How to Make Packing Fun for Kids?
A family is packing their household for a move

How to Make Packing Fun for Kids?

Nov 28, 2019 Moving to a new place can be exciting, but it doesn’t rule out the stress and physical exertion associated with the task. With so many things going on at the same time, people often overlook the significance of keeping their kids under the wings. It is not easy to involve your kids in the packing process because they don’t find it enjoyable. However, there are some excellent ways to make it fun for kids. Even if you are hiring the best removalists in Newcastle, let the kids participate in the packing. Moving can be a stressful time, and you don’t want your kids to stay in a negative frame of mind. Here are some useful ways to make packing fun for kids. Have a look!

Have a Healthy Conversation with Your Kids

Moving to a new place is not only stressful for adults, but it can also be tough for the kids. Thus, you must stay with them and make sure that they don’t feel disturbed or neglected. They are not even aware that they are not going to see this house anymore. Once you complete the move, they are going to miss this place. So, talk to them and tell them about the better things that are waiting for them in the new place. Show them the good picture, and they might feel a little better. Also, make them understand the importance of packing all the belongings properly. Ask for their help and involve them in your packing process.

Organise a Treasure Hunt Game

One of the best ways to make packing fun for kids is to transform the task into a game that they would enjoy. This will make things easy as your kids will get involved in the packing process. Plan a treasure hunt game for them. Make a list of things that you need to pack and ask your kids to find them and collect them in one place. This will keep them busy and save your time. Surprise them by keeping small things in these places that your kids will love – like chocolates, candies, toys, etc. This treasure hunt game will make the packing process enjoyable for them.

Allow the Kids to Pack Their Stuff

Another way to make the packing fun for kids is by assigning the task of packing their belongings. Place a box in their room and ask them to fill their belongings like toys, soft toys, colours, books, etc. This will keep them busy and give them a feeling that they are also contributing to the process. Let them take their own time to finish the task. Later you can scan it properly to remove items that you not required in the new house. This will also save your time and effort. The idea is to involve them in the packing process and make it fun for them. So, even if you are hiring professional removalists in Newcastle, let the kids pack their items. They will feel a little independent.

Reward Them From Time To Time

If you don’t want to make the moving procedure boring for your kids, you must give them a break from time to time and give rewards to them. Appreciate them for their work and provide them with anything they would love like a pizza or ice-cream treat, soft toys or a cartoon movie day. This will make them happy, and they will actively participate in the process of moving to a new house.

Assign Them the Task of Taking Pictures of the Items

Taking pictures is an essential task of the packing process so that you can have an idea of all the items. If your kids are not too small, you can assign them the task of clicking the pictures of your stuff. Kids always love to have this kind of attention, so they will enjoy it for sure. Let them take as many pictures as they want and feel like a professional photographer. You can also pose with other members and ask your kids to click. You can keep the images in your album as final memories of this house. While your kid is performing the task, check the images from time to time. If you feel some photos are too blurred, ask them to click again, or you can also click them.

Allow the Kids to Decorate the Moving Boxes

Once you are done with the packing, it is time to put labels on the boxes so that you can quickly identify the items without opening the boxes. Along with the label, you can ask your children to decorate the boxes. Give them a little guidance and allow them to decorate the boxes with different colours. This will make things easy for you as well as for the removalists in Newcastle as it will become a lot easier for them to identify which box belongs to which place like kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage, etc.

Allow Them to Play With the Cardboard Boxes

If you are hiring professional removalists in Newcastle, they will bring all the moving boxes for your belongings. Request them for a couple of more boxes that you can use for your kids. Place them in the kid’s room so that they can have fun with the boxes. Kids like to make a castle with the moving boxes. So, allow them to play and whenever you get a break, join them in their game.

Prepare Some Funny Packing Songs

Music and songs are something that can give anyone an instant dose of energy and happiness and your kids are no different. To make the packing process fun, you need to play their favourite song and assign them some task. Moreover, you can also prepare a song on packing and ask them to sing along with you. It doesn’t matter if it sounds silly. After all, you are making it for the kids. Just ensure that you are following the tune of any of the popular kid’s songs to make it catchy.


Packing is a boring, time-consuming, confusing process with full of mental stress. So kids have all the reasons to hate this task. Being an adult, you might not have any choice, but they have. So if you want to involve them in the packing process, you need to think out of the box and make if a fun activity. The tactics mentioned here will help you to accomplish your task more easily.