How To Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale Before Moving

How To Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale Before Moving

Dec 19, 2022 Are you moving to a new home in Newcastle? It is the second most populated city in NSW, Australia and is best known for its beautiful residential properties, strong economy, best schools and residential and commercial redevelopment projects. Before relocating, make sure you sell the current house with the help of the right people and experts. This is an important thing that requires a lot of time, energy, skills and patience. Hiring cheap removalists Newcastle can save you a lot of time, and you can focus on staging your current home to attract potential. From making necessary repairs to researching the property market, you have to manage everything for a quick sale before moving. Here is a complete guide to help you prepare your home for sale:

1. Get Rid of Clutter

If you want to make your house look spacious for prospective home buyers, de-clutter your house before moving. It is vital to know what to do with rubbish while moving house. Throw the broken, empty and expired items. You can donate pre-loved belongings, such as old furniture, electronics, clothing, bed linens, etc. Selling used items can also help you earn dollars when preparing for a home relocation. Fewer items will make your house look bigger- which is a plus point when selling a house.

2. Fix the Property Damages

Do you buy a property with a broken door or leaky kitchen taps? If you want to stage your property for an instant sale, fix the property issues as quickly as possible. Check all rooms, including doors, windows, faucets, basement, bathroom ceilings, etc and do necessary repairs. You can also hire a professional handyman in Newcastle to save time and energy.

3. Clean the Property

This is one of the important steps when staging your house. A clean, organised, and hygienic property is the first choice among home buyers. So, hire a professional cleaning team in Newcastle for a detailed sprucing of your abode from top to bottom. They follow a proper checklist to cover all nooks and crannies according to the set cleaning standards. Also, deodorise your rooms, especially carpets, bathroom and kitchen, if you want to sell the house quickly.

4. Play With the Lighting

To make your house look visually appealing, improve lighting in every room. Start by cleaning your window glasses to let the natural light enter the rooms. This is one of the positive factors people look for when buying a house. Also, place mirrors at spots where the surface reflects more light. Always remember that bright rooms look more spacious than a room with dim ones. So, inspect all rooms and ensure that all rooms have enough lighting.

5. Apply Fresh Coat of Paint

Clean walls inside and outside can help you attract potential home buyers. So, it is good to paint your walls if they are dirty or stained. Do not spend too much time or money on it. If required, apply a fresh coat of paint with the help of a professional painter. Dirty walls could be the reason behind the delay in house selling process. So, keep a close eye on it.

6. Depersonalise Your Rooms

Before inviting prospective buyers, pack your personal items, such as photographs, clothing, and family heirlooms. It is always good to keep the indoor space clean, impersonal and minimal to allow the buyers to make quick decisions. Book Newcastle removalists in advance so that they will come to your place and pack everything. This will make it easy to stage a house without stress.

7. Manage Your Storage and Bedroom Closets

Home buyers will be curious about the extra storage space and will check the bedroom closets, cabinets, wardrobes and cupboards. So, make sure you de-clutter all of them. Organise all items, clean the shelves, properly stack dishes and remove stains and germs from the handles.

8. Add Indoor Plants

Increase the value of your current house by improving its aesthetic factor. Adding indoor plants can boost the overall look and feel of home décor. You can place them at the corners of your living room or around the centre table.

9. Pay Attention to the Exteriors

It is quite impossible to attract a buyer if the exterior of your home is not appealing. Focus on painting your front door and adding beautiful floors or pots. You can also hire a landscaper to spruce up your lawn and add new shrubs or blooming plants.


Staging a home for a quick sale is an art. You need to think out of the box and keep your emotions aside. It is good to follow these simple tips and sell your current home at the best price. If you are under a serious time crunch, hire trained removalists Newcastle for the packing, lifting and transiting jobs. They will take care of your possessions throughout the journey.