How To Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

How To Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

Feb 16, 2022 Moving to a new home is an exciting process. It is a life-changing decision for the entire family, especially if you are moving for the first time. The process involves a lot of physical and emotional stress that can lead to silly mistakes. That’s why people prefer hiring seasoned Newcastle removalists because they can transit all household belongings safely to the new location. So, make sure you minimise your shipping by getting rid of unwanted items. De-cluttering is one of the best ways to minimise the moving load. You can toss the broken or expired items. Donating pre-loved items to the local charity is also a good deed, but those planning to sell their belongings need little guidance. You can earn a few extra dollars by selling pre-owned belongings that are good in condition. Here is a quick guide on such marketplaces that allows you to get cash for your second-hand belongings:

1. Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale is one of the best ways to get rid of your unwanted items and earn extra dollars. This is an excellent opportunity for many people who have many pre-loved items. Make sure you check the rules of your community related to garage sales. It is good to choose a Saturday or a Sunday morning. Do plenty of advertising for your garage sale so that more and more people come to your place. Here are some quick tips that will help you throw a successful yard sale: • Give Heavy Discounts • Carry small bills on-hand for change • Use display tables • Distribute fliers • Add clear Price Tags • Use Social Media Platforms. Make sure you prepare for this at least 4 weeks prior to your move. Also, create common household items list for moving house. This will help you pack everything on time.

2. Use LetGo App

If you are under a time crunch due to moving tasks, you can also sell unwanted belongings using the LetGo app. It is a free mobile classified app that lets users buy and sell their stuff locally. The application is simple, quick and can help you post a classified ad in a few clicks. You can even chat instantly and privately with potential buyers.

3. Use Facebook & Instagram

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram gives you the flexibility to find potential buyers for your belongings. You can sell your pre-owned items, such as furniture, gym equipment, etc, on these social media networking websites. You can list your items on Facebook Marketplace and let them advertise your items to the locals who are interested in buying the same. You can also list your stuff in Facebook’s “Buy and Sell Groups”. These groups have members who subscribe to updates within the Facebook group. You can also post your belongings on Instagram and get potential buyers online.

4. Consignment Store

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your second-hand belongings before moving? You can consign furniture, clothing, accessories and other belongings at your local consignment stores in Newcastle. One of the biggest advantages of consigning is that you won’t have to worry about listing the items online or contacting the buyers. The consigner will do everything for you. However, the only disadvantage is that you will not be able to keep all the sales. Consigners will take a huge percentage of the final sale, and you will get a small amount. So, this is a good option if you have a lot of belongings to sell but don’t have enough time as you have to pack your belongings before the arrival of your moving team. If you are running low on budget, hire professional Newcastle removalists. They can make your move cost-effective.

5. eBay Platform

If you want to sell pre-owned electronic items or sporting stuff, eBay is the best platform. It is a user-friendly platform that allows you to sell goods before relocating to a new place. The website lets users list or sell items on their own. They can also use eBay Valet’s selling experts, who will take photos to list and ship the item to potential customers. If you choose the eBay Valet, you need to pay a significant share of your item’s sale to them.

6. Trade-in Programs

It isn’t easy to get rid of electronic items when moving to a new home. So, if you have decided to reduce the number of electronics for your new abode, you can sell them using trade-in programs offered by chain stores. This includes Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, etc. These stores will offer customers the option of getting store credit or cash in exchange for their pre-owned item. Some of the belongings you can sell through the trade-in program are video games, books, tablets, phones, and electronic accessories.


These are some of the most reliable and easy options that can help you sell pre-owned belongings before you move. After selling your stuff, your moving load will be reduced and you will also save a lot of money. Make sure you hire the best removalists in Newcastle for the safe and hassle-free relocation of precious household belongings.