How To Prevent Accidents And Injuries When Moving?

How To Prevent Accidents And Injuries When Moving?

Jun 01, 2022 Imagine being excited about moving homes and accidentally harming yourself while lifting something. This is not an ideal scenario while moving homes and must be prevented by taking all necessary precautions. You can also always hire a professional Newcastle removalists to help you pack and move your belongings as they are well-trained to handle any item and will take full precautions when moving all your belongings. However, if you are planning on moving yourself, you need to take the following measures to stay safe while moving and prevent any accidents:

1. Don’t Pack Extra

The first thing you should do to prevent any accident is to try and not overpack your boxes. This is because:
  • Your ideal weight for an average-sized box while moving house should be less than 50 pounds.
  • If it is heavier than this, you will harm yourself by carrying it as it will be a massive load for the body.
  • You should also test each box out and see how heavy or light it is according to your physical strength.
  • You can always hire a removalist service in Newcastle to help you pack all your boxes correctly, and these experts will not make them too heavy to carry as well.

2. Wrap All Your Sharp Belongings

Another good way to prevent any injury is to wrap any sharp items you might be carrying with you. For instance, if you are carrying knives and gardening supplies, you need first to wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper to keep them secure. This will prevent you from harming yourself with these sharp objects while moving homes and getting cut and injured.

3. Plan Out Everything

One of the best ways to prevent any accidents and have a stress-free moving day is to plan everything in advance. This is because if you know how many belongings you are taking and where everything is going, you will know how to move them in a better way. This will also keep you ahead of the game and give you plenty of time to pack and move; thus, you will not have to rush and accidentally harm yourself. You should also consider hiring an expert removal service in Newcastle to help you move your belongings safely and prevent injuries. You will also get good deals and discounts if you book these experts in advance.

4. Use Proper Lifting Equipment

If you have a lot of heavy furniture and equipment, you must firstly disassemble them into smaller pieces to move them more easily. Next, you should wrap them in plastic and bind them tightly so that they don’t get damaged while you are moving them. You must then use some lifting equipment like dollies and racks to move these heavy items so that you don’t injure yourself. Expert removalists also use lifting equipment to move these heavy objects and are an excellent option to consider when moving these heavy items into your new home.

5. Lift It In The Proper Manner

Besides not carrying heavy objects on your own, you should also correctly lift your other items to avoid injuries and accidents. According to professional removalists in Newcastle, you should always lift with your legs and not your back to carry the objects correctly. You should also avoid twisting your body when carrying any boxes so that you don’t injure your spine and waist. Lastly, you must keep all the objects you are carrying close to your body so that it doesn’t slip and fall on your feet.

6. Keep The Outside Pathway Clear

If there are objects in the pathway of your home, you may trip and fall and injure yourself. So it is best to do a deep clean of your pathway and driveway to prevent any accidents. You must also check your driveway safety outside your house and clear them of any leaves and debris so that it is easy to load your boxes onto the truck.

7. Check All Your Boxes

Lastly, one of the best ways to avoid any injuries while moving is to check all your packing boxes and make sure they are sturdy and strong. You should do this in the following ways:
  • If you are using used boxes, you must check for any holes and tears in the boxes so that they are strong enough to hold any items.
  • You should always double tape the bottom of the box and line it with packing paper to keep it strong and firm to hold all your belongings.
  • You must always put heavy objects at the bottom and lighter items on top so that the box is more secure and easy to carry.
  • You must use small boxes for all your fragile items as these are more compact and easier to hold and will keep you and all your fragile items safe.
  • You should hire expert removalist services to help you pack as they use their sturdy boxes, pack all your belongings properly, and load them onto the truck safely.


Follow the above tips to have an accident-free move and enjoy a stress-free moving day in your new home.