Moving House With Your Cat: What You Need To Know

Moving House With Your Cat: What You Need To Know

Aug 24, 2022 Have you decided to relocate homes but are worried about how to move homes with your pet cat? Moving homes is a significant change, and cats are not fond of new territories. They like to mark their area and stick within it. But if you slowly start introducing your cat to your new home and plan a successful move, they will have a better chance of adjusting to your new place. You can let the expert removalists in Newcastle pack and move your belongings while you help your cat adjust to this big move.

Before Moving Homes

It is essential to make your cats less anxious about moving and try to help them stay out of the packing and loading chaos. You can do this by :

Keep Their Normal Routines

Pets and animals get worried when there are too many new people around. You can help ease their stress by maintaining their routine. Feed them simultaneously, bathe them, let them out and sleep at timings they are used to. You mustn’t show your stress in front of them, or they will pick up on this and get worried.

Update Their Information

If your cat has a collar with a microchip, you need to update their new address on it in case your cat runs away or gets lost. You should also register with a vet in your new area as soon as possible to maintain regular checkups for your cat.

Keep Their Travel Carrier Out

Since you will be moving your cat to their travel carrier, letting them adjust to the carrier slowly is better. You can put food inside the carrier, spray it with pheromones that calm them down and put some warm blankets and toys in there. This will make them feel comfortable with the carrier and spend more time in it.

Keep Them In An Isolated Room

Your cat might get scared seeing so many new people, so it is better to keep her bed and carrier in an isolated room in your home so that she is away from all the noise. If you are using a removalist to help you pack and move, you should let them know which room your cat is in so that they don’t disturb it.

During The Move

Give Them Lots Of Treats

Your cat will be scared and nervous during the move, so you should give them lots of treats regularly. Make them more comfortable by spending time with them for a hassle-free move. Your removalist experts can load and unload all your items while you help your cat understand what is happening.

After The Move

Unpack Their Things First

Once you have moved homes, it is a good idea to unpack their things first to make the home feel more familiar to them. Take out their toys, food and blankets and rub them all around the house. Your cat will smell the whole house and feel less anxious and stressed when they get their familiar scent.

Set Up Their Bed In Your Room

Initially, until your cat adjusts to your new home, you should always keep them close to you. Let your cat stay indoors for at least three weeks before letting it out, and that too for short periods. Keep their bed in your room and put all their favourite items in that room so they can start adjusting to this new space.

Keep In Touch With Your Neighbours

It is a good idea to keep in touch with the neighbours from your old locality so that they can notify you in case your cat runs back to your old home. You should give your old neighbours your new phone number and house address so that they can get your pet cat back to you.

Cat Proof The House

You should also do a deep cleaning of your home after your Newcastle removalists have unpacked all your belongings. This will help you eliminate the scents of other animals that might have lived there. You should also cat-proof your house by covering up wires, fixing all gates and bolting windows shut so that your cat doesn’t injure itself.

Give Your Cat Time

Just like humans, cats also need time to adjust to new things, and thus, you must let your cat gradually get used to the space. They will start exploring their new home when they are comfortable, so don’t rush them. If they are not happy going outside for a while, let them stay inside and safe till they feel ready. You can also invite friends and family who know your cat so they can play with it and make it feel less stressed and more at ease.


The above tips will help you make the relocation process much easier for your pet cat and make them enjoy their new home gradually.