Is Newcastle, NSW, A Good Place To Live?

Is Newcastle, NSW, A Good Place To Live?

Jun 07, 2023 Are you planning to relocate to Australia and are wondering if Newcastle, NSW is a good place to live in? Newcastle lies on the eastern coast of Australia and is just a 2-hour drive away from Sydney. This hip port city might be much smaller than Sydney, but it has a robust and bustling cultural lifestyle, climate, educational opportunities and scenic beaches. This is also one of the most affordable cities to live in Australia and will not burn a hole in your pocket.  From historical towns to quiet suburbs, sun-drenched landscapes and trendy dining options, Newcastle is one of Australia’s best places to live. So, it is a good idea to hire a professional removalists Newcastle service to pack your belongings and move them here. If you are still unsure of whether Newcastle is worth the move, then check out its interesting features below:  Why You Should Live In Newcastle 

1. Enjoy An Affordable And Economical Cost Of Living

One of the main reasons Newcastle, NSW, is a good place to live is its affordable cost of living. According to official reports, Newcastle is the third cheapest city in Australia, and its cost of living is almost 25% less than that of Sydney. If you plan on moving here on your own, your cost of living will come to around $3,301, and as a family of 4, it should be around $6,401, so plan your moving budget accordingly. There are also affordable housing facilities here where the rent for a 2-bedroom unit comes to around $680 per week.

2. Explore Picturesque And Serene Beaches

Next, if you are looking for tranquil beaches where you and your loved ones can relax and soak up the gorgeous sunny weather, then Newcastle is the place for you. Here the beaches are more laid back and serene and are mostly filled with friendly locals. Some major beaches you must check out in Newcastle include Nobbys Beach, Dixon Park Beach, Bar Beach, Newcastle Beach and Merewether Beach. If you have pets, you should take them for a stroll along a pet-friendly beach like the Horseshoe Beach.

3. Maximise Your Job Opportunities

In Newcastle, you can even look for better job opportunities as the unemployment rate is low, and there are plenty of openings. Currently, the unemployment rate stands at just 4.3 per cent, which means that most people in this city already have full-time jobs. If you are a single parent or a student, you can easily get high-paying jobs at the University of Newcastle or large international companies like GHD and Toshiba in Newcastle.

4. Soak In The Warm And Temperate Climate

The weather here is one of the best reasons to live in Newcastle, as it is mostly warm and humid in summers and dry and mild in winters. You will not have any extreme conditions here and can enjoy Newcastle’s perfect temperate Australian climate. So, let your Newcastle removalists unload and unpack your belongings while you relax and soak in the warm and sunny weather.

5. Live In Charming And Attractive Seaside Suburbs

If you prefer a more peaceful and quaint lifestyle, you can also move to the suburbs of Newcastle, like Merewether, Charlestown and Mount Hutton. For instance, Merewether is a quiet beachside suburb where you can enjoy a mix of city and beach life. Or, if you want your kids to grow up in a more family-based community, you can move to Charlestown, located near Lake Macquarie, which is a perfect spot for families. Tip: Here are some of the more affordable suburbs in Newcastle.

6. Experience A Vibrant And Robust Cultural Scene

You can also experience a vibrant and robust cultural lifestyle at Newcastle as there are artistic and cultural activities, recreational centres, shopping facilities and hip and trendy cafes and bars. Enjoy a beautiful art collection at the Newcastle Art Gallery or a shopping spree along Charlestown Square and a beautiful and scenic walk in King Edward Park. You can also savour delicious local Australian cuisine at the Scotties Beach House or the Elementa restaurant. Tip: Here are 10 best things to do in Newcastle.

7. Get World-Class Educational Opportunities

Lastly, Newcastle is a stunning place filled with world-class educational centres like the University of Newcastle, which ranks among the top 200 global universities. Another good university here is TAFE NSW, which provides plenty of educational courses and vocational opportunities for students. So let your kids get the best educational facilities by packing and moving your belongings here, or let the removalists in Newcastle handle it while you explore the city. Tip: Here are also some of the best schools in Newcastle for your kids.


Thus, Newcastle in NSW is a good place to live as it has world-class educational opportunities, a vibrant cultural life, good job opportunities, affordable housing, a low cost of living and charming suburbs. You can soak in the warm sun at the quiet and tranquil beaches here and enjoy your move to the city of Newcastle, Australia.