Moving with Kids: Check This List of Best Schools in Newcastle

Moving with Kids: Check This List of Best Schools in Newcastle

May 15, 2020 Moving to a new city with kids is considered as one of the stressful and challenging tasks. No matter how near or far you are relocating, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you are with kids. Apart from searching for the best removalists in Newcastle or arranging packing materials, there are many other factors that you can’t overlook. As a responsible parent, you need to ensure that house relocation doesn’t hinder their studies. Finding the right school in the new locality should be your topmost priority. However, this can get tricky if you are new in the city like Newcastle. The city has several great public and private schools for small kids as well as elder ones. You need to work really hard to get the best options before the final move out. Before sharing the list of best schools in Newcastle, have a look at some great ways that can make the process a bit more stable and reliable. Let’s Get Started!

Simple Ways to Find the Best School

There are various factors that need to keep in mind while determining where to send your kid to school. If you are moving to Newcastle, you may find some great schools with a better education system. The city is not only known for stretched beaches and nature reserves. Proper research and right tricks can help you find the public and private schools for kids even before moving into the new place. 1. Online Research One of the easiest and convenient ways of finding a new school is the online research. It is good to visit government websites to find some relevant schools in the new area. Whether you are looking for a primary school or a higher one, you can discover everything along with their ratings, test scores and other important information. You can even visit official websites of schools depending on the nearest locations and gather more information before visiting the school personally. Make sure you do this at least a month before the final move out. 2. Ask for Recommendations Before finalising the new home, make sure you search for the local schools near you. You can ask your friends and relatives who are already living in Newcastle about the best schools. You can also gather information on local schools for your kids from your real estate agent. While searching public schools nearby is a time-taking task, finding private schools is comparatively easy. You will get more flexibility when choosing the location for your new house. On the contrary, you will need to know more about the boundaries of school districts and choose the home location carefully if you want to enrol your kid’s name in the public school. The best thing you can do is to ask your real estate manager to provide you with a list of good schools in the locality, and then contact the school district office to ensure there are no prior plans to change boundary lines. 3. Visit Schools Personally Once you have shortlisted the best schools, make sure you schedule a visit to meet principals and teachers. Do not forget to ask questions from the school to gather more information. • What the disciplinary policy of your school? • How does your school monitor the progress of students? • What is the learning structure of your school? • How is new-age technology used to boost the existing teaching methods? • What extracurricular options are available for kids? Make sure you clear all your doubts, especially when visiting private schools. Some schools may need testing so that your kids meet certain criteria. 4. Know your Kid’s Needs Home relocation can be stressful for your kids too. Leaving the old school, friends and neighbourhood behind can break them emotionally. You need to break the relocation news in a calm and composed way. Also, understand what your kids need along with their performance in the current school, interest in subjects and extracurricular activities. Do not forget to keep the following things in mind while choosing the best school for them: • Advanced learning programs • Safety and Security Systems • Personality Development Activities • Sanitisation Facilities, etc.

Here is the list of best schools in Newcastle that you can consider for your kids:

1. Newcastle High School Location: 160-200 Parkway Ave Hamilton South NSW It is one of the most popular high schools located in the heart of Newcastle. From comprehensive socio-economic learning programmes to cultural backgrounds, the school has everything that can help your kids develop their skills and learning capabilities. The school focuses on future learning programmes that enhance the depth to student learning.  The education system of Newcastle High School leverages the following curriculum priorities. • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and Histories • Sustainability • Asia and Australia’s Engagement • Creative and Critical Thinking Programmes • Ethical Understanding • Technology-Driven Learning Programmes, etc. If you want your children to receive advanced learning in a safe and sound environment, then consider this school. 2. Newcastle East Public School Location:  48 Brown Street Newcastle NSW 2300 It is one of the oldest public schools in Australia that aim at serving high-quality education to all. The NSW Education Standards Authority has developed the curriculum for all NSW schools, including Newcastle East Public School. Syllabuses for all subjects in six learning areas: • English • Creative Arts • Human Society and its Environment • Maths • Personal Development, • Science and Technology The school has also developed advanced teaching and learning programs to match local context and needs of students. 3. Newcastle Waldorf School Location: 30 Reservoir Road, Glendale, NSW, From Kindergarten to Primary, High School to Indigenous Culture, NAPLAN to Excursions, your search may end at Newcastle Waldorf School. It is one of the best schools promoting the future of education strategy and personalised learning programs to let your kid build a strong career in the technology-driven world. The school has one of the best teaching and learning programs that can help your children to develop their skills, personality and learning capabilities. 4. Belmont High School Location:  424 Pacific Highway Belmont NSW 2280 The school is located near to the shores of Lake Macquarie and offers one of the advanced education systems. It offers the well-structured curriculum to students- ranging from creative arts to English, Mathematics to Religion and Ethics, Science and Technology to Cultural programs and much more.


Finding the right school in the new city can be a time-consuming process. To help you make a well-informed decision, read the above tips and explore the best schools for your kids. If you are finding it difficult to manage your move, then hire professional removalists in Newcastle. They can help you pack your belongings with care and transit them safely to the new location.