How To Move Fragile Items Safely?

How To Move Fragile Items Safely?

Feb 01, 2021 Moving fragile items seems to be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks. It requires special attention while packing and shifting such delicate belongings because they are prone to damages. You need high-quality packing materials, proper techniques and highly-trained removalists in Newcastle if you want to transport your expensive and fragile household items, such as wine glasses, bottles, picture frames, and other decorative safely to the new place. They require extra cushioning during transportation, so you need appropriate supplies that can give you desired results. Here are some great packing tips that will help you move all types and sizes of fragile items without causing any damage. Let’s Get Started!

1. Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

It is good to gather packing materials in advance to keep your breakables protected throughout the process. Here is the list of items you will need: • Bubble wraps • Packing boxes • Dish and glass packers • Packing paper • Old newspapers • Packing peanuts • Packing tape • Towels, rags and other items for extra cushioning. Make sure you have everything in hand while packing your household belongings that are fragile or delicate. Use boxes that are divided for specific dimensions for dishes, wine glasses and other glassware. Smaller compartments help you stop the movement of such items and minimise the chances of damage. Also, carry a permanent marker so that you can organise these special boxes throughout the journey.

2. Use Smaller Boxes for Heavy Breakables

Large boxes don’t mean you can protect your fragile items from damages. It is important to put glassware and other delicate stuff in appropriate boxes. Use smaller boxes because they are easy to handle and don’t allow items to move around inside the box during the lifting and moving process. Do not forget to fill empty space with lots of crumbled newspapers.

3. Pack Items using Bubble Wrap

Do not forget to pack each item with bubble wrap, newspaper/towels and packing paper to give an extra layer of protection. Bubble wraps work wonder in keeping your delicate items safe from scratches. So, add extra material around extra breakable items, such as wine bottles and glasses. Secure it with tape to make sure the packaging stays intact when you lift or move them around.

4. Secure the Bottom of Your Boxes with Extra Tape

Some items are heavy and need sturdy boxes. So, you can secure with extra stripes of tape to support the bottom of your box. This will keep it from bowing due to the huge weight of items. If you don’t have enough time or techniques, contact the best removals in Newcastle which can offer you the best packing service at the most affordable price. They will take care of your fragile items.

5. Put Heaviest Items on the Bottom

Using the right packing techniques play a vital role in protecting your delicate items from scratches and other serious damages. So, always put heaviest items at the bottom of your box and then move to the smallest one. Make sure the base of your moving box is well-supported and smaller belongings won’t get damaged. If you are using pre-divided boxes, then put stuff in their appropriate compartments.

6. Use Dividers for Glassware

You don’t need to buy new boxes for your delicate items. You can visit your local market in Newcastle and ask for used boxes from grocery stores, supermarkets and liquor shops. If you want to build a divider for wine glasses, mugs and cups, then buy cardboard dividers. You can even buy such boxes for stemware that comes with dividers. Put items in each block and protect them from causing any damage.

7. Use Packing Paper Properly

Some items are easy to break so make sure you fill the hollow items such as jars and glasses with packing paper. This is an important step if you want to see your much-loved possessions intact at your new house.

8. Wrap Pieces Individually

Packing experts always recommend people to wrap delicate items, such as glasses, decorative items, plates and glassware individually. It should be based on the type, size and shape of items. It is good to remove loose pieces, such as lids and pack them separately. Properly use bubble wraps and secure it with tape.

9. Use a Lot of Packing Tape

Make sure you secure breakables in packing paper and secure them with plenty of packing tape to keep them protected. The tape will give extra support to your items until you reach the new place.

10. Label the Boxes

Boxes that contain fragile household belongings should be labelled clearly. Put these boxes in a separate area so that people will handle it with extreme care. Apart from this, labels make it easy for you while unpacking your boxes at a new home.


These are some useful tips that will help you move fragile items safely and securely. Be sure you follow these packing techniques properly for better results. Also, don’t forget to hire professional removalists who can handle such items with much care and precision.