How To Store Your Belongings During A Move

How To Store Your Belongings During A Move

Apr 10, 2023 If you are moving homes in Newcastle, New South Wales, and have a lot of belongings, you should put some of these items in storage. Storage units come in handy when relocating as you can keep your extra items while you move homes or use them to store your belongings while you remodel your new rental property. There are many different options when it comes to storage units, so you must do proper research on the same and pick the storage facility that suits you the best. If you are moving with removalists Newcastle, you can ask them if they provide storage facilities as these trustworthy professionals can load and unload your belongings in a storage unit. To help you pick the best way to store your belongings, you can use the options below: 

How To Store Your Belongings While Relocating

There are three different ways you can store your belongings when moving homes in Newcastle, including:

1. Self-Storage Units: Good For Long-Term Storage Facilities

In a self-storage unit, you can rent an entire monthly container to store your belongings safely. These self-storage facilities are secure and have padlocks that only you can open and close. The biggest advantage of a self-storage unit is that you can find a facility near your new home and keep your belongings in these units for as long as you want. You can also access these units and keep a check on your items so you are in full control of these facilities. The main disadvantage of these facilities is that you must hire movers to load your belongings onto a truck and into these storage facilities. You will also have to hire movers to unload your belongings when you are ready to move them into your new home, which can cost you a lot. They are also not viable for short-term storage like a few weeks as they are rented on a monthly basis.

2. Portable Containers: Affordable And Convenient Storage Units

When you use a portable container for moving, you will have an insulated wooden or steel container delivered to your rental home, and you can load items at your own pace. A moving service will then transport these belongings to the required location, and you can even keep these containers in front of your new place. These facilities are affordable options for short-term storage as you will only be loading and transporting your items once, and you will also have easy access to these containers. The only disadvantage is that you must get a permit for these portable containers when you keep them outside your new rental property.

3. Moving Companies: Stress-Free Handling Of Your Belongings

When you ask your removalist service in Newcastle to store your belongings, your professional movers will handle everything from packing your items for storage to loading your belongings into your storage units. These experts will also add these costs to your estimated quotes so you don’t have to pay extra for loading and unloading your belongings into their storage facilities. If the costs are adding up, you can also look at cost-effective backloading options so that you only pay for the space your items occupy in the storage units and can save on costs. Tip: If you have a lot of electronics and fragile items, it is best to ask your moving companies for climate-controlled storage units. Thus, once you have decided between a self-storage, portable or moving company, you can use the following tips to start the storage process: 

How To Prepare Your Items For Storage

1. Declutter Your Items To Reduce Storage Costs

Start by sorting through your belongings and trying to cut down on your storage costs by donating, selling or throwing away items you haven’t used in over a year. Tip: Here are some tips you can use to declutter your home before moving.

2. Clean And Sanitise Your Belongings Properly

Next, you must wash and clean the belongings that you are keeping in storage units to reduce the risk of pests and damage. You must ensure there are no food crumbs, dirt and dander on your belongings so that it does not rot inside storage facilities.

3. Pack Your Belongings With Good Quality Materials

Now you must pack your belongings in good quality boxes and packing paper so that they stay in good shape while in storage. If you use a removalist service in Newcastle, you can either ask them for packing materials or let them pack your fragile and bulky items to keep them safe in storage facilities. Tip: Here are some useful tips on the best moving boxes for your belongings.

4. Keep Your Belongings Off The Floor In Storage Units

Before you load your belongings into your storage units, place plastic wrap on the floor or place pallets to elevate your belongings so they do not get scratched or damaged. You can also wrap your furniture and other boxes with blankets and sheets, as these are breathable materials to keep your items safe. Tip: You can even opt for climate-controlled storage so the temperature and humidity are regulated, and your items will not be prone to mould and mildew.

5. Make Sure The Storage Facility Is Secure

Once you have loaded and placed your items in the storage units, you must secure your belongings. If you are using self-storage units, get a proper padlock, keep the key with you, and install CCTV cameras to keep an eye on your unit. If you use a removalist service in Newcastle for storage, they will have secure facilities with strict surveillance that will help keep your item safe. Tip: When it is time to unload your belongings, please submit a request with your moving company a few weeks in advance so they can unload everything in time.


Thus, depending on your needs, you can choose between a self-storage, portable container or a moving company to help you store your belongings. You must also ensure you securely pack and clean your belongings before storing them to ensure they are not damaged or destroyed in the storage units.