Moving to Newcastle: A Guide for Families
beautiful Newcastle

Moving to Newcastle: A Guide for Families

Jun 04, 2020 Are you thinking of moving to Newcastle with your family? Situated at the mouth of the Hunter River, Newcastle boasts of beautiful beaches, affordable housing options, top-rated schools, world-class hospitals, modern-age shopping complexes, high-rise buildings and much more. It is home to beautifully-preserved heritage buildings, theme parks, lush green forests and a lot more. Being the second most populated cities in Australia, Newcastle has become a playground for many business owners, property investors and potential home buyers. The city is the largest exporter of coal across the globe, with around 159.9 million tonnes of coal. In simple terms, Newcastle is a perfect city to raise your family, especially school-aged kids. However, the stress of relocation increases when you are moving along with your family. From finding a new house to arranging the entire moving process, you have to do everything before the final moving day. To reduce the burden of home relocation, you can hire professional removalists in Newcastle. They will take care of your valuable possessions and transit them safely to the new place without causing any damage. This will also help you discover more about Newcastle – like housing options, family-friendly areas or suburbs, best schools, public transportation, and much more. Here is a complete guide for families if you are moving to Newcastle:

1. Do Thorough Research About the City It is always good to know everything about the city you are relocating. Many people shift to this beautiful city to find an excellent job opportunity or a better education. If you have kids, then moving to Newcastle can be a great decision. The has everything you could ever want in a metropolitan city- from high-class restaurants to nightclubs to new-age shopping centres, It gives the convenience of city living without the stress of traffic jams and noise pollution. You can search for the best places where you can buy a house within your estimated budget. If you are moving with a family, you can live near Lake Macquarie, the beaches, or in the picturesque of Hunter Valley. You can research everything about the city at least 2 months prior to your final move so that you can plan things accordingly.

2. Look for Family-Friendly Suburbs

There are many suburbs to live in Newcastle with family. You can choose depending on your specific needs/personal preferences and estimated budget. Some of the family-friendly suburbs are: Charlestown Located near the shores of Lake Macquarie and city’s southern beaches, Charlestown is one of the ideal suburbs for a family with kids. There are various top-class primary and secondary schools, medical care centres and a spacious shopping centre. The suburb is close to restaurants, cafes, local markets and other entertainment hubs. New Lambton The suburb is situated 6 km west of the Newcastle CBD. It is a perfect place for families and young couples. There are two shopping districts, government and private schools, hospitals, banks, police station and other local amenities. New Lambton is quite a peaceful location with a population of 10,000 people. You can move to this suburb if you want a quality yet relaxed lifestyle for your family. Merewether Do you love beaches? If yes, then move to Merewether. It is a beautiful suburb located close to the city’s CBD. It boasts some of great schools, healthcare centres, gyms, parks, spacious homes and a lot more. If you are moving to this suburb, then call the best removalists in Newcastle who can transit your precious belongings with care and precision. Adamstown Heights It is a southern suburb of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, located between the City of Newcastle local government and the City of Lake Macquarie areas. The suburb offers two top-class schools, lush-green parks, Westfield Kotara shopping centre, restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment hubs.

3. Affordable Housing Options

Moving to a new house is life’s one of the most significant decisions. The process is beyond transiting household belongings from one place to another. You need to find the most suitable house within your budget if you are moving with your family. Many people from big cities like Sydney and Melbourne are moving to Newcastle because of affordable housing options. From cottages to luxury apartments, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom houses to high-rise residential buildings, you can find plenty of options in the city. The median price for a house is around $587,000 while the average price of a unit sits at $480,000 – which is quite affordable as compared to Sydney and Melbourne. In order to give affordable housing options, the Newcastle City Council has introduced the Affordable Living Plan. It represents the current and upcoming housing needs of the Newcastle community and develops upon the strategic directions for domestic lands mentioned in the Newcastle City Council Local Planning Strategy.

4. Find Best Schools for your Kids

Moving a house with kids can be stressful for both of you. This can be a traumatic experience for children as they have to leave their friends and neighbourhood behind. One of the daunting tasks would be finding the best school in Newcastle. It is good to search for primary and secondary schools before you move. You can take references, search online, visit the official site of the school before visiting personally. Make sure you ask relevant questions from the school related to the enrolment procedure, curriculum programs, advanced learning methods, safety measures, hygiene standards and performance monitoring processes. Some of the best schools including: • >Avondale School • Newcastle East Public School • Newcastle High School

5. Public Transport Facilities

Newcastle has several public transportation options including buses, ferry services, taxis and trains for quick and affordable accessibility. Most suburbs in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are surrounded by buses. The city is also popular for its ferry services which run between Stockton Wharf and Newcastle Wharf. The ferry operates every half hour for most of the day and with higher frequency during weekdays. You can see the accessibility of public transportation while moving your house from one place to another.

6. Explore Vibrant Cultural Events and Culinary Delights

Newcastle is a multi-cultural city as it hosts many cultural events, food festivals, music and art exhibitions and a lot more. Many students across the world are living in this city to pursue higher education. You can find restaurants serving international cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Thailand, Japanese, etc. If you love food and diversity in culture, then this place can be an ideal relocation destination for you.


Moving to a new city with the family is always challenging. Make sure you do proper research, create a complete moving checklist and hire the most reliable removalists in Newcastle for a smooth and damage-free transition of household belongings. The guide mentioned above will help you know more about Newcastle- which will make it easy for you to find an affordable house, best school in the hotspots of this beautiful city.