in Newcastle

Compared to Sydney, housing in Newcastle is cheaper and more people are interested in buying and renting units than houses. Overall, the median unit and apartment price is $850,000, and the rent is $585 per week. However, if you are looking for a 3-bedroom unit to live comfortably with your family, the median price is $1,607,500, and the rent is $900 per week. If you plan to buy a house in Newcastle, the median house price is 1,700,000, and the rent is $650 per week. Knowing the expected costs for buying or renting properties in Newcastle is crucial to create your moving budget and planning for booking removalists in Newcastle, paying for utility connections and reconnections etc.

Industries & Occupations

The good news is that there is no shortage of opportunities in Newcastle, which is why many people relocate for jobs and business. The predominant occupation of residents of Newcastle is as professionals (39.7%). You will also find managers, administrative workers, clerks, technicians, trade workers, salespersons, and personal service workers. Coming to industries, Newcastle residents usually work in health care, social assistance, scientific/technical services, education and training, hotel management, retail, manufacturing, construction, finance and insurance services. These are a few of the industries actively thriving in Newcastle. If you are moving with children, you can find great opportunities here to elevate your income and standard of living.

Playgrounds & Parks

The Newcastle Government has actively developed playgrounds and parks for children’s recreational activities. Every year, about five playgrounds are included in the annual asset renewal works program by the city’s council. Additionally, safety audits and conditions are considered to include playgrounds that need urgent repairs. Other things that make Newcastle children-friendly include parks and playgrounds with public toilets with showering and changing facilities.

Best Suburbs for Families

One of the prime reasons people move to Newcastle or its suburbs is affordability compared to Sydney and economic housing options. Thus, consider renting or buying a house/unit in the following suburbs if you plan to live here. Their population and families count as of 2021, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics is also mentioned.

New Lambton

Looking for the perfect place to live with small children and pets? New Lambton is a green, well-connected and welcoming suburb. Its crime rate is low, and you can enjoy good food, coffee and social activities. Home to some of the best schools in Newcastle, the suburb also has a host of parks, playgrounds and recreational centres. What’s more, the area is only 15 minutes from beautiful beaches.
  • Population: 10,651
  • Families: 2,816

Warners Bay

Only 20 minutes away from Newcastle City, Warners Bay is one of the preferred areas for families. The suburb is suitable for people from all walks of life, and its community is extremely warm. It has a walking path to Lake Macquarie and an abundance of parks where you can enjoy multiple activities. Furthermore, it has various good schools like Warners Bay Public School, St Mary’s Primary School, and Biddabah Public School, among others.
  • Population: 8,237
  • Families: 2,386


Populated by families, Eleebana is a clean, safe and scenic suburb. It is close to the lake and only 15 minutes from the city. There is a range of recreational activities you can do with your family. You can also find multiple childcare centres and schools here, like Kindy Patch, Eleebana Children’s Centre, Eleebana Public School, etc.
  • Population: 6,460
  • Families: 1,890


This suburb is known for its neighbourly spirit, parks, recreational centres and familial environment. It is suitable for families with young children and people planning to start a family. If you have kids, they can attend Valentine Public School, Arcadia Vale Preschool, and various other excellent schools and childcare centres. Additionally, they can enjoy play and activities safely in the neighbourhood and its playgrounds.
  • Population: 5,773
  • Families: 1,738


It is among the most popular family suburbs in Newcastle. It has abundant sporting fields, gyms, shops, parks and playgrounds. Additionally, its primary and high schools have good reviews. The best ones are Kotara South Public School, St James’ Primary School, Kotara High School, Kotara Montessori Children’s Centre etc. What’s more, its property has great resale and rental value. Thus, many families looking for homes come and live here.
  • Population: 3,980
  • Families: 1,119

Adamstown Heights

With a growing population, Adamstown Heights is a well-connected suburb in Newcastle. It is only 8 km from the central business district. It comes in catchment zones of excellent schools like Adamstown Primary School, St Columba’s Primary School, Kotara High School and Belair Public School. As of today, the suburb has thousands of families, and most own their homes here. But you can also find great properties for renting if you are migrating from overseas or another Australian state/city.
  • Population: 5,299
  • Families: 1,532

Things To Do with Family

Whether you are moving here with small children, adolescents or teens, you can find a host of things to do in Newcastle with them. You can visit the structure that gave the city its name – Newcastle Castle. Here are other things you can do with family and have a gala time.
  • Namco Funscape is part of the biggest shopping centre in Newcastle. It has arcade games, high-speed bumper cars, eateries with kids’ menus and much more.
  • Go Ape Matfen is the perfect place to have an adventure with your family.
  • Discovery Museum if you want an educational yet fun outing with your kids.
  • Life Science Centre is the biggest attraction in Newcastle, with a 4D motion ride, a planetarium and live theatrical shows.
You can visit these places after moving to the new home or before. Hire professional removalists in Newcastle to manage your relocation completely. This way, you will have more time to explore places of interest with your family.


Newcastle is a safe, friendly and vibrant city suitable for families with children and pets. It has lush greenery, multiple playgrounds, recreational centres and much more. Thus, it has something for every member of your family. You can hire professional removalists in Newcastle to help pack and move here without stress. Additionally, use the insights above to make your relocation successful and fruitful.