How To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Moving Companies

How To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Moving Companies

Jul 26, 2023 Are you planning to hire a moving company for your upcoming home removals? There is no denying that relocating a house is one of the most stressful processes. It involves too many tasks ranging from sorting out household belongings to arranging packing supplies, updating addresses dismantling and packing large furniture pieces, and much more. You can alleviate mental and physical stress by booking professional removalists Newcastle. But beware of scammers because they prey on those who want to save money. Falling into the trap of a fraudulent company can lead to a delayed moving process, loss of valuable possessions, financial loss and an emotional toll. It is important to be vigilant and protect yourself from scammers. Here are some of the best ways to help you avoid fraud companies and ensure a safe and sound move.

1. Do a Thorough Research

Don’t just book the first company you come across. Do proper research, take time and look for the best options in Newcastle. To protect yourself from fraudulent companies, ask for recommendations and references from friends, relatives and coworkers who have recently booked a moving service. Looking for online customer reviews and ratings is good for a better picture. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if a shortlisted company has any registered complaints. With a proper background check and thorough research, you can ensure a reliable, stress-free and quality moving experience. The best part is that the Australian Consumer Law protects consumers across the country from misleading advertising claims. This means the strict action will be taken against the false representation of moving services.

2. Ask For A Written Estimate

Getting a written quote of the total cost is imperative before you sign a contract. Many people make a mistake and trust verbal estimates and agreements. You need to consider this red flag and avoid such companies. Some fraudulent movers will provide you with a low quote and then hike up the prices in the middle of the process. On the other hand, a good company always gives upfront pricing after evaluating the number of your belongings and the distance of a move. So, you must know exactly what you will pay, including surcharges and hidden fees.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

Make sure you obtain quotes from at least three-four removalists Newcastle. This will help you compare quotes, pricing policies and services. So, be careful of extremely low prices as they might be a trap to lure targeted customers. So, compare quotes and pick the most reliable one depending on your specific needs and estimated budget. You can also know the average cost of house removals and make the right decision.

4. Verify About the Licensing

Verifying the licensing of a removals company Newcastle is one of the crucial steps that will give you peace of mind. This will help you confirm that you are dealing with a renowned and legitimate service provider. In Australia, you can easily the licensing and registration of a company through the government sites, such as the Australian Business Register (ABR). This official website provides information about registered businesses. You can also contact the local authorities in Newcastle, New South Wales, to inquire about the licensing status of a particular company.

5. Know About the Insurance Coverage

Do not forget to request the moving company to provide you with proof of insurance. Avoid hiring a company that refrains from sharing details about their liability and vehicle insurance. Ask about insurance options they offer in case of any damage or loss during the process. Good companies always carry insurance that covers damages that occur during the transportation process.

6. Thoroughly Check the Terms & Conditions

Don’t rush and focus on reviewing the terms and conditions thoroughly. Sign it after understanding all the points. You can even ask questions and get clarification, especially on the cancellation policy, hidden charges, and service guarantee (if they provide). A legitimate company will address your specific needs and help you understand all the terms before you sign the agreement.

7. Don’t Pay Large Deposits

Avoid companies that demand a large upfront deposit for their removals service. These can take a toll on your pocket, and you may feel cheated at the end of the day. Choose an experienced removalists Newcastle that requests payment upon delivery. They will help you know about the fixed vs hourly moving rates and provide you the quote according to their pricing policy.

8. Consider the Following Red Flags

Some moving companies may look genuine, but they are professional scammers. So, here are some major red flags that you need to be alert about: Avoid hiring a company if they offer instant quotes without carrying out an onsite inspection.
  • Don’t give you a copy of  “Your Rights and Responsibilities” when moving
  • Having unresolved customer complaints
  • Sugar-coated customer reviews
  • Encourage customers to sign blank contracts before the move
You can do research about the company properly and make a well-informed decision.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that moving scams can happen to anyone. So, it is important to protect yourself by taking these necessary precautions and stay vigilant when booking removalists Newcastle for safe and sound home removals.