How To Pack And Move An Artifact Safely?

How To Pack And Move An Artifact Safely?

Sep 08, 2022 Packing and moving artifacts is a challenging and risky thing to do, but sometimes it is compulsory. Museums usually have to move such items when the place does not have enough space, some exhibition is taking place or due to some construction or renovation work. Whether you are moving items to a nearby place or another city, it is crucial to plan and prepare perfectly. When you pack and move something so costly and delicate, the margin of error is very low. Many factors can cause irreparable damage to such items. It includes the fluctuations in temperature, relative humidity, inappropriate position, vibrations and knocks while handling, packing, loading or transportation. That is why museums hire seasoned removalists Newcastle to accomplish the task smoothly and safely. They have expertise in packing and moving such delicate and costly items. Thus, it is essential to have a risk valuation and decide the best way to handle, pack and transport such artifacts. Read on to know more about how to pack and move an artifact safely.

How to Pack an Artifact Safely?

No matter where you are moving, the artifact needs to be packed in its box. Cushioning the artifact will prevent any damage during the packing and moving. If you want to secure such an items in the best possible manner, it is advisable to use materials such as foam, fabric Tyvek and twill tape. Pack the item properly and then place it inside the box. Then fill the space around the item with packing peanuts. Close the box and seal with properly with tape. After that, put a label on the top and sides of the box. It will ensure that the artifact is easily recognisable without even opening it.

Who Should Handle Artifact?

It is not something that anyone can move easily. It requires a lot of experience, skill and knowledge to pack and move artifact safely. Therefore, you should only rely on trained and reliable removalists in Newcastle. Usually, museums have such items, but many households also have artifact. No matter where you have such an item or where you are moving it, hiring professionals, to get the job done. It is one of the ways to cope with moving stress. The experts are aware of the possible challenges in this task and also know the most appropriate solution. The professionals use the right tools to hold such delicate items and move safely. Even when they have to use their hands, the experts know how much pressure they should apply, so the item does not slip or break.

How Professionals Prepare to Pack and Move an Artifact Safely

The professionals remain very careful when they pack and move the artifacts. They avoid wearing any watches, jewellery or other similar items as they can leave behind scratch marks or catch such things. The professional removalists Newcastle are also aware that hanging or lose clothes may catch on artifacts, so they instruct their professionals to avoid such outfits. They remain completely committed when packing and moving such items. Whenever possible, they use a trolley. The trolley is particularly designed to carry such costly and fragile items. It has a rubber wheel and cushion on both sides. That protects the items from vibration, movement and accidental collision.

Things Experts Always Keep In Their Mind

When professionals move such items, they always keep in mind the following things.
  • Carry one item at a time and use both hands to hold it.
  • The experienced Newcastle removalists keep such an item upright. It allows them to carry their own weight.
  • Professionals do not lift any items from any projecting parts, such as the arms of a statue, because it is most vulnerable in that place.
  • Never pack anything else, particularly a heavy item, with the artifact, as it can damage delicate items during the move. It is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving.
  • Do not put any artifacts on the ground during the loading.
  • Always hold the box or container from its base.
  • They ensure the strongest part takes the maximum pressure, so always support the items from below.
  • Use appropriate and high-quality padding/ cushion between the artifacts in containers when moving.

Ensuring the Safety

The certified Newcastle removalists always use lintless, white cotton gloves that prevent any possible damage to an artifact from the acids and salts in the skin. However, they avoid using gloves when they handle any slippery items such as varnished furniture, glass items or ceramic. They make excellent use of trolleys or dollies to move such items and avoid lifting any items until it is compulsory. They also ensure their safety by using back braces and steel-capped boots. A sudden injury can lead to a fall or trip, which can damage the item.

The Bottom Line

Packing and moving an artifact safely is challenging and highly stressful. However, you can minimise your stress level by hiring an efficient moving company as they have expertise in moving such items. Trying to move such an item on your own to save some money can be a huge mistake. Professionals save your time, energy and ensure the safety of an artifact.