Ultimate Moving Guide: Relocate Yourself or Get Professional Help
happy family of four packing for the move

Ultimate Moving Guide: Relocate Yourself or Get Professional Help

May 04, 2018 Moving is a process that should come with the excitement and thrill that a new place will bring, but most of the people cannot enjoy this time due to a plethora of chores it brings along. That is why it is referred to as one of the most stressful life experiences. From the packing to lifting, unloading, and shifting; it takes extra efforts to move to a new location successfully. You can try to do everything yourself, but once you plan all the tasks involved, you will realise how overwhelming the whole process can be. One of the crucial decisions you will have to make is whether to load and transport all your stuff by yourself or to hand over all the work to a professional moving company. Instead of weighing down under pressure alone it is much better to get the assistance of  professional furniture removalists in Newcastle, who are well equipped to provide you with everything you could think of during your move. A quality removalist can make a move as painless as possible. They take charge of all the chores and get them done in very less time, and that is the main difference between relocating yourself and getting professional help. Moreover, when you don’t have time to do everything by yourself, the stress and anxiety will automatically go away, and you can manage the process well. Consider the following points to decide whether you should relocate yourself or get professional help:

Moving Equipment

During relocation, in case you opt to make a move on your own, you will need specific equipment, and you will have to rent extra moving equipment like proper tools to disassemble furniture, small carts, blankets, sustainable transport and other devices. You may even have to buy few things, which will not be of any use once you have moved. Therefore instead of purchasing equipment, you can save money by hiring a professional removal company. The removalist comes prepared with all the needed equipment for your move.


Moving is a process that takes a lot of time. The moment you start planning everything, then you will realise that there many tasks that must be completed before you move out of your current house. Doing all the paperwork, informing your utility suppliers, looking for new location, searching for schools for kids, managing your finances and much more. You will get so busy that there will be no time left for packing, which is the primary task of relocation. You have to pack all your household stuff and everything that you have to move. For that, you need to downsize your home and then arrange a lot of packaging material which you will have to buy. Whereas if you hire professionals, you will not have to do the packing and you can concentrate on other tasks. In fact, they will bring all packing supplies along with boxes of various sizes and shapes to make sure that your all stuff gets packed safely and appropriately. Therefore it’s better to hire professional removalist who will make this task much more comfortable for you.

Insurance of All Your Valuables

If you move by yourself, then there will be no surety that all your valuables will safely reach the destination or not. Things can break during the move or even may get lost, but you will not have a full proof way to guard them. On the other hand, when you hire professionals in Newcastle, they give you various insurance coverage options to protect your goods from damage. Your valuables will be secured. The experts will ensure the safety of your belongings during the move, and they will also take utmost consideration of all your stuff.

Finding local Service Providers

Moving to a new location means you will have to look for local service providers for your new home at your new place. You will have to set up the utilities at your new home, find new doctors, legal professionals, and everything else. But you cannot do that all by yourself. A specialist removalist has all the details of local service providers in the new location. They have all the referrals to all the amenities in Newcastle and they can easily connect you with them, without any hassle.

Additional Services

When you are moving for the first time, you may never know what challenges you will face through the whole process. There can be an emergency or need that without professional assistance you will not be able to handle. While a quality removalist will provide you with extra services and features like pet transport, special packaging, shipping for fragile items and piano removal etc. Reputed removalists deliver these services and do not charge anything extra for that. They offer exceptional removals for any heavy or bulky items such as wardrobes cabinets etc. Moreover, they will provide safe removal of fragile items such as antiques, paintings, crockery, etc. with protective measures to ensure such valuable things doesn’t get damaged.


Relocating is not easy and getting it done cannot be possible without professional help. It involves various things that should be done on time otherwise you may end up turning your relocation into a disaster. Instead of taking a risk, its better you take precautions. And that means hiring a reliable moving company like Better Removalists Newcastle. They are well experienced in relocating houses from one place to another, and hence they take proper care so that your moving experience can be a positive one.