Moving On A Budget: 7 Tips To Move Cheaply
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Moving On A Budget: 7 Tips To Move Cheaply

Jun 23, 2019 With the prospect of shelling out money for removalists, security deposit, packing materials, house-warming party and other unexpected costs, moving becomes quite an expensive affair. That’s why people always look for different ways to cut down on their overall budget but find it challenging. Experts believe that since relocation is one of the biggest life stressors, people often get confused and end up paying an additional amount which they can save. Whether you are hiring professional and affordable removalists in Newcastle or doing it on your own, you can make your move budget-friendly if you utilise some smart strategies. Here are some money-conscious moving tips that will make your move cheaper, irrespective of the distance. Let’s have a look.

1. Take Only What You Need

You need to understand that the overall price of your relocation depends on two things – the overall weight of your belongings and the total distance to the new house. While you can’t do anything on the distance part, reducing the overall weight of your stuff is very much possible. When you live somewhere for a long time, you accumulate numerous things that lose their significance over the years. So if you are planning a move, identify such items and get rid of them. Always remember that this will not only reduce the overall cost, but also give you some extra time to pack and unpack your essential things.

2. Sell The Unwanted Things

When you scan your house before starting the packing procedure, you will find numerous items that you don’t use anymore. Collect such items and organise a garage sale. These things can help you earn some extra cash, which you can use to support your moving expenses. Do not overprice them or people won’t be interested. You also need to come up with an advertising plan – through social media, the local newspaper, posters in the neighbourhood, etc. Moving these items to your new place doesn’t make any sense because you won’t use them, and more importantly, it will increase the overall cost.

3. Don’t Pay For The Boxes And Packing Materials

If you think that the moving supplies will not disturb the budget, think again! According to rough estimates, a single room requires ten small boxes, eight medium boxes and five large boxes. And when you calculate the total number of boxes for the entire house, you will be surprised to see the amount. So, try to arrange the corrugated boxes free of cost from local businesses like office supply stores, supermarkets, specialised liquor stores, bookstores, etc. They always have cartons in storage. Also, if you hire a professional removals company in Newcastle, you will get the boxes for free along with the packing materials.

4. You Always Have The Option Of A DIY Move

Newcastle removalists are perhaps the best option for moving, whether you are relocating to the next suburb or going across the state. However, you can always opt for a self-move if you are moving nearby. Taking up all the responsibilities of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking can be a daunting experience. In this scenario, you should have at least 2 to 3 people (family and friends) for help, so that packing everything and loading large appliances and furniture can become more manageable. Also, you need to arrange a moving truck that has enough space to carry everything. If you are ready to take all these challenges, a DIY move can save a decent amount.

5. Contact Removalists As Early As Possible

If you have decided to go with the professional removalists, contact them as early as possible. So, the moment you fix your moving day, you should start looking for a removals company in Newcastle. Always remember that the more you will invest in searching a professional mover, the more chances you will have of finding the best one at a reasonable price. If you keep it for the last moment, particularly in the moving season, you might not get a removalist, and if you somehow manage to get one, you will end up paying much more than the actual fee.

6. Start Your Packing Early

If you leave all the packing for the professional packers, you are making a mistake, because it will increase your expense a lot. Moreover, packing everything in the eleventh hour can create chaos, which will turn the entire moving process into a complete mess. To avoid that situation and save a decent amount of money, start packing as early as possible. You should begin your packing from the rooms that you use the least, such as the storage areas or spare rooms and then go for the ones you use every day. Leave the large pieces or the most complicated ones for the experts.

7. Compare Different Estimates

If you want to move without spending too much, it is essential to get different estimates and then compare them for the best offer. However, always remember that the best offer isn’t necessarily the one that has quoted the lowest price. Pay attention to the additional services like packing materials, methods, disassembly and re-assembly of expensive furniture, storage facility, customer service, positive reviews and transparency. Also, check if they have all the required documents, have any hidden charges and are capable of providing a customised solution.


The moving process not only involves responsibility, preparation, physical exertion and emotional turmoil, but also a lot of money. To hire the best removalists in Newcastle, you need to spend money. However, moving on a budget is also possible. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will most likely experience smooth and affordable moving.