Moving tips for your Costly Dining Table
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Moving tips for your Costly Dining Table

Aug 18, 2017 Packing and moving a huge dining table can be a baffling task, especially if you don’t have a professional helping hand. You can face a lot of challenges while packing and relocating it to the new destination. If you want to protect it from getting damaged, you will need to prepare an effective moving strategy for this. Since each type of furniture requires different preparation techniques for a smooth move, make sure you cross-check the manufacturer instruction before getting into anything. Apart from this, there are many other things that you can do to make your dining table move smooth and effective. Let’s take a look at some of the best packing and moving tips: Undoubtedly, proper packing is one of the most vital things when it comes to ensuring the safety of heavy objects during a house shift and a professional and trustworthy removalist in Newcastle can be of great help. If you want to protect your dining table, you will need to pack it properly using relevant packing supplies. How to pack a dining table? 1. Clean it thoroughly Before you pack, make sure you clean it properly using a microfiber cloth. You can use mild dishwashing detergent to remove tough stands from it.

2. Remove the glass top (if any)

If your table has a glass top, then don’t forget to remove it. Also, try to cover it with a soft blanket. This will ensure the safety of your glass top. You should also get the right insurance cover for your expensive items like antique dining table or an artifact during the move.

3. Spare the table parts

In this step, you need to unscrew the table parts (all the legs of your table). In short, you need to unbolt your table. If the legs of your table a permanently fixed, you can wrap them in bubble wrap for extra protection.

4. Keep removed parts in a bag

Don’t forget to store all the removed hardware parts such as washers, nuts and bolts in a bag. Tape it and label it to simplify the things.

5. Detach the table extension leaf

If possible, you can remove the table extension leaf and cover it with a blanket. You can give it an extra layer of protection by tapping the blanket with a stretch wrap.

6. Cover it with cardboard

Add another layer of protection by folding pieces of cardboard around the corners of a dining table.

7. Use moving blankets

Yes, you can use them to cover the top of the table. Make sure you cover the surface properly. Also, tape it around the tabletop using plastic wrap.

Moving tips for your packed dining table

After packing your dining table properly, you can get into the moving process while keeping the safety of the table in mind. If you have hired professional movers like Better Removalists Newcastle, you can easily relocate it to your new house without any damage. They offer the best packing and moving services across Newcastle with the great dedication. Such types of companies can make your moving process easier. If you are moving by your own, you need to consider the following tips:

1. Ask for help

Allow your friend or partner to help you. One person will lift the table from one end and another from the other end. Make sure the table is vertical to the floor. If you haven’t removed the table legs, you need to hold it horizontally. Tip: Be careful while passing through the entrance gate to avoid any damage.

2. Load it into the truck

While loading your dining table into the truck, make sure you do it with extra care. You can put it on its longest side, which should be against the rubber bars of the truck’s wall. You can tighten it using the ropes or put the heaviest object against it to keep it stable throughout the transportation journey.

3. Relocate the glass table top carefully

When it comes to moving a glass top of a dining table, make sure to provide extra care to it. Try to put it on the sides of the truck wall with a robust support. Never put anything on the top of a glass piece as it could completely destroy it. This is where it is important to use the right packing boxes to save your belongings from getting damaged. You can give it an extra layer to ensure its safety. Apart from this, use ropes to tie it with the walls. You can also put in between the two mattresses. After taking all the precautions, you can take your dining room to your new residence.