How to Prepare a Home Inventory List When Moving?
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How to Prepare a Home Inventory List When Moving?

Aug 24, 2018 Preparing a comprehensive home inventory list can be an ideal way to manage your complicated relocation process. This not only simplifies your entire move but also protect your possessions from being lost. In case you lose them, you can ask your insurance company to provide the coverage against the loss. All you need to do is to make a list of things (belongings) you are taking along to your new house and pack them accordingly. You can either pack your household items or hire professional Newcastle Removalists who have years of experience in safe relocation. To keep things in an organised way, you can also jot down the list on paper or create a spreadsheet in your laptop to sort any way you like. In case, you are moving for the first time, then have a look at the following tips on how to prepare a home inventory list efficiently.

1. Scheduling is Important

Instead of jumping straight to the moving process, it is always good to give yourself time and plan things two to three weeks prior to your relocation day. Whether you are relocating next to the street within Newcastle or shifting interstate, make sure you consider inventorying your belongings to avoid any mess or serious confusion. If the moving company in Newcastle will be managing your packing process, then it is never too soon to start your inventory. In case, you will be handling the process alone; you should wait until you are ready to pack. You can inventory them simultaneously packing your belongings. Tip: Use high quality packing supplies such as packing paper, heavy-duty plastics, packing tapes, furniture and mattress protector to ensure an extra cushioning and safety of your products during the transiting process.

2. Categorise your Inventory List

Creating an inventory of household belongings is a simple task. You need to pick a room to start with and begin there. Jot down every single item available in that particular room on paper and sort them out depending on their size, usage, estimated value, and current condition. Tip: Make a small video of all the belongings, especially furniture, expensive wall art, decorative pieces, fragile items and jewelry to take a glimpse as evidence.

3. Take Copies of all credential documents

Don’t forget to take copies of your credential documents, such as birth certificates, wills, insurance policies, driving license, deeds, etc. while moving your house. Make sure you take your original ones along with you while travelling to the new house. Tip: Keep copies of all the documents along with your other household items in the moving truck.

4. Make a use of an Existing List

Ask your insurance company to provide you with the written record of all the household items you are shifting to the new residence. This saves both your time and effort while letting you focus on other important tasks related to the house relocation. Also, record when the item was purchased and how much you invested in it at that time. Apart from this, record serial numbers to combat the situation if something goes missing. Don’t forget to exclude items which are not useful anymore and need to be sent for recycling as waste.

5. Take Pictures of All your Items

Your belongings are precious, and you can’t take the risk of losing them. So, the next thing you need to do is to photograph all your items before moving them on the truck. Cover everything including kitchen appliances, furniture, artwork, clothing, garage tools and all the other stuff that are expensive. Taking pictures of moving items can help your team of Removalists in Newcastle to relocate them safely without being stolen or lost. They can even retrace them or check with other customers if something goes wrong.

6. Copy the Entire Inventory List

Once you are done with your documentation, make sure you take copies of the list, digital photos and video clips. Share those copies with your friends and relatives and keep the original one with you. This step is taken as a backup in case you lose the original inventory list.


Creating a comprehensive inventory list not only organise your move but also take you on the safer side in case of emergencies such as the collision of truck, fire or other natural calamities. If you are hiring highly-experienced Newcastle Removalists, then don’t forget to keep the inventory list handy.