Important things to note while moving fragile items
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Important things to note while moving fragile items

May 25, 2018

Packing valuable and expensive fragile items for a safe and secure removal requires focus, right packing techniques, dedication and expertise. Delicate possessions like kitchen glassware, photo frames, mirrors, electronics, lamps, etc. may easily get damaged due to the casual approach. That’s why they need extra care and protection.
Whether you are moving locally or want to move interstate, make sure you keep these items on the top of the list while packing your belongings. You can either opt for the DIY packing or hire a team of reliable Newcastle Removalist who can ensure the safety of your fragile items, from start to end.
In case, you are packing your stuff on your own, then note down the following tips while moving your fragile items. These pro tips will ensure the safe arrival of your valuable fragile items in your new house.

1. Plan ahead of your move

Fragile items such as picture frames, paintings and mirrors, kitchen glassware, antiques and art pieces, and electronics need extra care during the moving journey. They need extra protection and cushioning, and you can’t do it properly in a hurry.
You need time to wrap your valuable porcelain, crystal and breakables belongings. That’s why it is good to prepare your fragile item packing planning in advance. Give yourself time and make a list of all delicate items that need to be moved to your new residence.

2. Arrange right packing materials

Getting right set of packing materials is one of the most imperative requirements for keeping your delicate and breakable household belongings safe when relocating to Newcastle.
Use high-quality goods that can protect your fragile items from bumps, shocks and vibrations or while lifting your goods from one place to another. Apart from using towels and blankets, there are some other tools that you should use to provide comfortable cushioning throughout the journey. Whether you pack yourself or hire professionals, it is vital to make an inventory list.
Below are some important packing materials that you should invest in for the safety of your valuable fragile treasures:

  • Custom Moving Boxes – designed to pack/store fragile or breakable items only
  • Heavy-duty paper – used to wrap around the item.
  • Loose fill – used to fill empty space in a moving box to protect against any damage
  • Polystyrene structures – designed to fit around a stuff for extra cushioning
  • Corrugated fibreboard – for structured cushioning
  • Bubble wrap – perfect for packing breakable items

Tip: Contact a reputed Newcastle Removalists Company that can offer you the best quality of packing supplies at the most reasonable rates for safe and damage-free relocation process.

3. Pack most delicate items first

After arranging your choice of materials, the next step is to pack the most delicate items using the right technique. So, below is the tick of packing all popular fragile items like a pro:


It is better to wrap glasses individually using packing paper. Don’t forget to put crumpled newspaper inside the large pieces to fill empty spaces. If you are concerned about the status of your glasses during the moving journey, then you should use either small or medium sized boxes to reduce layer spaces around glasses.
Wrap each plate in a bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. While storing in a box, put them vertically in order to reduce surface area within the box. This will automatically minimise the risk of breakage in the transit.

Picture frames and mirrors

Make sure you first wrap them in bubble wrap and place in paper-lined medium boxes. They should be appropriately placed with crumpled paper in between each piece.
Use blankets and heavy-duty plastics to wrap mirrors and large photo frames.


First, you need to separate the bulb and shade from the stand. After that, wrap the stand in the paper. Use packing paper to fill gaps occurring in the middle of the stand. Now, lay it sideways in a box with crumpled newspapers for extra cushioning.
Wrap the bulb in bubble wrap and shade in tissue paper. Make sure you store both of them in separate boxes.

4. Label your moving boxes

Boxes filled with fragile items need extra care during the lifting, uploading and moving processes. That’s why it is important to label each box with appropriate names such as FRAGILE ITEMS – LAMPS, or Mirrors and photo frames.
Labelling is something you can’t overlook, especially for your valuable fragile items. You should label your boxes before moving them to the truck.

5. Contact your moving team

Ask your team of Newcastle Removalists to take care of your packed fragile boxes during the lifting, loading and unloading processes. Make sure that they give extra attention to these boxes when transporting your other belongings in a moving truck.

Tip: Always hire a company that can give you a zero damage guarantee on all their moves regardless of the fact that you are moving within the town or to the new state.


Packing breakable items is not as challenging as it seems. If you have the right technique, top-quality packing supplies and planning, you will be able to give your fragile items a protective layering for safe and damage-free removal. If you don’t have enough time for DIY packing, hire affordable Newcastle Removalists Company that has positive customer reviews and quality assurance guarantee.