Moving Checklist For A Hassle-Free Removal

Moving Checklist For A Hassle-Free Removal

May 26, 2022 Are you dreading your big move because you feel it is hectic and stressful? Well, with a few helpful tips from experts at removalist services in Newcastle, you can make this process much smoother and hassle-free. From packing your items to loading and unloading the truck, these experts have compiled a moving checklist that will make the whole process much more fun and exciting. Follow this  checklist below to enjoy a hassle-free removal:

Hire A Good Removalist Service

The first step when moving house is to hire a good professional removalist service who will help you move all your belongings to your new home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a removalist service: • Firstly, you should book a moving company in advance to get the date and time slot you prefer. • It would be best to look at moving during the off-season or on a weekday so that the moving company is not busy and can focus on your house moving process. • You will get better deals and discounted prices when you book a weekday, or during the off-season, so it is an excellent option. • Make sure you get an estimated quote from the moving company after they have inspected your home. This will help you see how much you need to save for your moving costs and what you need to do to make the removal process easier for the moving company.

Plan Out Your Move

Your next step should be to plan out your entire removal process so that you can stick to a time frame and organise things. It would be best if you started planning your move, whether it be a month or a few weeks in advance so that you can start your relocating process.

Create An Inventory

You should then start listing all the things in your home and go room by room in the following manner: • You should organise your list into four piles: throw, donate, sell and keep to declutter your home. • The things that are in the worst condition possible and cannot be sold or donated should be thrown away. • You should create a pile of things that you cannot take to your new home, but they are in good condition and can be sold. • Keep the things you cannot sell in a donation box that can be picked up by a donation centre or distributed amongst family and friends. • You can create an inventory of the rest of the belongings that you will be taking to your new home and make copies of this list. • You should give a copy of this inventory list to the expert removalist service in Newcastle you are using and keep the other copy for yourself to know what to look for when unpacking your items.

Host A Garage Sale

You can make extra money to help with your moving costs by hosting a garage sale for all the items in your selling pile. Organise this event in advance to get a larger audience and keep it on a day when people are free, like a Friday or Saturday. If there are any items left at the end of the garage sale, you can always put them in a box and donate it to a local charity.

Start Packing Your Belongings

Now that you have organised all your belongings, you can start packing all your items in the following ways: • Arrange all your packing materials and supplies like scissors, packing tape, newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing paper beforehand to have everything you need when packing. • You should pack and move fragile items in smaller boxes as these boxes are more sturdy and compact and can hold these items better. Make sure you check all the boxes for holes and tears before using them to pack your items. • Fill any empty spaces in the boxes with bubble wrap or newspaper so that your items don’t bang into each other and get damaged. • You can always ask a removalist service in Newcastle to help you out as they are well-trained and skilled in packing. They will also bring their own packing supplies and materials, thus saving you a lot of money.

Label All Your Boxes

Make sure that you label all your boxes while packing so that the removalist company knows which boxes are more important than the others and can load them accordingly. It would be best if you also kept a box of moving house essentials like kitchen utensils, cutlery, dishes, bathroom supplies, towels and a few pieces of clothing. This will help you for the first few days in your new home, and you won’t have to unpack all your boxes as you relocate. Ask the removalist company to load this essentials box last on the truck so that you can unload it first and use it immediately in your new home.

Use A Rental Storage Space

If you have a lot of belongings and don’t need all of them immediately, expert removalist Newcastle recommend that you rent a storage space for these belongings. You can label all these belongings and create a list of them to move them at your own pace and time. Also, if you backload the items, you will only have to pay for the space they occupy and thus save on moving costs.


Your removalist service will happily move all your labelled and organised boxes to your new home where you can enjoy some peace of mind and can relax.