How to Move a Piano Properly
two professionals lifting heavy piano for the move

How to Move a Piano Properly

Dec 26, 2017 Are you deciding to move a piano on your own? If yes, then you should ask for advice from someone who has tried a hand at it. Moving a piano is not as easy as it seems. Even the experienced furniture removalists in Newcastle have to plan appropriately before starting the project, keeping in mind the weight and type of piano. There are many reasons for which you should leave this task for the professionals, like the exceptional weight of a piano. Where a small upright piano can weigh somewhere between 300-400 lbs, a big one goes from 500 to 800 lbs. And for the grand pianos the weight goes above 1200lbs. The bulkiness of pianos can also be an obstacle as the smallest ones are usually 57 inches in length and 3 feet in height. And the grand ones can go up to 9 feet in width. Thus it is imperative to take the right insurance cover when moving for such costly possessions to be on the safer side. Moreover, a piano may look stable and durable, but they are very delicate in handling and thus can get damaged easily. The upper portion of the instrument carries all the weight, and the legs and feet can be fragile. Also, the internal parts of it like pedals, keys, strings etc. are also very complicated and thus have to be treated with care. But if you wish to move your piano all by yourself, here are a few tips for you to guide you through the task

Ask for help

Moving heavy furniture or bulky items like a piano requires at least four to five people, so ask for help from your family and friends. You should try to keep some of them as a standby as the bulkiness of your instrument will decide the final number of hands needed.

Get the right moving equipment

Rent or purchase the proper moving equipment for your piano. This may include Heavy duty furniture straps: You will need two pairs of furniture straps to provide a better hold on the piano and help you lift the instrument briefly, as and when required. They can also be used to fix the piano to the dolly. Moving Dolly : You need a four-wheeled furniture dolly for moving your piano. Keeping in mind the size of the instrument, you can also opt for using two of them. It will give you the valuable support required the move. Padding : You can hire padding from your removalist in Newcastle or use blankets to protect your piano from bumps while moving. A moving truck: The moving truck that you hire should have a loading and unloading ramp. You cannot load heavy articles like a piano into a truck without a ramp.

Prepare the piano for the move

To prepare the piano for the move, keep following points in mind: Secure the keyboard lid: Lock the keyboard lid properly to restrain it from opening during the movement and to prevent any possible damage to the keys, which are fragile and need protection. If the keyboard doesn’t have a lock, then you can take care to keep the lid closed while wrapping the piano. Do not use tape here as it can ruin the polish of wooden surface. Wrap the piano: Wrap the piano with distinctive moving blankets, specially designed for the purpose to protect it against any internal or external damage. Pay particular attention to cover the corners and edges with the padding and blankets and then secure them using quality packing tape. Make sure the filling is thick enough to save the piano from any bumps. Use furniture dolly: Never try to move your piano on those small wheels. They are just for decoration and not for shifting your instrument beyond a few inches. Always use a furniture dolly for the purpose.

Lift the piano

Make a proper strategy to move the piano correctly and to handle all the obstacles in the best way possible. Plan it out with your helpers. Everyone should know every step in advance and keep communicating with each other while lifting and moving. Never lift a piano by its legs as they are fragile and can break easily. Also the instrument can topple over as the weight is on the top. Place the furniture straps beneath the musical instrument and hold it from either side. Make sure that there is one person on each side, which makes to four people and one helper to slide the dolly when you all lift the piano. Always go very slowly and have frequent breaks to catch your breath and to update your moving strategy as you go along. Now, lift the piano together and place it on the dolly, making sure that the instrument is well-balanced. Also, remember that the piano should remain in an upright position at any cost as tilting would result in not only damage to the internal parts of the instrument but also can cause injury to the person handling it. The next primary matter of concern is the path through which you will have to lift the piano to take it out of the house. If your way includes some steps, it becomes all the more difficult. Try to manage it with your trusted friends, but if there is a flight of stairs, then it becomes dangerous to continue with the task. In this case you should take help of professional piano removalists in Newcastle.

Secure the piano in the truck

For loading the piano on to the moving truck, you will need a ramp. With the help of all your friends, push the instrument up the ramp onto the truck. Make sure your piano is the first item to be loaded into the truck. Place it next to the back wall of the truck and secure it well with ropes and straps to restrict any movement during the transit. It is better if you use wooden planks for placing the piano, as many moving trucks have uneven spaces. Planks will help to give stability to the piano and relieve the pressure on its legs.

Moving the piano into the new house

Before you lift the piano into your new home, identify the proper place for it. Try to assign an area which is away from the main door, where it can stay protected from moisture and cold. Now, again follow the steps mentioned above in reverse order and place the piano on its predetermined position. And if there is a flight of steps in your new house, take help of professionals like Better Removalists Newcastle for the move.